Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NVHS [Ohio] Class of 1947 in 5th Grade (1939-40) & Graduation Pictures

The Class of 1947 got their picture taken in Fifth Grade as well as a graduation picture.  Class members are listed below the graduation pictures, but have not been individually identified in the fifth grade picture.  Any idea whose name and face in the graduation picture matches the face in the 5th grade, let me know.  Anybody recognize the fifth grade teacher?
New Vienna [Ohio] High School Class of 1947
Top Row: R.W. Fenwick, Supt., Edward Richards, Faculty
Fifth Row: Glenn McElwee, Faculty, Letha Tuttle, Faculty
Fourth Row: Carrie Custis, John Hughes-Fac, Margaretha Baumann-Fac, Daryl Hunter-Fac, A.F. Roush-Fac, Robert Clark [Fac?]
Third Row: Dan Fox-Pres, Jim Mongold-VPres, Caryl Lou Bohl-Sec'y, Harry Allen-Treas and Jacquelynne Carey
Second Row: Bettie Daye, Christine Peale, Helen Embry, Alfred Kendell, Esther Roush and Roger McKenzie
First Row: Rosa Smallridge, Walter Smithson, Howard Thompson, Colleen Thorman.
Image courtesy of New Vienna High School Memory Book page 42.
New Vienna Ohio 5th grade 1939-40, class of 1947.  Teacher Norma Dean Bentley* (Hunter), Front Row 6th from left Christine Peale, 7th Jacquelynne Carey?.  Second Row, 2nd from left Roger McKenzie?.  Possibly also included are Carrie Custis, Dan Fox, Jim Mongold, Caryl Lou Bohl, Harry Allen, Bettie Daye, Helen Embry, Alfred Kendall, Esther Roush, Rosa Smallridge, Walter Smithson, Howard Thompson, Colleen Thorman.  Image Courtesy of Larry Martin.
* Miss Bentley later married Daryl Hunter, a high school teacher.

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  1. I have sent the bottom picture to several people to help with identification. Recently heard from Phyllis J. Tilton White with the following information (which I have updated in the original post): The school picture 5th grade class of 1947: the teacher was Norma Dean Bentley who later married Daryl Hunter another NV teacher. She was my teacher the next year. The only other one I’m sure of is Christine Peale, 6th from left in front row. Possibly the girl next to her (7th) is Jacquelynne Carey. The boy 2nd from left in second row might be Roger McKenzie, none of the others look like him and his mother might have dressed him in a suit and tie.