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December News from the "2" years

Old news from the New Vienna area in December of the "2" years.

1862 and 1882 news from the Highland Weekly News, published in Hillsboro, Ohio 1853-1886;  1892 and 1912 news from the Hillsboro News-Herald; 1902 from the Stark County Democrat; 1942 & 1952 news from Hillsboro's Press Gazette.  1922 and 1932 newspapers do not seem to be readily available online, or is the Wilmington News-Journal currently available.
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December 25, 1862 - Capt. Asa Higgins, of New Vienna, recently commanding Co. G, 11th Ohio, now in Western Virginia, has been promoted to the position of Major of that regiment.  Capt. Higgins formerly resided in Hillsboro.

December 6, 1882 - James H. Terrill [Terrell?], a prominent farmer and stock dealer of New Vienna, was in town [Greenfield] on Thursday.

December 27, 1882 - Miss Emma Morrow, who has been teaching near New Vienna is at home in Leesburg spending the holiday vacation at the residence of her father, Judge Morrow.

December 27, 1882 - Mr. Alexander Powell, who lives about three miles north west of New Lexington [Highland] died on Saturday evening last [Dec. 23].  He took ill only on the Tuesday preceding.  He leaves a wife and two children.

December 8, 1892 - Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Pittser, of New Vienna, spent Sunday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Pittser of Lynchburg.

December 15, 1892 - Mr. E.P. West, of New Vienna, a successful teacher and school examiner of Clinton County, will have many good points to give teachers [during a holiday institute for teachers of Highland County].  According to further news in the Dec. 29, 1892 issue, Mr. West, Supt. of Schools in New Vienna, will focus on Grammar and History during the institute.   He is also a member of the State School Book Board.  [He served as Supt. at NV from 1887-1901.]

December 22, 1892 - Real Estate Transfer - J.H. Guthrie, trustee for the New Vienna Bank, to P.D. Matthews and other councilmen of Leesburg, part of in-lot 238 in Leesburg, $45.

December 29, 1892 - Mayor's Court - Charles Smith, of New Vienna, came over on Saturday [Dec. 24] to purchase a larger sized Christmas jag than he could procure in New Vienna.  He succeeded in getting a larger one than he had means of transportation for and couldn't get out of town with it.  He got [fined] $5 and accompaniments.

December 2, 1902 - "Some of our citizens have quit going to Midland to purchase fire water, and are now having it shipped from New Vienna. –Kelso Herald."

December 12, 1912 - Carlos Simpson and family will move to New Vienna [from Lynchburg] this week where he will clerk in the Hadley store.

December 26, 1912 - Marriage license issued for Arland [Orland?] Polk, of New Vienna, and Susan Mason of Hillsboro.

December 1, 1942 - Rites for Soldier - Funeral service for Clarence W. Yarger, 20, of near Highland, who died Friday morning [Nov. 27, 1942]  at the home of his parents while home on furlough from the Army, were held on Monday [Nov. 30, 1942].  He was found in the barn at the home of his parents, lying near the exhaust pipe of the car.  He is survived by his parents, one brother, Dorsie Yarger, Cincinnati, and one sister, Mrs. Chester G. [Opal] Ledford of New Vienna.

December 9, 1952 - New Vienna Wins - New Vienna's powerful basketball team, paced by Dale Cluxton's 36 points, swamped Blanchester at NV on Friday night, 102 to 40.  Jim Turner had 32 points for the winner.

December 30, 1952 - Etta Treftz, youngest and last surviving of nine siblings, daughter of Nathan and Amy McDaniel Gilbert, long-time New Vienna family, died on December 24 in Lynchburg.

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1972 Philmont Scout Ranch

In July 1972 a group of Boy Scouts from New Vienna headed west to Philmont Ranch in New Mexico.  The clipping is transcribed below.  Postcards written by HH from Philmont Ranch can be found at this link:  John Uible had intended to go with this group but instead took his "vacation" in the Cincinnati hospital suffering from typhoid fever following a trip to Mexico.
Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico - July 1972 - Ben Mathews, Mark Young, Brian Smith, Jim Bernard, Kevin Croghan, Dale Hertlein, Jim Mongold, HH Uible & ranger, Robbie Smith.  Photo taken by Gene Williams.

Local Scouts At Philmont Ranch
As Reported by ROBERT N. SMITH

Early Monday morning, eight intrepid Scouts and their two leaders left New Vienna in preparation for high adventure at Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico.

This expedition, representing the Tecumseh Council, Boy Scouts of America, consists of the following Scouts and their leaders:  Jim Bernard, Kevin Croghan, Dale Hertlein, Jim Mongold, Brian Smith, Mark Young, Harold Uible, Gene Williams and Robert Smith.

Traveling by way of two cars, the group sped across Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri; spending the night in Kansas City, Kansas.

Traveling across the rolling hills of Kansas Tuesday, the expedition moved on through the panhandle of Oklahoma and into the one of Texas.  The two-car caravan came to rest at a park outside of Dalhart.  Wednesday morning's drive took the Scouts into New Mexico and at 10:30 tey pulled in to the 347,000 acre Philmont Scout Ranch.

While driving out the group visited several roadside parks with historical backgrounds, as well as the Eisenhower Memorial in Abilene, Kansas, and Capulin Mountain, an extinct volcano now a national monument in Capulin, New Mexico.

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Vol III, No. 3, December 3, 1942 issue of the Vienna Viewpoints. The dark paper makes it difficult to read but probably made it stand out from the otherwise boring white paper in more general use. Anybody have experience typing stencils or running mimeograph machines? First and last page of this 8 page school newsletter (2 - 8.5x14 pages folded in half) are pictured below.

Bede's must have been the local hang out.  Married names of women added in brackets if known.  Please send additions, corrections, or additional information if known.  Transcription of all pages follows.
Vienna Viewpoints Dec. 3, 1942
New Vienna Ohio school newsletter

Vienna Viewpoints
Vol. III, No. 3 December 3, 1942

"Advertisers, O yes, those are the people that take up so much space in the paper."  Did you ever consider that it is the advertisers who make papers possible?  This applies to the Vienna Viewpoints just as much as to any other paper.  When the average student finds an advertisement, he is apt to give it a hasty glance and continue his search for more interesting reading; but advertisements are just as interesting as any other feature of the Viewpoints.  While Vi and Anna may be intensely exciting and the editorials dry, with the various other news features ranging somewhere between, none of these would be possible if it weren't for the advertisers.

Ever since its beginning two years ago, the New Vienna Viewpoints has been distributed free to all the students.  Many just seem to take this for granted.  "Charge for the Viewpoints! ridiculous" – that seems to be the attitude of most of the students; but many of the schools in this county do sell their papers to the students.  In fact, this was discussed as a method of helping finance the Viewpoints this year.  However, due to the splendid way in which the merchants of New Vienna have cooperated, this has not been necessary.  Three cheers for the friends of New Vienna School –– the merchants who patronize the Viewpoints.  –M.L.

[Page 2]
Editor - Melvin Long
Ass't Editors - Aleda Purtee, Calvin Smith
Athletics - Bill Chestnut
Business Manager - Harold Uible
Ass't Bus. Manager - Shirley Chaney
Circulation - Philip Levo
Reporters - Virginia Wayland [Rulon], Georgiana Lacy, Wilma Stanfield, Sally Lafferty, Johan Thompson, Joellen Rulon [Streber]
Typist - Barbara Penn [Nash]

Do you know that you can purchase one-half pint of milk in our school lunch room for one cent?  Yes, that is right, one cent.  That price is made possible by the cooperation of the lunch room and the U.S. Government.  This milk may be had without the purchase of a lunch.
She returned his glances unopened.
We all hope for the day when the isms will be wasms.
He wore the class colors of the school of experience – black and blue.
Epitaph for a dog:  His tail still wags in my heart.
Our country cottage.  Five rooms and a path.
NOTICE:  Dec. 4 Wayne - Homecoming;  Dec. 8 Schoolmasters Meeting at Wil.; Dec. 11 - Alumni, here.

Harry Allen not having his lessons prepared?
Bill Preston coming to school on time?
Calvin Smith not having anything to do?
Barbara Penn being quiet in the study hall?
Joellen Rulon without her smile?

Virginia Wayland [Rulon] talking without the use of her hands?
Harold Uible with no money in his pockets?
Wanda Wayland at Bede's without Lawrence Newbrey?
Evelyn Roush not in the mood for fighting?
Georgiana Lacy without a boy friend?
Jean Rachford [Barrett] without her smile?
Carol Lou Bohl [Allen] not having a show to tell about?
Bill Lamar and Junior Morris with all their lessons prepared?
Shirley Chaney without her braids?
Melvin Long without his red shirt?
Mr. Fenwick with nothing to do?
John Lafferty not having anything to talk about?
Jane Selph [Fauber] being in a hurry?
Miss Abernathy getting mad?

[Page 3]
This time, folks, I have some disappointments.

The Reesville game was probably the best game played on our floor for many years.  The game was hard fought all the way.  In the first minute and a half, Reesville racked up two field goals.  This caught us some what off guard but we immediately came back with a goal of our own.  And so it went – the lead going back and forth until the third quarter.  There we became nervous and Reesville scored two more goals which they held for the duration of the game.  The final score was Reesville 28, New Vienna 24.

The Bengals fared better in their game with Reesville's second string.  The final score for that game Bengals 18, Reesville 8.

Our game with Jefferson is one of which we are very much ashamed.  They seemed to lose heads completely.  We threw the ball away and when we did have it we could not make our shots.  Levo and Preston were the only two boys on the floor who looked like they were playing basketball.  The Bengals also lost their game.

This coming Friday, December 4, we play our Homecoming Game with Wayne.  I hope everyone can manage to be there for it will be an occasion of which we are proud.

The Co-Captains, Lawrence Newbrey and Earl Roush, will escort our Queen, Jenny Swingley onto the floor.  Newbrey and Roush will be Co-Captains of the year and I know that they will do their best for the team.

A young theologian named Fiddle
Refused to accept his degree,
For, said he, it's enough to be Fiddle
Without being Fiddle, D.D.
AD – SUN KING COAL $5.75 per ton at the Farm Bureau Coop As'sn.  Phone 2791
AD – BOYDS VARIETY STORE - toys and small gifts - New Vienna, Ohio. Phone 2582

[Page 4]
This week has brought two new figures to our school.  They are Mrs. John Goodrich who accepted the task of teaching the first grade, and Mrs. Floyd Simmons who will teach grade six.  Both of these ladies have very admirable records of teaching in the past and we are fortunate indeed to have secured their services.

Mrs. Goodrich is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens.  Last year she taught first grade at Otterbein Home.  Mrs. Goodrich, who lives in Sabina has always taught the lower two grades, and this experience makes her well qualified for her work here.

Mrs. Simmons also graduated at Ohio University.  She did supplementary work at at Ohio State University, then accepted a position in Greenfield schools where she taught ten- and eleven-year-olds for a number of years.  Thus, she too, has invaluable experience which will serve our sixth grade well.  Mrs. Simmons lives near New Vienna.

We might add that both of our new faculty members have found New Vienna to be a very good school, and we sincerely hope that they will continue to like it.  We know that we have in them two efficient teachers.

AD – ANNOUNCING - The opening of your new Pure Oil Store in New Vienna and to commemorate the rationing of gasoline, we are making you this special offer:  "GAS, FOUR GALLONS FOR A QUARTER" WITH YOUR FIRST RATIONING COUPON.  See us for your Anti-Freeze, Thermo-Royal non-rust, no poisonous fumes, ceiling price $1.40 per gallon.  OUR PRICE $1.10.  C.J. and Harold H. Uible, Props.  Be SURE with PURE

[Page 5]
The Juniors of the New Vienna School participated in the thrilling event of their class play, "Mumbo Jumbo," in the school auditorium.  The Play was directed by Miss Hull.  The farce was revealed in a New England farm-house.

At the end of the first act, the president of the class, Calvin Smith, presented a beautiful token of appreciation to Miss Hull for having directed the play.

The Junior Class had a good attendance at their play, they made a net profit of $46.00 to add to the class treasury.


The president of the school board banged his fist on the table.  He had just heard the superintendent's report on retardation.
"This is terrible," he roared, "In my business we demand and get perfection.  We should expect nothing less in these schools."
"What is your business?" meekly inquired another member.
"I manufacture kid gloves – and we get perfection."
"Yes," replied the superintendent, "but in your business you can pick the kids."
The meeting was adjourned.


[Page 6]
Well, we are all back from our vacation.  We all enjoyed ourselves.  Everybody got their tanks filled with gas so that they can come to the Homecoming Friday night.

Shirley Chaney, R.B. Smith, Marilyn Sayre, Evelyn Roush, Elizabeth Sayre [Nixon], and Jenny Carol Swingley went bowling at Hillsboro Friday evening.  Bobby Runk and Bill Seltzer went hunting Monday evening and came back with a skunk and a muskrat, and as a result were chased out of Bede's.  Georgiana Lacy spent Wednesday evening and Thursday with Wanda Wayland and they attended the show Thursday night.  Kathleen Stevenson [Levo] spent Friday night and Saturday in Dayton.

If you should have happened to pass the English room Wednesday, November 25, you might have been bewildered by the actions taking place inside.  You see, instead of having regular written assignment for homework, we all prepared pantomimes   Some of us imitated people eating, sleeping, talking, and even walking.  If you happen to pass the English room some second period don' get alarmed, we're probably just pantomiming again.

We seventh graders are waiting anxiously for the Homecoming game Friday night.  Also the band which is going to play Friday night for several seventh graders are members of it.  They are: Joellen Rulon [Streber], Donald Hite, Billy Huffman, Glenn Bernard, Harold Thornburg, Eugene Prickett.  Our class received credit for selling $1028.80 worth of War Bonds and Stamps.


[Page 7]
The seventh and eight grade Little Cubs defeated the boys from Rainsboro, 14 to 10, November 20.  Our class is planning a Christmas party the week before Christmas.

We are taking down our Thanksgiving decorations and are replacing them with Christmas decorations.  We are going to draw and color maps of Australia for geography.  We are glad to have Mrs. Simmons for our teacher.

We fifth graders are looking forward to Christmas and because it is getting so close, we are trying to be very good little boys and girls.  We are planning to have some kind of a Christmas party.  As yet our plans are rather indefinite.

We are doing our part in buying war stamps.  Several of us already have our books which we are filling.

We are now starting our new reader, "The Friendly Hour."  We enjoy its stories very much.  In arithmetic  we are struggling along with fractions.  Quoting one certain little girl who always asks questions until she understands, "I like them after I get on to them."

We enjoyed our vacations very much and now are all looking forward to Christmas.  There were 5 boys and 3 girls in our room who were neither absent nor tardy this six weeks' period.  In music class, we are learning patriotic songs which we like very much.

Everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving vacation   We are sorry to lose Donald Berling.  Donald is moving to Washington C.H.  Evelyn Lee Orebaugh has entered our room from Greenfield School.

During the two Tuesdays in which our room has bought War Stamps, we have bough $34.65 worth.  We feel quite proud of this and hope to do even better.

We are having a lot of fun decorating our room for Xmas.  We are working very hard trying to learn our sounds.  We want to be better readers.  We have a new boy in our room.  His name is Virgil Caplinger.

[Page 8]
Greetings Chillun!
Your old chaperuins are at it again!  Please let us borrow your ears for a few minutes and we'll tell you all the latest gossip, dirt, etc. etc. that floats about school.

We all oughta help keep up the moral [sic] of the armed forces!  Yessiree! and Thelma Rhonemus really knows how.... We don't see how he gets any fighting done writing all those letters to her and reading hers....  The Stevenson residence seems to be a very popular spot any more what with all these gay young blades calling there.... For further details see Kathleen.

Bruce Kinzer and Mabel Current are currently hitting it off.  What's the matter, Prickett?... Our old pals Wanda Wayland and Lawrence Newbrey, Georgiana Lacy and Bill Seltzer (besides John Hamilton and a few others) are still going strong....  We hear that Joe Hartsock spent most of his Thanksgiving vacation at New Vienna and Barbara went to Columbus Sunday....Shirley was seen going places with Oris [Minzler] Tuesday night...  Something new has been added, eh what? .... Since the class play wasn't enough, Wanda and Lawrence, John and Georgiana, and Johnny Workman and Barbara, Bob and Virginia, (a new member of our little family?) went to Hillsboro afterwards...The Sunday night troop included those mentioned above with the exclusion of Barbara and Johnny (couldn't find out where she went) and the addition of Bruce and Mabel, Shirley and Junior Custis, who went to the Colony.....Janet Rulon [Cluxton] and Douglas Boris seem to be getting along all right....almost as good as Johan Thompson and Donald Wisecup, who were seen Tuesday night enjoying the lunar spectacle..... (did you say that?) .....Faymon Woods and Linda Lafferty still make a good fights yet.  We found out that Gretchen Fullerton [Huffman] promised Billy Huffman a kiss if we won the Jefferson game....He got cheated that time but Bill thinks maybe the offer holds good for tomorrow night...We wonder if the rationing board will give Stacy a "C" card to come to see Miss Hull?.....Things seem to be running smoothly so far....We wonder if –––– ho, hum!!!  What do we wonder?  I guess we-uns had better run along, Anna....This is no way for us back-bage specialists to be settin' at home, when we've got work to do..Anyway it's about time for respectable persons (that ain't us) to retire...if they can get a priority rating!  So long!

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1952 Methodist Church new wing

1952 was a big year for the New Vienna Methodist Church, with the completion of a new Sunday School wing at a cost of $16,000.  Consecration service was held on Sunday, December 7, 1952.  The original steeple was removed for safety reasons and a new steeple was erected in 1971 in memory of Thomas Rudisill who had been an active church member and school administrator.In 1973 a floor above this was built with most of the labor being donated.

Fifty years later (2002) the building was destroyed by lightning/fire.  A history of the church from 1952, information about the parsonage, and a list of ministers from 1877-2006 follows.  Partial transcription also follows.
New Vienna Methodist Church Bulletin - Dec. 1952
Methodist Church dedication of education unit - Dec. 1952, Rev. Paul W. Steele

A word from the pastor
God's word tells us and we have found it to be true that "without a vision the people perish."  We have dreamed and planned and worked for this day.  With the consecration of this new educational unit and its more and better facilities, opening up a vista of greater usefulness and service, our day has dawned.  We heartily thank all who have had some fitting part in the building of this addition. 

The Building Committee – Homer Bohl, R.W. Mongold, George Neffner, Henry Waits, Cecil J Uible.
Architects – Homer Bohl, George Neffner, Cecil J. Uible
Builder – Cecil J. Uible
The Finance Committee – Ralph Cornelius, Everett Penn, Mrs. Henry Waits, Miss Emma Woods, Harold H. Uible, Homer Bohl.
New Vienna Methodist Church Bulletin - Dec. 1952
Many familiar names found on the back page of the Bulletin....

Church Directory
Bishop – Hazen G. Werner, Columbus
District Supt. – George B. Parkin, Wilmington
Pastor – Paul W. Steele
Church School Supt. – A.W. Hause
Lay Leader – Homer Bohl
Chairman of the Official Board – Everett Penn
Church Treasurer – Ralph Cornelius
Youth Representative – Roger Ames

Board of Trustees
Homer Bohl
Fred Eaton
A.W. Hause
Geo. Neffner
Everett Penn
R.W. Mongold
C.J. Uible
Henry Waits
Doyle Wright

Board of Stewards
Ralph Carey
Mrs. Arlene Chestnut
R.W. Cornelius
Mrs. Mary Custis
Joseph Eaton
Geo. Henderson
Glenn McElwee
Mrs. Helen Morton
Howard Penn
G. Southerland
Eugene Smith
Frank Terrell
Harold Uible
Mrs. Gertrude Waits
Miss Emma Woods
Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson

Special Stewards
Recording – George Neffner
Communion – Miss Emma Woods and Mrs. Helen Morton

Departmental Heads
Women's Society of Christian Service – Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson
Intermediate Youth Fellowship President – Robert Wolfe
Senior Youth Fellowship President – Miss Jane Fenwick
New Vienna Methodist Church History written in 1952 for the dedication of the education wing.

Church History – 1849-1952

The earliest record of facts we can gather is that from 1820 to 1830 the Methodist itinerants in charge of the Hillsboro and Milford Circuits visited the different local communities at irregular intervals holding services in the homes of the people, and in the summer in the groves at various places.

Among the earliest established preaching places were the Morgantown, Snow Hill, Pleasant Hill and the Woodmansee (afterward named Auburn) societies.

These churches were on the Hillsboro circuit until 1842, when Hillsboro became a station and the Highland Circuit was organized; and continued until 1849, when the work was again divided and the northern part of the work became the New Lexington Circuit, including the newly formed society of New Vienna.

The last change was made in Sept., 1889, when New Vienna and New Lexington [Highland] became half stations, with New Vienna as a charge we we know it now, namely New Vienna, Auburn, and West Chapel.

The first regular preaching and the organization of the first class was in 1842 or 1843 by Revs. R.S. Fulton and Norman Cummins, of Lynchburg, local preachers who were invited to visit New Vienna, and the first services were held in the home of Jonathan Wright.  The first know class leader was Thomas Hale and the first steward was Jonathan Wright.

Among the first members were Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hale, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wright, Mr. and Mrs. William Noble, and Mr. Thomas Williams, Mrs. Mary Bowers, wife of Rev. Bowers, and Mrs. Julia Moyer.

For the first few years after the class was organized, it met in the homes of its members, and later the Society rented the Baptist Church and held services there.

In the year 1850, the first Methodist Episcopal church edifice was erected.  It was a plain, one-story brick house and occupied the site of the present building [which was destroyed in 2002], on the corner of Church and Second streets.

During the pastorate of Rev. G.M. Edgar, in 1876, a building committee consisting of Jonathan Wright, E.M. Woodbury and B.A. Hines was appointed to superintend the erection of the present church building.

The Church was erected and the basement finished and dedicated the following year by Rev. D.H. Moore, D.D. during the pastorate of Rev. R.E. Smith.

The Society continued to worship in the church with varied minor improvement until in December of 1951, during the pastorage of Rev. Paul W. Steele, Mr. Homer Bohl, lay leader, and Mr. George Neffner were instructed by the Official Board to make preliminary drawings and obtain estimates.  On March 23, 1952, a called meeting of the congregation was held and after an affirmative vote, a campaign was launched, which resulted in the building of a new Educational unit o the rear of the church building.  This new addition will serve for Sunday School purposes, Youth Fellowship purposes, and for the fellowship of the congregation.

Pastors and Parsonages

Methodist parsonage families have lived in three different residences owned by the church.  The first one on Church St. was purchased in 1892 for $2000.  The second one was adjacent to the school property on College St., and was last occupied as a parsonage by the Schamaun family in the 1950s.  The present parsonage is located at 50 East College Street and was built in 1957 at a cost of $22,000 by C.J. Uible.

List of New Vienna Methodist  Ministers 1877-2015
1877-1880 R.E. Smith
1880-1883 J.G. Black
1883-1886 J.S. Pumphrey
1886-1889 C.L. Conger
1889-1893 R.K. Deem
1893-1894 D.D. Cheney
1894-1897 J.A. Easton
1897-1902 John Wilson
1902-1905 A. Hamilton
1905-1908 John H. Lease
1908-1911 W.C. Lewis
1911-1914 J.R. Troxel
1914-1918 Gilbert P. Austin
1918-1920 Charles W. Sultzbach
1920-1922 Luke Davis
1922-1923 W.B. Bonham
1923-1928 W.C. Peters
1928-1935 Burt E. Wright
1935-1937 W.P. Sharpton
1937-1940 Robert E. Lindner [Roland E Linder – see comments]
1940-1945 Clarence Wamsley
1945-1946 Rodney Long
1946-1948 Kenneth Enright
1948-1951 Bert O'Conner
1951-1954 Paul W. Steele
1954-1955 Harold Hugus
1955-1959 Marvin G. Schamaun
1959-1966 K. Albert Kuntzman
1966-1969 John W. Beers, Jr.
1969-1973 Henry M. Lynd
1973-1974 Clarence Wamsley (interim)
1974-1977 Robert Rider
1977- 1981 James A. Wise
1981-1985 Homer A. Thompson, Jr.
1985-1988 R. Creed Culbreath
1988-1995 Edward R. Johnson
1995-1997 Ray King
1997-2006? Mike Barthell
2006?-2010 Dale Hatch
2010 (July-Nov.) Heather Webster
2011 (Feb.-Sept.) Henry A. Green
2011-        Sarah Chapman

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November news from old Hillsboro newspaper

A selection of New Vienna news items from the November 1862, 1872, 1882 Highland Weekly News; 1912 Hillsboro News-Herald; 1942, 1952 Hillsboro (Ohio) Press-Gazette and the 1982 Blanchester Star-Republican.  1892 news from the Clinton County Democrat as abstracted by Joyce Pinkerton and Josephine Williams.

Nov. 27, 1862 - Mr. Albert Elster, of Hillsboro, was accidentally shot while in the company of Provost Marshal Black and others.  They had gone the the neighborhood of New Vienna to search for a drafted man named William Brown, who had refused to report himself for duty.  After searching his brother's house without finding him, Mr. Elster's pistol dropped from his belt, hit the wagon wheel and discharged, with the ball entering his shot.  He was severely wounded but will probably recover.

Nov. 21, 1872 - Train time table shows four trains a day each direction passing through New Vienna on the Marietta and Cincinnati (M&C) Railroad.

Nov. 1, 1882 - Luther Nordyke, formerly of Snow Hill has started a livery stable in Leesburg.

Nov. 22, 1882 - A railroad connecting Columbus and Cincinnati is closer to reality.  New Vienna would be the terminus for the railroad from Columbus, which would then travel over the M&C line on to Cincinnati.  Right-of-way has been mostly secured for the road, to be called the Columbus and Cincinnati Midland RR, to run through Harrisburg, Grove City, Mt. Sterling, Washington C.H. and thence to New Vienna.

Nov. 10, 1892 - James Haynie, teacher at Snow Hill, married Lucy Bowers on November 5, 1892.  [They had eight children, most of whom graduated from NVHS.  The youngest, Eleanor Haynie Bentley, 1913-2004, graduated in 1931.]

Nov. 14, 1912 - Glenn Fox, of New Vienna, has opened a saloon in Lees Creek.  Opposed citizens have prepared petitions and Wayne Township will vote on Nov. 23 whether to be "wet" or "dry."  Mr. Fox will be able to run his place until 60 days after the election if the result is "dry."

Nov. 24, 1942 - Youth shot by companion dies - Dale Woods, 19, [NVHS'42] was accidentally shot while hunting pests on the Ralph Carey farm near Careytown.  Dale was the son of Alva and Lillian Carey Woods of rural New Vienna.  Though the wound was considered minor, Dale died six days later of peritonitis.

Nov. 4, 1952 - Stan West, owner of the New Vienna Grain Company for the past several years, announces that he has sold part of his interest in the firm.  His new partner is James Curtis of Lees Creek.

Nov. 7, 1952 - Ad for Agin & Son Furniture - "one of the progressive firms of ... New Vienna."

Nov. 7, 1952 - Ad for Curtis Shell Service at New Vienna "can serve you to your complete satisfaction."

Nov. 11, 1952 - Auction!  Robert L. Riley and Margaret E. Preston announce the auction of livestock and farm machinery at the Preston farm located four miles west of New Vienna and one-half mile south of SR-28, on the Hildebrant Road.

Nov. 11, 1952 - Wedding announcement - Mrs. Lillian Parshall announces the marriage of her daughter, Mary Eleanor, of New Vienna to Kenneth Kier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Kier of Hillsboro.  The bride attended high school at New Vienna.

Nov. 11, 1952 - Zane Gray (NVHS'38) of New Vienna is selling a 1950 Buick Riviera hardtop convertible.
Nov. 14, 1952 - Plowmen - Winners at the third annual Highland County Plowing Matches were left to right, Duane Mootz, Hillsboro, Melvin Hollingsworth, New Vienna, Floyd Caplinger, New Petersburg and Bob Linkhart, New Vienna.

Nov. 14, 1952 - Ad for New Vienna Grain Co., Jim Curtis, Mgr.  "Top prices for new corn."

Nov. 14, 1952 - New Vienna clobbers Lynchburg 79-43 in basketball.  Top scorers for NV were Jim Turner (NVHS'53) with 30 points and Dean Cluxton (NVHS'54) with 18.

Nov. 21, 1952 - Death of Mrs. Lillie Mae Cade, 81, of New Vienna, born July 2, 1871.  Her husband Arthur L. Cade, died in 1930.  Survivors include son Everett S. Cade of NV, and four daughters, Mrs. Paul Purdin, Greefield, Mrs. Charles Chaney, Hamilton, Miss Maggie Cade and Mrs. Jessie Binegar of New Vienna.

Nov. 25, 1952 - New Vienna's basketball team hit high mark in victory over Jefferson, 117-40.

Nov. 29, 1982 - "Family Christmas" theme for NVUMC Christmas Bazaar.
1982 NV UMC Christmas Bazaar clipping - Nov. 29. Picturing Charlotte Hause, Wilma Crogham, Virginia Walker, Virginia Hildebrant, Opal Nussbaum, Grace Fite, and Nellie Thornburg.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Historic Hause House, built 1874

One of a series of articles about historic houses published in the Wilmington News-Journal, this undated photocopy mentions the celebration of Ohio's sesquicentennial and also mentions the house being built 79 years prior, indicating this was published in 1953.

The Hauses lived in this for a few years in the 1950s.  Though the article says it is located "on Main Street," the house is actually on the south side of Bernard Rd between Huffman Ave. and Penn Lane.
Historic house on Bernard Road, built 1874, New Vienna, Ohio.  
Once occupied by the Elmer Pages, and in the 1950s by the Hause family.
Pictured in 2013 courtesy of Barbara Johnson Mee.

Transcription of article follows.
Historic Hause Residence in New Vienna, Built 1874, Charlotte Pugsley Hause picture.  
Photocopy from the files of the Clinton County Historical Society.

New Vienna Pilgrimage of Old Houses –
Hause Residence Stands as Originally Built

(Editor's Note:  The New Vienna Pilgrimage of old houses will open the county's observance of Ohio's sesquicentennial and will be held June 6 and 7.  The owners of the houses have written the histories of their properties and told some of the interesting architectural points and the furnishings and other pieces which they contain.  Proceeds of the ticket sale for the pilgrimage will go to the Clinton County Historical Society.  The following is the story of the Dr. A.W. Hause residence.)

The Dr. A.W. Hause home on Main street, New Vienna, is of colonial architecture and was built by John Hines in 1874.  Stephen Pemberton made the brick at his kiln located about one-fourth mile east of the building site and also laid the brick.  The iron fence along the front and side of the house was made by the Forest City Wire and Iron Company of Cleveland.

The home has had four families owning and residing it it during these 79 years.  The Hines estate was settled in 1917 when Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Page purchased it.  The Page heirs sold to Mrs. Wilbur Huffman in 1942 and Dr. and Mrs. Hause bought from the Huffmans in 1952.

The house now stands as it was originally built.  There are four rooms downstairs and tree bedrooms upstairs with a fireplace in every room except the kitchen.  The ceilings both upstairs and down are 10 feet and 10 inches.  [Indecipherable] front two rooms on the first floor have inside shutters.  IN the front door of the home is a frosted and etched window which was made in Cincinnati at a cost of $50 in 1874.  The combined hat rack and umbrella holder in the hall is a solid walnut piece of furniture which came from the Ben Pugsley home in Hillsboro.  Pugsley was a great great uncle of Mrs. Hause.

The room to the left of the hall is the downstairs bedroom completely furnished in antique furniture.  The bed walnut clothes cupboard and cherry chest along the east wall came from the Ben Pugsley home.  The large solid cherry chest on the west wall has been in the Hause family for 100 years and was given to Dr. Hause by his father, L. G. Hause.  The school master's desk placed in the bay window belonged to George Carter (1782-1869) who came with his family to Clinton County from Orange County, NC in 1811.  A school teacher, he was great-great-great-grandfather of Mrs. Hause.  The blanket chest at the foot of the ed is solid cherry and was made by Zimri Haines (1798-1868) who came to New Burlington from Burlington NJ ... [indecipherable]

"... Fox's Works" printed in 1706 and reprinted in 1831, belonged to Gayer Starbuck (1777-1866) who with his wife, Susanna Dillon Starbuck, were the first clerks of the Dover Monthly meeting.  Gayer Starbuck came with his family from Guilford County NC in 1810.  The Starbucks were great-great-great-grandparents of Mrs. Hause.

The ladder back chair belonged to Louisa Smith Custis (1819-1889), a great-great-grandmother of Mrs. Hause.  The chair was loaned by the Starbuck sisters.  The marriage certificate hanging above the chair was issued to Robinson Custis and Mary Savage of Virginia, August 7, 1793.  The certificate is hand written.  It is loaned by Mary Custis Ellis.  Robinson Custis was Mrs. Hauses' great-great-great-grandfather.

The Dining room has a solid cherry three cornered cupboard which was made by hand in Highland county about 90 years ago.  The table and chairs are solid cherry and copies of antiques.  The low cherry chest is from the Ben Pugsley home.  The silver tea and coffee service was handed down from the estate of John L. Per...ger, the paternal great-grand- [indecipherable]
woven linens displayed are loaned by Mrs. Persi Pugsley, Mrs. [not available]

1942 Senior Class Play NVHS

Cast of Senior Class Play NVHS 1942.  Front row left to right: Aleda Purtee, Helen Crone Murphy, Virginia Wayland Rulon, Barbara Penn Nash, Virginia Hedrick Ludwick.  Back row: Glenn Pierson Jr., Harold Uible, Darold Whitmer, Lawrence Newbrey, Jr., and Dorsey Greene.

A few details on cast members:

Aleda Purtee, 1925-1996, daughter of Wibur and Edith Cline Purtee, became a second grade teacher at New Vienna School.

Helen Crone Murphy, 1925-1985, daughter of Harry and Elva Alice Parr Crone, was a sister to Hayward Crone and three other siblings.  She married Kenneth Murphy but divorced in 1983.

Virginia Wayland Rulon, 1925-, married Paul E. Rulon of New Vienna.

Barbara Penn Nash, 1925-2007, daughter of Howard and Hazel Penn.

Virginia Hedrick Ludwick, 1925-1991, daughter of Fred Elmer and Verda Viola Stanforth Hedrick, married Harry Wilford Ludwick in 1950.

Glenn Pierson, Jr., 1923-1959, son of Glenn McPhail and Vesta Hendee Pierson, he married Josephine Harris (now Drake), and was killed in a mill accident in 1959 at the age of 36.

Darold Whitmer, 1925-2001, son of Perry and Bertha Ann Crabtree Whitmer.

Lawrence Newbrey, Jr., 1925-2006, son of Lawrence and Evelyn West Newbrey.

Dorsey Greene, 1925-2000, son of Thomas Grover and Anna Lea Murphy Greene.

- - - - - - -
There were 17 in the Class of 1943, ten of them pictured above who participated in the class play.    Other members of the class included Bruce Kinzer, Willis Davis, Melvin Long, Duane Long, Dale Everhart, Delbert Floyd, Earl Roush and Grace Backus. More about this class when we get closer to their 70th Class Reunion.

This was previously posted on the Uible Family Blog.

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Irons Block Built 1879

Another picture came to my attention after the posting of the previous article on the Harris Store in the 1920s.  This picture clearly shows the nameplate as Irons Block 1879, instead of Irons Bldg 1875 as was originally posted.  Apologies for the error which has been corrected.
Irons Building (Block) in New Vienna 1987 (Daye Hardware), Built 1879

This picture is a photocopy from the files at the Clinton County Historical Society.  The caption in the lower right corner reads: Irons Block in New Vienna 3/13/87.

1952, 1892 October news from Hillsboro newspaper

A selection of New Vienna news items from the October 1952 Hillsboro (Ohio) Press-Gazette.

Oct. 3, 1952 - Auction of one of New Vienna's "better homes" on North Main Street, owned by Edith S. Roush.  Large lot contains about 2/3 acre.

Oct. 7, 1952 - Work of New Vienna Man Told in Reader's Digest Article - Dr. Joseph Morton, son of Mrs. Helen Hull Morton and the late Dr. Lyle G. Morton of New Vienna, is featured in an article about the treatment of cancer with cobalt 60 (the poor man's radium).  Cobalt 60, as used by Dr. Morton and other persons "has advanced the war on cancer immeasurably," the article concludes.

Oct. 10, 1952 - Businesses featured in short articles [advertisements] include:

  • Daye Hardware Store, E.G. Daye, Prop. – "dependable merchandise and fair dealings"
  • New Vienna Lumber Co., H.L. [Harry Lee b1888] and Floyd Carey; – "quality and price are uppermost"
  • New Vienna Milling Co., E.E. Collier, Mgr. – "dependable farm supply service of highest quality."  Elroyd Collier is pictured here.  
Oct. 17, 1952 - Agin's Furniture Store, Main St., New Vienna - auction of new and used furniture

Oct. 24, 1952 - Voters living in the New Vienna School district will be asked to vote for an additional two mill tax levy to run for two years to cover current expenses at the school.  In Highland County, voters in Fairfield West, Penn and Union precincts will vote on this levy.

Oct. 24, 1952 - Marriage license:  Briggs Barrett (1920-2009) of Wilmington and Jean Rachford (NVHS '48, 1930-2010) of New Vienna.  Briggs, was the son of H.A. "Hoopy" Barrett who owned the New Vienna Milling Co. in the 1940s and early 50s.  The Class of 1948 is pictured here  [].

Oct. 31, 1952 - Basketball season to begin Nov. 7.  Lynchburg will play New Vienna on Nov. 11 in a non-league game.

* * * * * * * *
1892 news from the (Hillsboro) News-Herald:

Oct. 13, 1892 - F.P. Ingold of New Vienna is preparing to open a harness store in Lynchburg.  [Frank Ingold, born 1870, lived near Farmers Station in 1889, died in 1901.  He was the son of John P. and Sarah Ellen McKibben Ingold.  After the death of Sarah, John P. married Mary Leeka Ingold.  Three of Frank's siblings were early graduates of New Vienna High School:  Gertrude Ingold Kuhn (NVHS 1896); Charles Ingold (1875-1968, NVHS 1893) and Lizzie Nora Ingold Stamats (NVHS 1890)].

Oct. 13, 1892 - The New Vienna Racing Association's fall races will be held this week.  Half fare rates on the B&O Railroad to attend.  [Where would this have been??]

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Harris Grocery 1920s

Harris Grocery, c1920? New Vienna Ohio, Irons Building, 
location later became Boyd Hardware then Daye Hardware, now Antique Shop. 
Pictured Hamer Rice, M.R. Harris, Fred Rulon, Stanley Harris (son of M.R.).  
Image Courtesy of Hayward Crone via Mike Whited.  

Who are these people?

Hamer Rice - Thomas "Hamer" Rice also known as T.H., 1892-1965 was postmaster in New Vienna prior to Russ Powell. He later was a rural mail carrier. The 1920 census shows him living in New Vienna and clerking in a grocery story, He is listed as postmaster in the 1940 census. Hamer was married to Clara and they had a son, Robert, born 1916 NVHS 1933, who died in WW2. At some point Hamer possibly had his own grocery store in the location which later became Masters and then Sweeney’s.

M.R. Harris - Manville R. Harris (1867-?)
  • In 1910 he lived in Green Township and was employed at odd jobs.  
  • In 1920 his employment is listed as a Grocery Store Merchant.  
  • The 1930 Census shows him as a Hardware Merchant.  
  • Probably died prior to 1940.

Fred Donovan Rulon 1895-1969
  • Fred, born in 1895, was the son of William and Nancy Elizabeth Hastings Rulon.  He had two older brothers, Charles Hastings Rulon (1881-1962) and Robert Joseph Rulon (18871967).
  • Married Mary "Addie" Bobbitt 1899-1982 (NVHS'19) in 1916 
  • Was a veteran of WW1.  
  • They were the parents of Fred Jr. 1920-1974 (NVHS'38), Betty (Charles) Thompson (NVHS'38), Richard Louis 1923-1997, and Joan (Damon) Hughes 1926-2009 (NVHS'44).  
  • The 1920 Census shows Fred as a grocery store clerk, living with his wife Addie and mother Nancy "Elizabeth" Hastings Rulon on Main St. (Bernard Road?) in Green Township, next door to the R.J. Rulons.  
  • The family lived in Norwood, Ohio (Hamilton County) where Fred was the manager of a grocery according to the 1930 Census.
  • 1940 Census shows the family back in New Vienna with Fred working as a grocery clerk and Addie employed at a private home.
  • Fred died in April 1969 at the age of 73.  Addie died in 1982 at the age of 83.  They are buried in New Vienna IOOF Cemetery, west side.

Stanley Harris
  • Stanley Ellsworth Harris 1892-1952, was born in South Vienna, Clark County Ohio, the son of M.R. and Jessie Harris.  
  • He married Madeline D. Arthur in 1914.  She graduated NVHS in 1910.
  • He fought in WW1 1917-18 and his residence at that time was New Vienna.  
  • In 1920 his employment is listed as a Grocery Store Merchant.  
  • The 1930 Census shows him as a Paint Company salesman.  The 1940 census shows him living in Middlesex, Massachusetts and working as a Paint & Brush Co., Sales Manager.  
  • On his mother-in-law's (Lettice Ann Denny Arthur) death notice in the Hillsboro newspaper, shown here:, he is listed as living in Boston, MA.  
  • According to the Ohio Obituary Index, 1830s-2009, he died in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1952 at the age of 60.  His obituary was published in the Green Springs Echo, Green Springs, Seneca County, Ohio.  Stanley and Madeline both buried New Vienna IOOF Cemetery, west side.
Mike Daye provided the following info:
  • The Irons building was a two story brick building. It had a general store then hardware store in it from the time it was built. Today there is a Block building that connects the brick one to a frame two story building.  In that frame building was where the U-B (Uible-Boyd) paint company was located.  In the frame building the top floor was where the ingredients for the paint were stored and they came down through chutes to the lower floor where the paints was mixed.  I was told that the paint company closed because they could not get ingredients during the war. My Grandfather Estel Glen Daye Sr. bought the two buildings and built the block building to put in a restroom for the store.  Before there was just an outhouse.  The Irons buildings top floor had a rich history from what people told me.  It housed Doctors, Lawyers, the first telephone switch board, and many other offices over the years.

    Estel Daye Sr. bought the hardware and paint warehouse from Boyds grandson in the spring of 1944. The story I heard was that CJ Uible was bought out by Boyd and when he died his grandson sold it off.

    Beside the hardware was the Monarch bar then the feed store I believe. All of the buildings had up stairs used for apartments and many things.

    The block building that Estel built was just one story. If you look at the picture of Harris store, the door that Stanley is standing in front of went in to the general store side.  The one in the picture below.  It had sundries, food, and general things.  The door M.R, and Fred are standing in front of went up stairs to the apartments.  The door behind Hamer was the hardware and tack side.
M.R. Harris Grocery Interior c1920, New Vienna Ohio, later became Daye Hardware.  Pictured Harry Curtis, M.R. Curtis & Bill Holmes - Image courtesy of Hayward Crone via Mike Whited.

Irons Building - Daye Hardware 1977 4th of July historic tractor display.  Monarch building to right of Daye Hardward boarded up.  Image courtesy of Mike Daye.

Irons Building 2012 - Name plate above middle top window reads Irons Block 1879,  Image courtesy of Roberta Uible King

Thursday, October 18, 2012

1942, 1882 October news from Hillsboro paper

New Vienna related news as reported in the Press Gazette (Hillsboro, Ohio) from October 1942 and 1882.

Oct. 2, 1942 - Obituary for W.D. Uible (born 1869) of Leesburg, older brother of Cecil J Uible of New Vienna.  He was survived by his [third] wife, Verda Barger Uible and two sons, Frank [NVHS 1912] of Cleveland and Russell of St. Louis, as well as his brother Cecil and his sister, Serena Reynolds of Los Angeles, CA.  He was pre-deceased by brothers Frank, Ennis, Clyde and George and a sister Mary Louisa.

Oct. 2, 1942 - Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Stout [Helen Ione Hunt Stout 1906-2004, NVHS 1924] and son spent Sunday with Mrs. Stout's parents, Mr and Mrs. Clyde Hunt [Stella Swisshelm Hunt] at New Vienna.

Oct. 9, 1942 - Paul T. Slaughter, brother of Mary Etta Slaughter Penn [1915-1996 sixth grade teacher at New Vienna], died at age 17 on Oct. 7, of a lingering illness.  He was also survived by his mother, Mary Polk Slaughter, a brother, Harrison of Washington D.C., and two other sisters Mrs. Glenn Connell of Hillsboro and Mrs. Lee Fishback of Cuyahoga Falls.  [Mary Etta and Everett Penn pictured.]

Oct. 13, 1942 - Auction! Business Building (Known as the New Vienna Reporter Bldg.)  Two-story business and apartment building 20x60, of frame construction with good metal roof on New Vienna's South Main Street.  [This building was destroyed in the sewer/gas explosion.]

Oct. 23, 1942 - Obituary for Dudley A. Engle, age 71, who died from complications at his home in New Vienna on Oct. 20.  He was survived by a brother Walter M. Engle of Leesburg and a sister, Mrs. Taylor [Carrie] Martin of New Vienna.  [Walter Engle's sons were both graduates of NVHS, Arthur D. in 1915 and Rayburn Earl in 1916.  Unable to determine if he is related to Eugene "Doc" Engle.]

Oct. 27, 1942 - Carnival Planned - New Vienna PTA is sponsoring a carnival at the school building, New Vienna, Thursday night, Oct. 29.  There will be a 50-50 [?] dance, bingo, games, contests and refreshments.

Oct. 30, 1942 - Obituary for Mrs. John L. [Lettice Ann Denny] Arthur at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Grover C. Fawcett of Delaware, Ohio.  [Born in 1849 in Highland County.  Her husband, John Larkin Arthur, a New Vienna farmer, born 1844 in Highland County, died in 1913.]  Surviving are four sons and four daughters, Mrs. W.B. Rogers [Stella 1871-1955, NVHS 1888] and Stanley [1873-1949] of Wilmington; Burch D. [1874-1968] of Philadelphia PA; O.F. [Orlando Fred 1884-1972, NVHS 1903] of Albuquerque NM, R.G. [Robert Glenn 1886-1959, NVHS 1906] of Sioux City, IA; Mrs. Wilber E. Blackburn [Rebecca Nelle 1877-1970 NVHS 1895], of Cincinnati; Mrs. Stanley E. Harris [Madeline 1892-? NVHS 1910] of Boston MA; and Mrs. Fawcett [Blanche 1879-1960].  Mrs. Arthur was buried in the New Vienna cemetery.

Even older news:
Oct. 4, 1882 Highland Weekly News - Hillsboro Ohio  (published 1853-1886) and is publicly available on the Internet at this link.  The article in the far right column is about an estate sale of two pieces of property in Penn Township owned by the deceased S. Wilson Hussey; the first at the corner of the New Vienna and Careytown Pike.  [Wilson Hussey's grandfather, Joshua and Joshua's siblings were among the first settlers in the New Vienna area.]  The estate administrator was James H. Terrell [probably James Huff Terrell, father of four daughters and three sons and whose great-grandchildren, if I have it correct, would include Janet, Bill, Fran & Becky.]  
Other names of adjacent property owners listed are 
  • William Hussey [1853-1933, a cousin]
  • C. [Charles] A. Shockley [1848-?, a brother-in-law of William Hussey]
  • Josiah Polk [1844-1934, grand uncle of Mary Etta Slaughter Penn]
  • A. Drechemin  [most likely Abraham Duchemin who built the house (See picture below) next to school property which was a twin of sorts to the large brick house which still stands on the corner of College & Second Street]
  • John M. Parker
  • James H. Hussey [1844-1916, Wilson Hussey's brother]
  • Joseph Eaton [1847-1926, grandfather of Virginia Hildebrant & Joe Eaton] 
  • Elizabeth P. [Hussey] Triplett [1846-1924, another Hussey cousin]
Duchemin House c1910? New Vienna Ohio, now demolished, twin (with improvements) to house on corner of College & 2nd St.  Image Courtesy of Hayward Crone via Mike Whited.  [See further details about Duchemin House at this link.]*****

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1961 - NV High School Charter to be Revoked

Big Headlines in the May 1, 1961 Wilmington News-Journal.
1961 Headlines of Wilmington News-Journal - May 1.  Revoke Martinsville, New Vienna; Simon Kenton, Sabina Warned.  Article regarding school districts.
1961 WNJ Clipping - May 1, page 1. State Inspector Presents Reports to Schoolmen.  Revoke Martinsville, New Vienna; Simon Kenton, Sabina Warned.  Article regarding school districts.

State Inspector Presents Reports to Schoolmen

The reports of Stanley J. Fox, school inspector with the state bureau of supervision and inspection, were handed to Clinton County school administrators today.

Although Fox inspected and approved Clinton-Massie and Blanchester schools, the reports on Martinsville, New Vienna, Sabina and Simon Kenton are of prime interest. Fox’s report recommends revocation of the high school charters of Martinsville and New Vienna and warns Sabina and Simon Kenton that their small-sized operations may eventually force action. To these two districts he recommends consideration of reorganization.

Martinsville and New Vienna may continue for another year’s operation on a temporary basis, even if the state board of education approves Fox’s recommendation at the next regular meeting.

The state board will notify the districts of intent to revoke high school charters and will set a date for a hearing. Local boards of education are entitled to legal counsel at these hearings but local schoolmen report that the business at hand has usually proven to be “open and shut” at this stage.

Clinton County is not the lone victim of the state board this spring, state board news shows that at the April 10 meeting alone the board declared intention to revoke first (continued on page 8) grade high school charters of the following schools: Roscoe Local, Keene Local, Conesville, Fresno, Union Local, Warsaw High School, all in Coshocton County; Huntsville Local; Bakescreek High, Rushylvania Local, Perry-Zane Local and Zanesville-Monroe, all in Logan County.

From the Clinton County Board of Educations’s viewpoint, the picture of proposed consolidation is temporarily clouded by two factors. One is the election in Martinsville school district on the question of “Shall the entire Martinsville school district be transferred to Lynchburg?” This surprise petition was filed even before the reports of the inspector were released.

The other factor is one of speculation: what will the state board do with neighboring Highland County schools, which also might figure in local organization plans? Leesburg and Lynchburg border the four yet-to-be-organized schools in Clinton County – Martinsville, New Vienna, Sabina and Simon Kenton.

The full complete and unabridged texts of Stanley Fox’s reports on the four schools in question are given here. Tomorrow’s News-Journal will carry reports on Blanchester and Clinton-Massie Schools.

Administrators today were concerned about the questions that might be raised about Fox’s report, since failures to meet standards are noted in all four districts, although only two revocations are recommended. It has been explained the the question of “degree of violation” enters at this point and the recommendations made are based alone on Fox’s inspection and the opinions that he derived.

The texts of the four reports follow: [Only the New Vienna report has been transcribed.]
1961 WNJ Clipping - May 1, page 8. State Inspector Presents Reports to Schoolmen.  Revoke Martinsville, New Vienna; Simon Kenton, Sabina Warned.  Article regarding school districts.

[Monday, May 1, 1961 - Wilmington News-Journal, p. 8 continuation of report on local School Districts]


It was my privilege, as a representative of the State Department of Education, to visit the New Vienna High School on March 21, 1961.

Several improvements made since a previous visitation by a representative from this Department have been noted with appreciation. Increased attention has been given to providing library resources. Equipment has been added to the science department. Secretarial services have been provided for the administrative office.

The executive head [Mr. Fenwick] is commended for his efforts to provide a better educational program for your boys and girls. Limitations of the present school program, however, present difficult administrative problems.

The educational program of your school has serious shortcomings. The curriculum, which includes approximately 25 scheduled units, in addition to music and physical education, is not sufficiently comprehensive to provide adequately for the wide range of pupil needs, interests and abilities.

It is noted that minimum requirements are not met in several subject areas. No instruction is offered in the area of industrial arts. To provide staff and facilities for a complete industrial arts program is expensive and difficult to justify in schools which do not have sufficient enrollment to make full and proper use of the program. This illustrates the need for district reorganization which could provide expanded and improved educational programs in many areas.

There has been improvement in library resources. Facilities for library, leave much to be desired. The assignment of a professionally trained librarian is helpful; however the present part-time arrangement for services limits the contribution of the library to the educational program.

Curriculum offerings in business education are limited. Expansion of the program, for example, to include training on a variety of office machines is needed for girls who are preparing for clerical or general office positions.

The home economics department is “struggling” along. Present enrollments have prevented appropriate scheduling. Facilities are not well adapted to work in the clothing area.

Difficulties which have been encountered in staffing this school have been noted. It has been necessary to employ, and in some cases to re-employ, teachers who have temporary certification and insufficient preparation in subject areas. The diversified teaching lads which must be assigned in small high schools do not attract teachers to the system or encourage long tenure of those who become qualified while serving this school under sub-standard certification.

Your attention is respectfully directed to the following 1957 Ohio High School Standards which are not fully met:

II,d. (organization of secondary ed); IV,a,b,c (educational program); V,a,b (provision for ind. difference); VI,c (guidance); VII,b,e (records and reports); VIII,a,e (materials); IX,a.b.d.e.g, (library); XIII,f, (schedules); XIV,d (health, phys.ed., safety); XVI,b (evaluation of ed. program); XVII,a, (qualification of teachers); XIX,a,b, (in-service education); XXI,a, (buildings and grounds).

In view of the present shortcomings of this school and present trends in education a real concern for the education and future welfare of your boys and girls indicates that this school should become part of a larger administrative unit. It appears that this is the only way in which a modern, adaptable and comprehensive education program can be provided for the boys and girls of this district.

Due to the deficiencies listed above, I cannot recommend the continuation of this high school.

Sincerely, Stanley J. Fox