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January News from the "3" Years

Old news from the New Vienna area in January of the "3" years.

1863, 1873 and 1883 news from the Highland Weekly News, published in Hillsboro, Ohio 1853-1886; 1893 news from the Hillsboro News-Herald. 1923, 1933 and 1953 Hillsboro newspapers are not available online, nor is the Wilmington News-Journal currently available online.
* * * * *
January 22, 1863 - John Mathews, New Vienna, Clinton County, appointed Assistant Assessor of the U.S. Assessor's Office of the Sixth District.  His territory is composed of the following Townships:  Green, Clark, Washington, Marion, Vernon, Adams, and Jefferson.

January 30, 1873 - Dr. A.T. Johnson, of New Vienna, was in Hillsboro on Tuesday.  He says they are still looking anxiously for the coming of the Southern Ohio R.R.

January 10, 1883 - Jacob Dove, an old and respected citizen of this county [Highland] died during the night of January 2nd.  Upon retiring he was in his usual health, and was found dead the next morning.  He was 66.  [Born in New Jersey about 1817, he moved to Clinton County prior to 1840, and was responsible for the "Dove Addition" in New Vienna which ran along Pearl St, south of SR-73 and was platted in 1856.]

January 10, 1883 - Telephone connection is now complete with New Vienna, New Antioch, Wilmington, and from there to Sabina.  See previous blog post Early Telephone Service to New Vienna.

January 17, 1883 - Dr. Lindley, of New Vienna spent a couple of days here [Leesburg] looking after his business interests.

January 17, 1883 - Mr. Cal. Baum, of New Vienna, has accepted a position as traveling salesman for the wholesale notion house of Louis Wald & Co., of Cincinnati.  Mr. Baum is an excellent business man and will prove a valuable acquisition to any house with which he is connected.  [Calbert Baum, 1852-? is listed in the 1880 census as a New Vienna grain merchant.  He was the son of Henry and Elizabeth Ann Terrell Baum.]

January 17, 1883 - R.E. Porter of New Vienna pens a response to an article on "Farmers' Boys" about whether young men should stay on the farm.

January 24, 1883 - Dr. A.T. Johnson and wife, of New Vienna, intend taking a trip to Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas, visiting Hot springs and Galveston for their health, and expect to be gone about two months.

January 19, 1893 - Eight couples from Hillsboro sleigh-rode to New Vienna and enjoyed a supper and dance at the Harrison House before returning home.

1903 Jan 7 - Dr. R.T. Trimble of New Vienna is a member of a committee recently appointed at the meeting of the Associated Charities of the state, on crippled and deformed children.  "Plans and methods for the founding of an institution for the cure and benefit of this class of people are being discussed."  --The Marion Star (Marion, Ohio) 7Jan1903p3

January 11, 1953 - Gary Boldman, teacher at New Vienna school, married Donna Myers on Dec. 31, 1952, in Wilmington.  [Coshocton Ohio Tribune]

January 25, 1953 - George M. Neffner, long time merchant and resident of New Vienna, former Ohio state Statistician 1927-1940, and Ohio Secretary of State, 1940-41, died on Jan. 23, 1953. [Elyria Chronicle Tribune]  [He married Olive West c1901, and had three children who graduated from NVHS.  George Jr. in 1921, Dorothy Hayes in 1927, and Howard in 1928.  Neffners lived in the house across from the school on the NW corner of 2nd & College which was later the residence of the Bob and Joellen Rulon Streber family.]

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1953 Hillyard Farm - Paul Terrell Family home

Second in a series of articles about The New Vienna Pilgrimage of Old Houses continues in spring 1953.  Transcription follows.
Captioned:  This fine old desk, circa 1700, stands in the dining room of the Terrell residence, Hillyard Farm, and is one of the many pieces of elegance and charm housed there.  (News-Journal Photo).

New Vienna Pilgrimage of Old Houses – 
[From the Wilmington News-Journal, Spring 1953 – copied from an undated clipping at the Clinton County Historical Society.]
Hillyard Farm Rich in Old Furniture
Terrell Family Has Owned House for 40 Years

(Editors Note: The New Vienna Pilgrimage of old houses will open the county’s observance of Ohio’s sesquicentennial and will be held June 6 and 7 [1953].  The owners of the houses have written the histories of their properties and told some of the interesting architectural points and the furnishings and other pieces which they contain.  Proceeds of the ticket sale for the pilgrimage will go to the Clinton County Historical Society.  The following is the story of the Paul Terrell residence.)

Hillyard Farm located one mile northeast of New Vienna on the highest elevation in Clinton county (1,197 feet), has been in possession of the Terrell family for 40 years, having been purchased from the Posegate family who had owned it nearly a century.  The original deeds are not recorded, but it is mentioned in one deed that the Posegate family purchased at least part of the land from the Clevenger family, who with Abner and Morgan Van Meter were considered to be the earliest settlers of this county.

Earliest records available state that Abner Van Meter and S. Clevenger resided on this land.  There have been at least three other houses on this farm as evidenced by the broken chimney brick, glass and chinaware.

An overflowing spring located at present within the farm pond, was used by wild animals as a source of water and they in turn were used for food by Indian bands.  This fact is proven by the large numbers of arrowheads and other stone implements which have been found around this area from time to time.  Many of these Indian relics are in perfect condition.

This house, like many others, is a combination of the old and the more modern.  The old Posegate house was L-shaped and the L has been filled in to make a square.  The two front rooms and the dining room are the original parts of the house.

*  * *
THE HOME is furnished with several antiques, a number of which are family heirlooms.  In this group will be found a grandfather clock which has been in the family for five generations.  It was first known to be a wall - sweep, having later been put in its present case.  The case for this clock and a large bookcase also in the home were both made out of walnut logs taken from the first Friends meeting house which stood just north of New Vienna.  The land and logs for this meeting house were donated by Micajah Nordyke, the great-great-grandfather of the present owner of the clock.  Nordyke came to Ohio from Tennessee in 1806.

Several other pieces which will be of interest to antique-lovers include chairs, drop leaf tables, chests, cherry china cabinet, four-poster bed, and an inlaid desk which several competent judges have declared to be a choice piece of early furniture.

In addition to the various pieces and furnishings to be seen at any time at Hillyard Farm there will be two collections loaned for the occasion and of surpassing interest.  Mrs. Robert Metcalf of Columbus, will bring her collection of fans to be on display Sunday.  Mrs. Frances Dobbs, of Indianapolis, will bring her collection of old and unusual ink wells and they may be seen on both days of the pilgrimage.

The following will be hostesses:  Mrs. Harold [Garnet] Fisher, Mrs. Charles [Virginia] Hildebrant, Mrs. Elmer [Eva?] Southerland, Mrs. Howard [Hazel] Penn, Miss Geneva Johnson, Mrs. Arthur McCoy [Eva] and Miss Janet Terrell, daughter in the family.  

* * * * *
Another house in the New Vienna Pilgrimage of Old Houses was posted under "Historic Hause House, built 1874," and featured a picture of Charlotte Pugsley Hause.  The Hause article, about the house on Bernard Road near Huffman Ave. could have been titled differently.  The house was owned by the Hines family from 1874-1917, the Elmer Pages 1917-1942, Wilbur Huffmans 1942-1952, and the Hauses in the 1950s.

Other houses part of the 1953 New Vienna Pilgrimage of Old Houses yet to be featured include:

  • Carl West Colonial House built 1850 
  • T.H. Swingley House built 1837
  • Brown Home, possibly built by Isaac Woodmansee c1840
  • Charles Blackburn House built 1838
  • Christy Home, Panhandle Road, c1850

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Early Telephone Service to New Vienna

The Highland Weekly News (Hillsborough [Hillsboro], Highland County, Ohio) of January 10, 1883 reports - Telephone connection is now complete with New Vienna, New Antioch, Wilmington, and from there to Sabina.  Partial transcription follows.

Telephone Talk 
Telephone connection is now complete with New Vienna, New Antioch, and Wilmington, and from there to Sabina.

Mr. Cooper expects to have the line open to Cincinnati by to-day, and also to Greenfield, by way of Lexington [Highland] and Leesburg, by next Monday.

Wilmington Station is No. 53, Cincinnati No. 54, and Greenfield No. 55.

A public telephone station has been provided for at the Exchange Office in this city, and Mr. Cooper requests all parties who are not subscribers to the Telephone Co., wishing to use the wires, to call there and transmit their messages, as subscribers will be charged for all messages sent through their instruments to points outside of this city.

The ticket books, costing $5 and $10 and containing $6.25 and $12.50 worth of coupons, will be ready some time this week.  The following is a scale of rates to be charged between the different points named.  There may be a reduction in them soon to regular customers of the telephone company. rates between all points connected by the lines of the Central, Western or Midland Telephone Companies, but will not be good to points on connecting lines partly owned by other parties, which are marked with a star.  [Cuba]

Where parties call for a connection and are unable to raise the station called for, no charge will be made, but if the station answers the call it will have to be paid for whether the party calling gets the individual he wants or not.  He will have to transact his business with whoever he gets, or pay for a second connection.

Five minutes time will be allowed for each message.

The following is the rate
....from Hillsboro to New Vienna. . . . 25[¢]
[also same rate to NV from Greenfield and Leesburg

Telephone Exchange c1910 New Vienna Ohio. Image Courtesy of Hayward Crone via Mike Whited.

* * * * * Telephone Exchange in Careytown:
 A news item in the News-Herald (Hillsboro, Ohio) of February 11, 1904 reports that in a terrific wind storm, of almost cyclonic proportion, the Careytown telephone exchange building was moved ten feet from the foundation, twisted, and will have to be town down.
* * * * *
Clinton Telephone Company - Wilmington and New Vienna Ohio - Stationary 1911.  Image Courtesy of Hayward Crone via Mike Whited.  Donald Carey (married Gladys Pemberton), to whom this letter is addressed, was a member of the NVHS Class of 1913.
The letter written on the reverse side of the stationary is from a young lady (signed H.Wright) who evidently wasn't sure whether she was in love with Donald or not, mentions his reputation – quite interesting, but has nothing to do with the telephone company other than she worked there.
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1973 Lions Club Youth Exchange

The New Vienna Lions Club hosted an exchange student from Brazil in January 1973.  Transcription follows.  
1973 - Lions Club Youth Exchange program hosts Angela Costa from Brazil.  Pictured are Angela and Dr. A.W. Hause of New Vienna, Ohio. - Wilmington News-Journal.  January 4, 1973.

Brazil Lions Club Flag

Miss Angela Costa of Sete Lagos, Minas Gerais, Brazil presents the flag of her fathers Sete Lagos Lions Club to Dr. A. W. Hause who is the chairman of the New Vienna Lions Club Youth Exchange Committee.

Miss Costa is one of 10 Brazilian youth who are presently visiting in Ohio under the auspices of the Lions Club.  Her cousin Yara Dias is the guest of the Lloyd Caldwell family of Martinsville.  The Harold Uible family of New Vienna is the host family for Miss Costa.

The youths will be in this area for four weeks before leaving for Texas for a like period.  They will then visit Disney World en route to Brazil.

The New Vienna Club also enjoyed seeing picture of Tiawan [sic], Vietnam and Okinawa which were shown by John Cooper whose son and wife are living in Okinawa.

The Club's February meeting will be adult male guest night and the committee in charge is Stanley Fawley, John Hughes, Dr. Hause, Raymond Smith, Jerome Walker, and Carl West.