Thursday, September 22, 2011

NVHS [Ohio] Class of 1944 in 8th Grade

This war-time high school class, along with the class of 1943, did not get a senior picture. Therefore, no picture of these classes in the New Vienna High School Memory Book.  Other NVHS graduates without group pictures include: 1881-1898, 1900-1903, 1907-1917, 1921-1923, and 1926-1928.  On which wall of the school did these pictures hang?  What has happened to them since – are they at the elementary school?  [Have recently heard that these pictures were offered "for sale" when the school closed, but now may be in storage in the new Elementary School.]

I got identification of all but two of these 8th graders from class member Jane Selph Fauber.

Class of '44 New Vienna Ohio 8th Grade 1939-40 - Front row  left: Georgina Lacey, Joan Rulon Hughes, Martha Stephenson, Christine Caplinger, Donna Morris, Unknown Girl, Elizabeth Sayre and Faye Rhoads.  Middle Row Beulah Wood, Jennie Swingley, Dale Crabtree, Rollin Hakes, Mary Etta Pierson, Unknown  Girl, Jane Selph Fauber and Herbert Spencer (teacher).  Top Row Wilbur Morris, Frank Purtee, William "Bill" Chesnut, Bob Sonners, Harold Prickett, Philip J. Levo, Calvin Smith, Bob Linkhart and William "Bill" Lamar.  Unknown girls are possibly Joanne Smith,  Betty Roush, or Marjorie Hachathorn.  Image Courtesy of Larry Martin.

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  1. Several people were helpful in identifying members of this class. Darlene Linkhart Ellenbarger identified her father, Bob Linkhart in the top row second from right; Phyllis Tilton White recognized several people; and Jane Selph Fauber, a member of the class in the middle row far right, identified the rest with the exception of two unknown girls. Well done!