Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Irons Block Built 1879

Another picture came to my attention after the posting of the previous article on the Harris Store in the 1920s.  This picture clearly shows the nameplate as Irons Block 1879, instead of Irons Bldg 1875 as was originally posted.  Apologies for the error which has been corrected.
Irons Building (Block) in New Vienna 1987 (Daye Hardware), Built 1879

This picture is a photocopy from the files at the Clinton County Historical Society.  The caption in the lower right corner reads: Irons Block in New Vienna 3/13/87.

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  1. Yes I remember this place though I think I called it Daye's Hardware? I use to go in there to buy packs of football cards when I was a young boy. Was there a John Daye--? I think so---he use to work the counter. He was older than me but still young.