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1907 Baccalaureate and Commencement Programs

Commencement for the New Vienna [Ohio] High School Graduating Class of 1907 was held Thursday, May 23, at 8 O'clock at the Opera House, following a "Class Night" at the Opera House on Wednesday, May 22.
Class of 1907 New Vienna Ohio High School Commencement Program. May 23, 1907.  
Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Class of 1907:  Ethel Carey [Okey], Mary Rohan Brown [King], Helen Duvall Brown, Lucile F. Nordyke, Nell Frances Hussey [Brewer], Nelle Harris, Margery Penn [Sullivan], Oscar F. Boyd, Lawrence G. Wright.

Class Historian - Helen Duvall Brown
Class Lawyer - Nell Frances Hussey
Class Prophet - Mary Rohan Brown
Invocation - Rev. Wynn Stout
Music - Dr. H. E. Jameson
Benediction - Rev. M. F. Bagby

Annual [Baccalaureate] Sermon by Rev. Warren B. Dunham, Opera House, Sunday, May 19, 1907.  7:30 O'clock.
Class of 1907 New Vienna Ohio High School Baccalaureate Program. May 19, 1907.  
Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Class Motto: Ad astra per aspera [Through hardships to the stars]

Class Flower: La France Rose [according to Wikipedia, a hybrid rose marking the transition between two eras, those of old roses and modern.]

Class Colors: Scarlet and Gray

Information about the class of 1907:

Ethel Carey had eight siblings, including twins Reba and Ruby (NV'1914), Ralph (NV'16) and Bernice Dunlap who was the mother of Eleanor McKibben.

Margery Penn, married Prin. H. L. Sullivan of Ashtabula on October 10 [1912?], according to the Ohio Educational Monthly of January 1913.  She died in 1964 and is buried in the Washington County Ohio Cemetery.

Oscar Fisher Boyd went to Wilmington College in 1908 as a freshman and retired from Wilmington College in 1954 as chairman of the department of chemistry.  In 1953 he was honored as "Mr. Wilmington College" and honored him by naming the new campus auditorium, Boyd Auditorium, according to the 1961 Wilmington College Alumni Magazine.

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