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1942, 1882 October news from Hillsboro paper

New Vienna related news as reported in the Press Gazette (Hillsboro, Ohio) from October 1942 and 1882.

Oct. 2, 1942 - Obituary for W.D. Uible (born 1869) of Leesburg, older brother of Cecil J Uible of New Vienna.  He was survived by his [third] wife, Verda Barger Uible and two sons, Frank [NVHS 1912] of Cleveland and Russell of St. Louis, as well as his brother Cecil and his sister, Serena Reynolds of Los Angeles, CA.  He was pre-deceased by brothers Frank, Ennis, Clyde and George and a sister Mary Louisa.

Oct. 2, 1942 - Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Stout [Helen Ione Hunt Stout 1906-2004, NVHS 1924] and son spent Sunday with Mrs. Stout's parents, Mr and Mrs. Clyde Hunt [Stella Swisshelm Hunt] at New Vienna.

Oct. 9, 1942 - Paul T. Slaughter, brother of Mary Etta Slaughter Penn [1915-1996 sixth grade teacher at New Vienna], died at age 17 on Oct. 7, of a lingering illness.  He was also survived by his mother, Mary Polk Slaughter, a brother, Harrison of Washington D.C., and two other sisters Mrs. Glenn Connell of Hillsboro and Mrs. Lee Fishback of Cuyahoga Falls.  [Mary Etta and Everett Penn pictured.]

Oct. 13, 1942 - Auction! Business Building (Known as the New Vienna Reporter Bldg.)  Two-story business and apartment building 20x60, of frame construction with good metal roof on New Vienna's South Main Street.  [This building was destroyed in the sewer/gas explosion.]

Oct. 23, 1942 - Obituary for Dudley A. Engle, age 71, who died from complications at his home in New Vienna on Oct. 20.  He was survived by a brother Walter M. Engle of Leesburg and a sister, Mrs. Taylor [Carrie] Martin of New Vienna.  [Walter Engle's sons were both graduates of NVHS, Arthur D. in 1915 and Rayburn Earl in 1916.  Unable to determine if he is related to Eugene "Doc" Engle.]

Oct. 27, 1942 - Carnival Planned - New Vienna PTA is sponsoring a carnival at the school building, New Vienna, Thursday night, Oct. 29.  There will be a 50-50 [?] dance, bingo, games, contests and refreshments.

Oct. 30, 1942 - Obituary for Mrs. John L. [Lettice Ann Denny] Arthur at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Grover C. Fawcett of Delaware, Ohio.  [Born in 1849 in Highland County.  Her husband, John Larkin Arthur, a New Vienna farmer, born 1844 in Highland County, died in 1913.]  Surviving are four sons and four daughters, Mrs. W.B. Rogers [Stella 1871-1955, NVHS 1888] and Stanley [1873-1949] of Wilmington; Burch D. [1874-1968] of Philadelphia PA; O.F. [Orlando Fred 1884-1972, NVHS 1903] of Albuquerque NM, R.G. [Robert Glenn 1886-1959, NVHS 1906] of Sioux City, IA; Mrs. Wilber E. Blackburn [Rebecca Nelle 1877-1970 NVHS 1895], of Cincinnati; Mrs. Stanley E. Harris [Madeline 1892-? NVHS 1910] of Boston MA; and Mrs. Fawcett [Blanche 1879-1960].  Mrs. Arthur was buried in the New Vienna cemetery.

Even older news:
Oct. 4, 1882 Highland Weekly News - Hillsboro Ohio  (published 1853-1886) and is publicly available on the Internet at this link.  The article in the far right column is about an estate sale of two pieces of property in Penn Township owned by the deceased S. Wilson Hussey; the first at the corner of the New Vienna and Careytown Pike.  [Wilson Hussey's grandfather, Joshua and Joshua's siblings were among the first settlers in the New Vienna area.]  The estate administrator was James H. Terrell [probably James Huff Terrell, father of four daughters and three sons and whose great-grandchildren, if I have it correct, would include Janet, Bill, Fran & Becky.]  
Other names of adjacent property owners listed are 
  • William Hussey [1853-1933, a cousin]
  • C. [Charles] A. Shockley [1848-?, a brother-in-law of William Hussey]
  • Josiah Polk [1844-1934, grand uncle of Mary Etta Slaughter Penn]
  • A. Drechemin  [most likely Abraham Duchemin who built the house (See picture below) next to school property which was a twin of sorts to the large brick house which still stands on the corner of College & Second Street]
  • John M. Parker
  • James H. Hussey [1844-1916, Wilson Hussey's brother]
  • Joseph Eaton [1847-1926, grandfather of Virginia Hildebrant & Joe Eaton] 
  • Elizabeth P. [Hussey] Triplett [1846-1924, another Hussey cousin]
Duchemin House c1910? New Vienna Ohio, now demolished, twin (with improvements) to house on corner of College & 2nd St.  Image Courtesy of Hayward Crone via Mike Whited.  [See further details about Duchemin House at this link.]*****


  1. Hi! I found your blog because you included Elizabeth P. Hussey Triplett in it. My 4th great-grandmother was Elizabeth Triplett Lockhart and her brother-in-law Samuel Lockhart settled in Greene County, Ohio, where his daughter Katherine was the 2nd wife of Christopher Hussey. I am wondering if there is a connection between the Husseys or Tripletts you mention and those on my family tree. My email is if you or anyone visiting this can help me out. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Do you have a family tree on There is a "New Vienna Related" tree which has three Christopher Hussey's but the youngest two (though born in later 1700s) are not matched with a spouse. There are no Lockharts (yet) so not sure about their connection.