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1916 Graduation Announcement

Class of 1916 New Vienna Ohio High School Graduation Announcement.  
Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Class of 1916:
Minnie L. West [Southerland], Joseph H. Blackburn, Ruth E. Nordyke [Beery], Harry S. Rowe, Jessie B. Hussey [Cosley], Rayburn E. Engle, Anne E. Purdy [Pushee], Leroy F. Cade, Maria J. Hoop, Thomas E. Lamar, Reba Williams [Sprinkle], Raymond A. Driscoll, Ralph E. Carey

Some information about the class of 1916:

Harry S. Rowe is mentioned in the Wilmington College news of the class of 1915 [Yes,  this is the year before he graduated from New Vienna, but that's what the Wilmington College Alumni news of 1957 states.]  The 1957 W.C. Alumni news goes on to report the passing of Harry, a retired farmer, born in August 1896 near New Vienna and survived by his widow, Elba McKay Rowe, and one sister.  The Ohio Educational Monthly (1916) reports that Harry Rowe was one of five recipients in southwest Ohio to receive a four-year scholarship to the College of Agriculture.

Ralph Carey, born June 1, 1898 married Elizabeth Ellen Hogsett.  His sister Bernice Carey Dunlap, born in 1891, was the mother of Eleanor McKibben.

Minnie West married Glenn Southerland (NV'1917).  Glenn and his father-in-law, Benson West, went into the Grain mill business together on Church Street.

Here's a picture of Ralph, his mother and their Careytown home in a 1937 clipping.
C.N. Carey Farm - Careytown, [New Vienna] Highland County Ohio. Clipping from Hillsboro News Herald, February 18, 1937. Image courtesy of Jerry Trimble.

1914 Graduation Announcement

Class of 1914 New Vienna Ohio High School Graduation Announcement.  
Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Class of 1914:  Hazel Evelyn Johnson [Penn], Glenn H. Smithson, Edith Powell [Smith], Theodore D. Ockerman, Flora Hussey [Hinkle], [Eva] Ruth Carey [Haines], Mary Alice Wright, Ruby Carey [Ball], Marian Virginia Cadwallader [Jarman], Harry E. Pemberton, Eva Rollins [Graham], Mary Edna Cook [MacKenzie], Annie Johnson [Levo], Mary Lucille Derivan, Reba Carey [Fries], Orley Hussey, Senorita [B.] Haynie [Tener].

Information about the Class of 1914 that I was able to obtain:

Annie Johnson Levo is the grandmother of John Levo and lived long enough to attend the 1989 New Vienna Alumni Event, 75 years after graduation.

Senorita Haynie graduated from Wilmington College in 1922 and married Frank A. Tener.

Eva Ruth Carey Haines married Everett E. Haines, moved to Warren County had five children and died in 1981.

Reba and Ruby Carey were twins, born January 9, 1896.  Their sister Bernice, born November 19, 1891 was the mother of Eleanor McKibben.  Their brother Ralph, born June 1, 1898 married Elizabeth Ellen Hogsett.  Bernice and Ralph were the only two of the nine children of Charles Newton Carey and Cornelia Edwards Carey who stayed in the New Vienna area.  In 1936 Ruby, who married Robert Ball, lived in Columbus and Reba, married to Park Fries lived in Detroit.  Here's a picture of the parents, siblings and spouses taken in 1932:

Carey Family with Husbands/Wives.  Top Row left to right: Gladys Pemberton Carey, Donald Carey, Ruby Carey Ball, Robert Ball, Charles Newton Carey, Cornelia Edwards Carey, Park Fries, Reba Carey Fries, Ralph Carey, Eythel Carey Okey
Bottom Row: Halbert (Herb) Rapp, Grace Carey Rapp, Gerald Yates Trimble, Helen Carey Trimble, Bernice Carey Dunlap, Ernest (Ike) Dunlap.  Taken in Careytown [Highland County, New Vienna, Ohio] 1932.  Image courtesy of Jerry Trimble.

Click here for a few more details about the Careys pictured.
More about Gladys Pemberton and Donald Carey, both members of the Class of 1913, in a future post.

1907 Baccalaureate and Commencement Programs

Commencement for the New Vienna [Ohio] High School Graduating Class of 1907 was held Thursday, May 23, at 8 O'clock at the Opera House, following a "Class Night" at the Opera House on Wednesday, May 22.
Class of 1907 New Vienna Ohio High School Commencement Program. May 23, 1907.  
Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Class of 1907:  Ethel Carey [Okey], Mary Rohan Brown [King], Helen Duvall Brown, Lucile F. Nordyke, Nell Frances Hussey [Brewer], Nelle Harris, Margery Penn [Sullivan], Oscar F. Boyd, Lawrence G. Wright.

Class Historian - Helen Duvall Brown
Class Lawyer - Nell Frances Hussey
Class Prophet - Mary Rohan Brown
Invocation - Rev. Wynn Stout
Music - Dr. H. E. Jameson
Benediction - Rev. M. F. Bagby

Annual [Baccalaureate] Sermon by Rev. Warren B. Dunham, Opera House, Sunday, May 19, 1907.  7:30 O'clock.
Class of 1907 New Vienna Ohio High School Baccalaureate Program. May 19, 1907.  
Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Class Motto: Ad astra per aspera [Through hardships to the stars]

Class Flower: La France Rose [according to Wikipedia, a hybrid rose marking the transition between two eras, those of old roses and modern.]

Class Colors: Scarlet and Gray

Information about the class of 1907:

Ethel Carey had eight siblings, including twins Reba and Ruby (NV'1914), Ralph (NV'16) and Bernice Dunlap who was the mother of Eleanor McKibben.

Margery Penn, married Prin. H. L. Sullivan of Ashtabula on October 10 [1912?], according to the Ohio Educational Monthly of January 1913.  She died in 1964 and is buried in the Washington County Ohio Cemetery.

Oscar Fisher Boyd went to Wilmington College in 1908 as a freshman and retired from Wilmington College in 1954 as chairman of the department of chemistry.  In 1953 he was honored as "Mr. Wilmington College" and honored him by naming the new campus auditorium, Boyd Auditorium, according to the 1961 Wilmington College Alumni Magazine.

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1898 Commencement Program

The Class of 1898 of New Vienna [Ohio] High School held their Commencement on Tuesday Evening, May Twenty-fourth at the Opera House.
Class of 1898 New Vienna Ohio High School Commencement Program. May 24, 1898.  
Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Class Members: Lizzie Laymon, Harrie B. Hussey, Alice Shockley, Maude Hildebrant

Commencement Address by Hon. O. T. Corson, State School Commissioner

Annual Sermon by Rev. W. O. Thompson, D.D. L. L. D., President of Miami University.

Music Furnished by Wilmington Orchestra.
Invocation by Rev. John Wilson
Benediction by Rev. E. D. Murch

1896 Commencement Program

The Sixteenth Annual Commencement of the New Vienna [Ohio] High School, Opera House*, Thursday, May 28, '96, 7:30 O'Clock P.M.  The Class of '96 invite you to be present at their Commencement Exercixes, Thursday Evening May Twenty-eighth.  Opera House.  Annual Sermon by Prof. C. L. Williams, Of Dennison [sic - should be Denison] University at Opera House, Sunday Eve, May 24th, 7:30 O'Clock.
Class of 1896 New Vienna Ohio High School Commencement Program. May 28, 1896.  
Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Clas of 1896:  Gertrude Ingold, Ada M. Posegate, Inez M. Nordyke, Stella Oswley, Winfred W. Polk, Josiah W. Brewer, Ernest M. Barrow.

School Board:  Mrs. Olive A. Brown, President.  Dr. R. T. Trimble, Clerk.  Matthew Leeka, Treasurer.  E. P. West, Superintendent.  E. M. Craig, Principal.

Music Furnished by the Bundy Orchestra of Lebanon, O.

*In 1893 and prior years Commencement was held at the M. E. (Methodist) Church.  The Opera House must have opened between 1893 and 1896.

1893 Commencement Program

Thirteenth Annual Commencement of the New Vienna [Ohio] High School at the M. E. Church, Friday Evening, May 19, 1893.  Annual Sermon by Rev. J. A. Easton, at M. E. Church, Sunday evening, May 14th, 1893.
Class of 1893 New Vienna Ohio High School Commencement Program. May 19, 1893.  
Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Class of 1893: Clara Hildebrant, Arthur H. Hodson, Nellie B. Shockley, Mary E. Fealy, John F. Toohey, Stella G. West, Charles F. Ingold, Belle M. Banks

Board of Education: W. L. Hussey, President.  J. H. Allison, Treasurer.  R. T. Trimble, Clerk.
E. P. West, Superintendent.  J. L. Cadwallader, Principal.  Invocation by Rev. E. D. Murch, Presentation of Diplomas by D.D. Woodmansee, Esq.

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1887 Commencement Program

The Seventh Annual Commencement of the New Vienna [Ohio] High School, M.E. Church, May 20, 1887.  Annual Sermon by Pres. J. J. Mills of Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana on May 15.
Class of 1887 New Vienna Ohio High School Commencement Program. May 20, 1887.  Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Class of 1887:  Clara McCune, Kate Shockley Penn, Lena Pfister West, Will W. West, Florence Hunt, Clark N. Hunt, Odessa J. Hunter Hixon, Homer Hussey.  [Thanks to NVHS Memory Book Book, p. 10 for married names.]

School Board: A. B. Beard, President, E. Schockley, Treasurer, Dr. R. T. Trimble, Clerk.

Double Quartette:  Soprano: Miss Maude Miller, Miss Emma Hill.  Alto: Miss Louie Miller, Miss Jessie Gordon.  Tenor:  Mr. Chas. Beard, Mr. H. L. Day.  Bass: Mr. R. M. Williams, Mr. J.W. Haynie.  Mrs. R. M. Williams, Pianist.

Other names mentioned:  Miss Ida Barlow, instrumentalist.

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1886 Commencement Program

Sixth Annual Commencement of the New Vienna High School.  M.E. Church, May 21, 1886.  7:30 P.M.
Annual Sermon by Rev. J. Irwin West, Christian Church, May 16, 7:30 o'clock.
Class of 1886 New Vienna Ohio High School Commencement Program. May 21, 1886.  
Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Eva Mory, Lizzie Duchemin, Stella Cox Duchemin, Nannie Edingfield Sanders, Maude Hines Woodmansee, Leslie D. Arthur, Laura Driscoll Nordyke, William B. Rogers, Ida Wooddell Ockerma, Walter C. Polk, and Harry J. Woodmansee.  [Married names courtesy of NVHS Memory Book, p.10]

S.M. Taggart, Superintendent

School Board:  A.B. Beard, President; E. Shockley, Treasurer; C.C. Lazenby, Clerk.

The piano used on this occasion is furnished by Allen Hockett, Wilmington, O.

"Pugnis et Calcibus" [With fists and heels; with might and main.]


MUSIC -- Friendship, Love and Song ..... Double Quartette
Love of Glory ..... H. J. Woodmansee
The Temple ..... Ida Wooddell
We've Crossed the Bay; the Ocean is Beyond ..... Laura Driscoll
MUSIC -- Whippoorwill's Call ..... Double Quartette
Romance of America ..... L. D. Arthur
The World's Work and Workers ..... W. B. Rogers
Indelibility of Mental Impressions ..... Maude Hines
Mental Improvements Should Not Cease ..... Lizzie Duchemin
Tongue, Temper and Heart ..... Stella Cox
Driftwood ..... W.C. Polk
MUSIC -- Leo March ..... Instrumental Duet
Darkness Brings Out the Stars ..... Eva Mory
As the Foundation, So the Structure ..... Nannie Edingfield

Presentation of Diplomas and Adrian Scholarship
MUSIC -- Softly the Night Breeze is Sighing ..... Double Quartette

New Vienna in the Roarin’ Twenties by Robert E. Wright - Part 1

This article, written by Robert E. Wright NVHS Class of 1921 first appeared in the Wilmington News-Journal on Monday May 22, 1972.

(Editor’s Note: Robert E. Wright Sr. of Cincinnati, a 1921 graduate of New Vienna High School, recalls New Vienna in the Roarin’ Twenties. He has written the following story in hopes of preserving some facts about its history... On May 27 [1972] the New Vienna Alumni Banquet is scheduled again at the school. Last year [1971] Wright’s Class celebrated its 50th anniversary. Three other men of that class, Clay Richard Clark, Walter Matson and George M. Neffner Jr., were present.)

[There is no class of ’21 picture, so instead here's a picture of the 1920-21 Radio Club.  In addition to George Neffner, Richard Clark, Robert West, Charles Good and Gerald King pictured below, other members of the Class of 1921 included Lucille Haynie Bailey, Virginia Johnson Carter, Harold West, Gerald King, William M. Rolston, George W. Johnson, Frieda J. Criesenberry Drummond, Martha Ellen Matthews Johnson, Margene Deck Duke, Bertine Triplett Townsend, Kenneth Pinkerton, Robert E. Wright,  Vivian Deck Lacy, Harold Elliott, Walter Matson, Lettie Smith, and Mabel Powell Bailey.]
New Vienna High School [Ohio] Radio Club 1920-21.  As numbered: 1-Edward R. Johnson-Principal & Instructor, 2-Burdette Holmes '24 [son of Bill Holmes], 3-Marvin Wright '24, 4-George Neffner '21, 5-Herbert Carey '24, 6-Clay Richard Clark '21, 7-Ralph Bernard '24, 8-Walter Dove '22, 9-Warren Terrell 'x-23?, 10-Robert West '21, 11-Charles Good '21, 12-Norbert Roades 'x-23?, 13-Cornelius Carey '24, 14-Myron Johnson '22, 15-Gerald King '21, 16-Paul Dennis 'x-22?.  
Image Courtesy of NVHS Memory Book, page 63.

The town of New Vienna is situated on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad halfway between Cincinnati and Chillicothe. It is at the junction of State Route 28 and 73 – Martinsville and Farmers Station to the west on 28 and Highland and Leesburg in Highland County to the northeast of [on] 28. It is about halfway from Wilmington and Hillsboro on 73. Both of these cities are county seats.

In 1920 it had a population of around 900 people. A number of businesses places could be found on both sides of Main St. that extended from the B&O Station north to a cluster of houses call Huff Town toward the Bernard and Terrell neighborhood. This Main St. met State Route 28 in the center of the town to form a Y. In the center of the Y was a town pump, where man and beast could refresh themselves at the well. Later the pump was moved to the edge of the sidewalk on the east side of the Dr. George R. Conard [b. 1/5/1842, Acting Asst. Surgeon of the US Army at the end of the Civil War, read more about him here.] residence, where a new well was drilled. The Conard residence had several tall cedar trees, where the purple grackles, called blackbirds, were wont to assemble in the evening and cause a great racket.

Main Street, New Vienna, Ohio c1910 Postcard. Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.
Conard House on the left behind the trees, hitching posts on both sides of street.

In building a new roadway down Main St. they dug up parts of an old corduroy road composed of split logs of locust and black walnut. It was surprising that they had been preserved from those earlier days. Iron posts and chains for hitching horses were to be found in front of most places of business. New Vienna was no one horse town and there were many hitching racks. It was a typical Saturday night town, like many small Ohio towns in the Twenties.

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NVHS [Ohio] Class of 1959

A sad week for the Class of 1959 and the friends and family of Harry W. Carey, who passed away on May 15, 2011.  Here's a look at the Class of 1959 during their graduation year and a picture of the 1957 Basketball Team on which Harry Carey, Donald Burton, and Phil Baker played.
Class of 1959 New Vienna Ohio High School.  Top Row: Kent Bobo-Fac, Thomas Rudisill-Fac, Donnabel Myers-Fac, Harriett West-Fac, R.W. Fenwick-Supt., Loretta Garrison-Fac, Adrian Roberts-Fac, John Hughes-Fac and Edwin Perry-Fac.  
Third row: Carolyn Haynie, Robert Cooper, Dean Bernard and Nancy Wolfe.  
Second row: Donald Burton, Barbara Allen-Sec, Shirley Hakes-V-Pres, Donald Anderson-Pres, Elinor Powell-Treas and Theresa Caplinger.  
Bottom row: Donna Linkhart, Linda Hughes, Philip Baker, Jean Gall, Robert Salisbury, Jane McKibben, Larry Blackburn, Judy Kratzer and Harry W. Carey.
Image Courtesy of NVHS Memory Book, page 54.

1957 Varsity Basketball - New Vienna Ohio High School.  Standing: Thomas Rudisill-coach, Delbert Turner ('57), Harry Carey ('59), Donald Burton ('59), Bob Wolfe ('58) and David Hildebrant ('58).  
Kneeling: Dickie Terrell-manager, Ray King, "Duke" Irwin ('57), Larry Terrell ('57), Phil Baker ('59), Gary Carter ('60) and Jimmy Lancen, manager.
Image Courtesy of NVHS Memory Book, page 78.

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NVHS [Ohio] Class of 1947 in 5th Grade (1939-40) & Graduation Pictures

The Class of 1947 got their picture taken in Fifth Grade as well as a graduation picture.  Class members are listed below the graduation pictures, but have not been individually identified in the fifth grade picture.  Any idea whose name and face in the graduation picture matches the face in the 5th grade, let me know.  Anybody recognize the fifth grade teacher?
New Vienna [Ohio] High School Class of 1947
Top Row: R.W. Fenwick, Supt., Edward Richards, Faculty
Fifth Row: Glenn McElwee, Faculty, Letha Tuttle, Faculty
Fourth Row: Carrie Custis, John Hughes-Fac, Margaretha Baumann-Fac, Daryl Hunter-Fac, A.F. Roush-Fac, Robert Clark [Fac?]
Third Row: Dan Fox-Pres, Jim Mongold-VPres, Caryl Lou Bohl-Sec'y, Harry Allen-Treas and Jacquelynne Carey
Second Row: Bettie Daye, Christine Peale, Helen Embry, Alfred Kendell, Esther Roush and Roger McKenzie
First Row: Rosa Smallridge, Walter Smithson, Howard Thompson, Colleen Thorman.
Image courtesy of New Vienna High School Memory Book page 42.
New Vienna Ohio 5th grade 1939-40, class of 1947.  Teacher Norma Dean Bentley* (Hunter), Front Row 6th from left Christine Peale, 7th Jacquelynne Carey?.  Second Row, 2nd from left Roger McKenzie?.  Possibly also included are Carrie Custis, Dan Fox, Jim Mongold, Caryl Lou Bohl, Harry Allen, Bettie Daye, Helen Embry, Alfred Kendall, Esther Roush, Rosa Smallridge, Walter Smithson, Howard Thompson, Colleen Thorman.  Image Courtesy of Larry Martin.
* Miss Bentley later married Daryl Hunter, a high school teacher.

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New Vienna School 1878-1917

[This post originally published in the Uible Blog 2/24/11]

With some postcards I recently got from Mom and Dad was this one of the "old, old" New Vienna School.  Not sure why the card labels it as plural buildings, as only the one is visible.  Perhaps they are including the outhouses which are hidden in the back?
Public School Buildings, New Vienna, Ohio c1900

Card is unmailed but addressed to Miss Mildred Pearl, New Vienna, Ohio, Clinton Co.  Message says "To Mildred, From Mumma, 1907.

According to the 1900 Census, Mildred, born in 1898 was the daughter of Edward (b. 1860), a carriage painter, and Valeria (b.1872).  In the 1910 census, Valeria and Mildred are shown as living with Valeria's parents, Thomas J. (b. 1847) and Margaret A. (b. 1850) McCune.  Thomas is listed as having his "own income."

This School was built in 1878.  It was torn down in 1917.  
The above picture is from New Vienna High School Memory Book, 1881-1963, page 8

According the the Memory Book:  In 1878 a new square brick building was erected with four rooms below, two rooms and a hall, called Whittier Hall, above.  This hall was afterwards converted into two rooms, and they were used as the laboratory.  

This building was removed from the school lot in the summer of 1917, when a new modern fireproof building was constructed and was ready for the school term starting in September 1918.

The high school was organized in 1878 and the first class graduated in 1881.  This class had three members" Hallie Baum, Will Rayburn and Charles Blackburn.  Charles was the father of Joseph and Mary Blackburn and Charles Blackburn, Jr.  

The board employed J.F. Fenton as principal for that year.  It was with him that Commencement Exercises were inaugurated and the first Commencement was held in the spring of 1881 in Whittier Hall.

Due to the scarcity of teachers, a Clinton-Highland Normal school was opened in NV High School in 1914.  The students did their practice teaching here also.  It was moved to Wilmington College in 1925.

[During that time] The children were taken to school by horse drawn wagons, and sleds in the winter time.

Lots more NV School History which we'll read about later.

New Vienna Ohio School Buses

[Note: This post originally published on the Uible Blog on 3/11/11]

School Buses through the Years:
New Vienna School Hack 1909
1909 New Vienna students
Students pictured with the New Vienna School District school hack, are standing left to right, Oscar Ross, driver, and Robert Haines, Roscoe Bowers, Clay Richard Clark, Glenn King, Harold Elliott, Geneva Clark Smithson, Fred Steele and Cleona Bowers Bennett. Seated in back is,left to right, Virginia Johnson Carter, Lillie Belle King Chance, Harlen Cantrell, Mary Steele Hodgson, Martha Haines, Addie Bobbitt Rulon, Mary Rowe and Kathleen Haines. The picture was taken in 1909 and was furnished by Virginia Carter.

School Wagon, New Vienna Ohio c1910

School Wagon c1920 New Vienna Ohio.  "Air Conditioned – Summer and Winter, Driver Ike Pendall.  Pictured: Beatrice Gregory, George W. Johnson, Oneita Johnson, Kathryn Johnson, Edrie Johnson, Lloyd Miller, Carol Johnson
Picture taken by Josephine "Jo" (Miller) Williams about 1920 when she was about 11 years old, taken with a box brownie camera.

There were two long benches in the wagon, instead of individual seats.  The bigger children held smaller ones on their laps.  There was no heat in the winter.

Jo was one of the first children to be picked up in the morning.  She lived about 3.5 miles from New Vienna on Derivan Road.  The wagon picker her up and then went to the intersection of Antioch Road and present day SR-729 and turned around.  The wagon then went along SR-729 to present day SR-73 heading back to town and the New Vienna school.

School Buses parked in front of school New Vienna Ohio c1934
Larry Martin, whose grandfather, Forest Martin, was Supt. of Schools in the early 1930s, reports that at that time, older students, including Larry's father, David Martin, were permitted to drive the buses.  The driver below is unidentified.  These last three pictures courtesy of Mike Whited.

School Bus 1934 New Vienna Ohio

Whited Family School Bus stop, New Vienna Ohio c1961

1957 Third Grade & 1959 Fifth Grade (Class of 1967)

[This post previously published in the Uible Blog on 4/12/11]

Mrs. Woodmansee's 1957-58 Third Grade class must have been her biggest class ever -- 45 students, 31 girls and 14 boys – good thing we were all so well behaved.  Every other of my elementary school years, except fourth grade, the class was split.  In the 1962 yearbook (seventh grade) there were 42 students in what became part of the East Clinton Class of 1967.  With the help of classmates I might be able to recreate the names of the teachers but here's what I remember:

First Grade - Miss Carey [Shirley McKamey] and Mrs. Fenwick*
Second Grade - Miss Aleda Purtee and Mrs. Johnson (she was daughter of Doyle Wright, married to Bub Johnson)
Third Grade - Mrs. Martha Woodmansee
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Virginia Hildebrant and Miss Smart [Jeanne Wolfe] (4th,6th)
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Ethel King and Miss Smart (5th-6th)
Sixth Grade - Miss Smart (4th-6th) and Mrs. Penn

From the New Vienna days I have class pictures from the third grade and fifth grade and a 1962 yearbook when I was in seventh grade.  Not sure if there were class pictures from other years or yearbooks.  I have seen a 1957 yearbook but cannot find it in my collection.  Anyone have it on their shelves?
New Vienna Ohio School 3rd Grade 1957 - Mrs. Woodmansee
1st Row, left to right: Larry Mitchell, David Schwering, Donald Storer, Larry Strevel, Gary Orebaugh, Keith Collins.  2nd Row: Weegie Hughes, Nancy Henderson, Catherine Uible, Linda Eltzroth, Marilyn Vanzant, Lynn Williams, Sybil Gano, Sandra Nichswitz, Jeannie Bowles, Dianne Burton, Karen Haynie, Clara Tolle. 3rd Row: Ann Harper, Carolyn Collier, Jimmie Dayton, James Storer, Gregory Schuman, Gregory Linkhart, Chester Shepherd, Mike Stackhouse, Pete Walls, Mike Whited, Julia McCollum, Patty Walker, Cheryl Cluxton, Catholyn Smith.  4th Row: Mrs. Woodmansee, Francis Freeland, Sharon Cornelius, Linda Sweeney, Susan Deck, Pamela Purtee, Faye McCune, Carolyn Vanzant, Marlena Burns, Alice Fisher, Sue Smith and Shirley Bernard.  [Not pictured: Linda Brooks, Cheryl Williams, and Sherry McKenzie (who moved away during the school year)] - Image Courtesy of Carolyn Collier Taubenheim

New Vienna Ohio School Mrs. King's 5th Grade - 1959-60
Top row, left to right: Carol Hoffer, Weegie Hughes, Marlena Burns, Mr. Fenwick, Mrs. King, Donald Storer, Ronnie Myers, Mike Stackhouse.  2nd Row: Linda McVey, Sandra Nischwitz, Dianne Burton, Catholyn Smith, Carolyn Vanzant, David Schwering.  3rd Row: Pete Walls, Jim Dayton, Gary Orebaugh, Debbie Penn, Julia McCollum, Shirley Bernard, Catherine Uible, Alice Fisher.  Bottom Row: Francis Freeland, Cheryl Cluxton, Faye McCune, Ann Harper.

* Mrs Fenwick's First Grade class included: Shirley Bernard, Karen Bauer, Connie Bauer, Carolyn Collier, Cheryl Cluxton, Linda Eltzroth, Sybil Gano, Laura Hughes, Nancy Henderson, Sherry McKenzie, Faye McCune, Sandra Nischwitz, Catholyn Smith, Patty Sue Walker, Lane Lee Zurface, (Lorriane Hull?) .  Boys: James Dayton, Gregory Linkhart, Larry Mitchell, Douglas Prickett, Donald Storer, Lonnie Stewart, Mike Trenary, Mike Whited and Arnold Webb.

NV Class of 1948, Huffman Clothing and Bill Huffman

[Note: this post was previously published in the Uible blog on 4/22/2011]

The recent discussion of Bill Holmes brought lots of comments and questions about the history of the store, most of which were answered by the following ad/article from a 1960 clipping from the Wilmington News-Journal.  [Transcription follows.  To read the full article on Bill Holmes, click here.  (Comments are at the bottom of the article.]
Huffman Clothing (History) New Vienna Ohio  - WNJ 1960
1960 [exact date unknown]
Shown above is one of Clinton County's most famous clothing stores.  For 62 years, this store was known as the Phillips Bros. Clothing Store.  Owned first by Harley Phillips.  Later Harley and his brother Cliff formed a partnership.  People from all over the county came to buy their clothes at this store.  In 1958, this store was purchased by William Huffman, former star athlete for New Vienna High School.  "Bill" as he is known by his many friends, is married to the former Gretchen Fullerton and they have two fine sons, Mark, age 3 [or 8?] and Scott, age 4.  A staunch figure since 1917 in the store has been Bill Holmes, who has been associated for 43 years, with both Phillips and Huffman.

From this article we learn that the Phillips Bros. store opened for business in 1896 and that Bill Holmes started working there in 1917 when he was 33 years old, prior to that Bill was a clerk at the M.R. Harris Grocery in the Iron Building [later Daye Hardware].  Bob Johnson later bought the store from Bill Huffman.  Not sure when it closed.

Moving on to Bill Huffman, he was a 1948 graduate of New Vienna High School and an athlete as mentioned above.  The following pictures are from the New Vienna High School Memory Book 1881-1963.
New Vienna Ohio High School - Class of 1948.
Top Row: Margaretha Baumann-Fac, R.W. Fenwick-Supt, Thomas Rudisill-Fac and Kathryn Tolle-Fac.
Fourth Row: Daryl Hunter-Fac, Sara Swartz-Fac, John Hughes-Fac, and Martha Tolleson-Fac.
Third Row: A.F. Roush-Fac, Richard Carey-Pres, Jean Rolfe-V.Pres, Mary Lou Berwanger-Sec'y, Robert Streber-Treas and Glenn Bernard.
Secord Row: Harold Burns, Donald Hite, Jack Hoopingarner, Bill Huffman, Jacque Laymon, June Pence and Kathryn Mobley.
First row: Jean Rachford Barrett, Joellen Rulon Streber, Carolyn Saunders Thornburg, Betty Smith (Hoffer?), Harold Thornburg and Della Turner.

Many of these names are familiar.  I know there were at least two weddings – Joellen Rulon married Bob Streber, and Carolyn Saunders married Harold Thornburg.  Please help me out with who else married who and what happened to them.  Here are links to obituaries: Jean Rachford Barrett (2010),  Glenn Bernard (of Parkinson's in 2010), Carolyn Saunders Thornburg (2011)
1946 Basketball Team - Homecoming Queen & Attendants - New Vienna Ohio High School.
Top Row: Bill Flint ('49), Glenn Bernard ('49), Carey Streber
 ('49), Donald Hite ('48), Carrie Custis ('47), Carolyn Saunders Thornburg ('48), Esther Roush ('47), Raymond Walls ('50), Oren Butcher ('x-49?), James Akers ('49), Robert Minzler ('49) and Glenn McElwee-coach.
Middle Row: David Blackburn ('49), Jack Preston (x-49?), Herbert McKenzie ('49), Harold Burns ('48), Tom Carey ('49), Dan Fox ('47), Andy Cluxton ('49), Roger McKenzie ('47), Lowell Prickett ('49) and Bill Huffman ('48).
First Row: Dale Cluxton ('50), Donald McKamey ('50), Hugh Heizer ('50), Hoyt Penn ('50), Jimmy Allen-manager ('52), Leonard Sword ('50), Howard Thompson ('47) and George Stevenson('x-49?). [Picture from the NVHS Memory Book 1881-1963, page 76]

1947 Baseball Team - New Vienna Ohio High School.
Back row: Glenn McElwee-coach, Lowell Prickett
 ('49), Dale Cluxton ('50), Glenn Bernard ('48), Roger McKenzie ('47), Raymond Walls ('50), Howard Thompson ('47), David Blackburn ('49) and Hoyt Penn ('50).
Kneeling: Tom Carey ('49), Herbert McKenzie ('49), Jim Mongold ('47), Dan Fox ('47), Jim Allen-manager ('52), Bill Huffman ('48), Bill Flint ('49) and Donald McKamey ('50). [Picture from NVHS Memory Book 1881-1963, p.76]

1946-47 Track Team - New Vienna Ohio High School.
Standing: Lowell Prickett
 ('49), Glenn Bernard ('48), Bob Streber ('48), Mr. McElwee-coach, Alfred Kendall ('47), Melvin Rhoades ('49) and Danny Fox ('47).
Kneeling: Andy Cluxton ('49), Harry Allen ('47), Don Hite ('48), Bill Huffman ('48), Harold Burns ('48), Tom Carey ('49) and Roger McKenzie ('47). [Picture from NVHS Memory Book 1881-1963, p. 75]