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November News 1964,1974

New Vienna, Ohio local news from November 1964, 1974

1964 New Vienna News in the 
Wilmington News-Journal -Nov.25
1964 Nov. 3 Harold Baker is Mayor; Mrs. Eugene Drake hosts Mothers Club; Mrs. Ben Stepp -Always Faithful Class; Leo Watson Lions Club dinner chairman; Estel Daye, Jr. - Homebuilders Class; Mrs. Glenn Southerland -WSCS; Robert Settlemeyer - Farm Bureau; Robert Rulon celebrates 77th birthday.  --Wilmington News-Journal 3Nov1964p13

1964 Nov. 4 Names & Events: Rev. Clarence Wamsley, Albert Briggs, Mrs. Oscar Stanfield, Ada Preston, Mrs. Howard Penn, William Thornburg, George Henderson family, Geneva Cline, Alvin Clement, Carl West family, Russell Caplinger.  --Wilmington News-Journal 4Nov1964p11

1964 Nov. 7 News --Wilmington News-Journal 7Nov1964p4

1964 Nov. 9 Names include: Ada Preston, Mrs. Hamer Rice, Mrs. Harry F. Allen, Mrs. Raymond Minzler, Mrs. Homer K. Williams, Mrs. Glenn Southerland, Mrs. Gleason Streber, Mrs. Walter Drake, Irene Gray.  --Wilmington News-Journal 9Nov1964p9

1964 Nov. 10 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 10Nov1964p7

1964 Nov. 11 Mabel Davis News  --Wilmington News-Journal 11Nov1964p11

1964 Nov. 13 News --Wilmington News-Journal 13Nov1964p8and New Vienna 4-H Achievement Held – advisors and award winners mentioned include Linda Eltzroth, Sybil Gano, Weegie Hughes, Linda Moore, Shirley Bernard, Mrs. A.W. Kettlewell, Mrs. Kyda Prickett, Mrs. Paul Eltzroth, Mrs. Jack Walker, Mrs. James Terrell, Mrs. Kenneth Mayo, Marilyn Bernard, Mrs. Orville Harner, Mrs. Glenn Bernard, Dale Roehm, Paul Eltzroth, Gayle Zimmerman, Orville Harner, Joe Eaton, Mrs. J.S. McKenzie, Mrs. Robert Nischwitz.  --Wilmington News-Journal 13Nov1964p14

1964 Nov. 17  Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 17Nov1964p5

1964 Nov. 19 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 19Nov1964p9

1964 Nov. 20 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 20Nov1964p4

1964 Nov. 21 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 21Nov1964p8

1964 Nov. 24 Mabel Davis News  --Wilmington News-Journal 24Nov1964p3

1964 Nov. 25 Mabel Davis News: Family Thanksgiving Dinners  --Wilmington News-Journal 25Nov1964p28

1964 Nov. 27 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 27Nov1964p3

1964 Nov. 28 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 28Nov1964p4

1964 Nov. 30 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 30Nov1964p7

* * * * *
1974 Nov. 27 Mrs. Robert Norman is now New Vienna Correspondent, Greg Dodd, Carrier.  New business opens: Ohio Seafood and Ice - located on the corner of the Shell station lot.  Owner is Dick Curtis. --Wilmington News-Journal 27Nov1974p15 & p16

1974 Nov. 29 Two new business open: Days of Yore Arts and Crafts, managed by Mildred Penn and Pat White; and P&R Fish, Pets and Flower Shop to be managed by Phyllis Minzler and Robin Griffith.  Both stores are located on Main Street in New Vienna.  --Wilmington News-Journal 29Nov1974p10

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October News 1884, 1894, 1904

New Vienna, Ohio local news from October, 1884 

1884 New Vienna News - Oct. 4
Highland Weekly News p.8
October 8, 1884
1884 Oct. 1  Names, events & places include: Emma Malone, Hodson farm, Walter Pugsley, W.W. West, Ed Shockley, Conard's Grocery. News dated Sept. 27, 1884.  --Highland Weekly News 1Oct1884p8

1884 Oct. 1  Additional New Vienna News includes Mrs. J.C. Santee, James Nevin, E.W. Stein. --Highland Weekly News 1Oct1884p8

1884 Oct. 8 Ellsworth Abbott, a local Blacksmith has gone West to a new location; Gregg & Ervin dry goods merchants have sold out to a party in Findley who are moving the goods there; the St. George Hotel is still "to let" but is looking like a habitation for ghosts.  --Highland Weekly News 8Oct1884

1884 Oct. 15 Methodist Church to be dedicated next Sunday.  [The building at Church & 2nd Streets, would be destroyed by lightning in 2002.]  --Highland Weekly News 15Oct1884p4

1884 Oct. 22 - There were no fights of any importance on election day; the tile kiln [near RR depot] has many orders for shipping tile; Mr. Hale, popular undertaker, has been very busy; Major Asa Higgins [veteran of Civil War], has been drilling a platoon of sixteen ladies and gentlemen who make a grand appearance in local political rallies.  Gregg & Ervin who were reported to be sold out, have divided their goods instead and Mr. Ervin will remain here.  --Highland Weekly News 22Oct1884p4

1884 Oct. 22 - Mr. Gregg of Gregg & Ervin Dry Goods Merchants, has moved his share of the stock to Bellefontaine; James Ervin has removed his family from Blanchester and is now residing in New Vienna; death of Nevin infant.  --Wilmington Journal 22Oct1884p3

1894 New Vienna (Ohio) News - Oct. 4
Hillsboro News-Herald p.4
New Vienna, Ohio local news from October, 1894, 1904 

1894 Oct. 4 Mark Clark was attacked by a vicious hog, his left hand was terribly bitten and lacerated. Hillsboro News-Herald4Oct1894p1

1904 Oct. 5 Hugh Terrell improving after being severely injured by corn binder; Right-of-way is being secured for a Wilmington-Hillsboro traction line [electric railroad, this plan must have been abandoned later]; Parents of children attending the Snow Hill school are agitated on account of an epidemic of throat trouble, evidently caused by drinking water from a well adjacent to the school building.  --Wilmington Journal 5Oct1904p1

1904 Oct. 12 New Vienna needs more people but housing is in short supply.  The Harrison Hotel has been put in first-class repair and rented to families.  Dr. G.R. Conard has been in  active practice for forty years.  C.F. Irons is retiring.  He has lived in NV for 15 years and has operated his business [hardware?] for 12 years. [Irons was builder of Irons building where Daye Hardware was later located on W. Main Street.]  --Wilmington Journal 12Oct1904p1

1904 New Vienna (Ohio) News Oct. 12 Wilmington Journal p.1

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October News 1964, 1974

New Vienna, Ohio local news from October 1964

1964 Oct. 2 Junior High School class officers and cheerleaders listed: Names include Tom Terrell, Debbi Bernard, Patti Bernard, Steve Streber, Bruce Rathkamp, Pam Thompson, Vicki Bailey, Larry Saunders, Debbie Hutchins, Robyn Streber, Marcia Woods, and Nancy Walker. --Wilmington News-Journal 2Oct1964p7

1964 Oct. 5 Methodist WSCS, Farm Bureau Advisory Council, Group takes tour to Williamstown, WV. --Wilmington News-Journal 5Oct1964p5

1964 Oct. 6 Church of Christ Homebuilders Class, A.W. Kettlewell, New Kenton administrator, speaks on the school levy. --Wilmington News-Journal 6Oct1964p8

1964 Oct. 10 Church of Christ Always Faithful Class. --Wilmington News-Journal 10Oct1964p4

1964 Oct. 10 Mrs. Leda Moyer retired after cooking at New Vienna school since 1925. --Wilmington News-Journal 10Oct1964p10

1964 Oct. 12 Church news; two sewing clubs; Farm Bureau Council; and personal news about Roy Linkhart, Clyde Wilson, and more. --Wilmington News-Journal 12Oct1964p7

1964 Oct. 14 Upcoming Halloween Carnival; Baptist Missionary Society; Lions Club Concert; Linkhart visitors. --Wilmington News-Journal 14Oct1964p15

1964 Oct. 14 Four Children Killed in Fire near New Vienna.  Killed were Timmy Turner, 2, and three of his sisters, Ronda, 6, Lisa, 3, and Quinn, 15 months.  Surviving children who were injured were Thomas Jr., 5, Paul, 4, and Cheryl, 7.  Parents, Thomas and Mary Jean Turner also survived. --Wilmington News-Journal 14Oct1964p1

1964 Oct. 16 NVHS Class of 1914 holds 50th reunion and were entertained at home of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Ockerman; whole village is shocked and saddened over the tragic fire and loss of four children at the Turner residence. --Wilmington News-Journal 16Oct1964p8

1964 Oct. 21  Names & events include: Mrs. Arthur Bernard; Wayne Smith birthday dinner; Penny Huffman goes to college; Mrs. Harold Thornburg; Senior Class Play of New Kenton High School. --Wilmington News-Journal 21Oct1964p11

1964 Oct. 22 Names & events: Eastern Star; Jesse Shaffer; Rev. Kuntzman; Mrs. Clair Ames; Harvey Hutchens; Charles Blackburn; William Thornburg.  --Wilmington News-Journal 22Oct1964p13

1964 Oct. 23 Elmer McKamey, Mrs. Harold Briggs, John Croghan, Lucien Pittser, Levina West, Lilian Parshall.  --Wilmington News-Journal 23Oct1964p3

1964 Oct. 24 Halloween Carnival, Careytown Homemakers Club, Boosters' Class, Woman's Club, Cub Scouts, Charles Thompsons' host dinner, C.R. Clark.  College students include Charles & John Salisbury and Linda Rudisill. --Wilmington News-Journal 24Oct1964p3

1964 Oct. 28 Nancy Henderson, Mrs. Stanley Fawley, Gayle Zimmerman, Thomas Mitchell.  --Wilmington News-Journal 28Oct1964p8

1964 Oct. 29 Duane Blackburn is new Grange Master, David Myers has Halloween Party, Richard McKibben hosts New Kenton Senior Class party, Clete King birthday celebrated, Salisbury family dinner.  --Wilmington News-Journal29Oct1964p15

1964 Oct. 30  Fund raising for Thomas Turner building fund, Auburn WSCS, Church of Christ has new building, Leo Watson is Lion's Club chairman, Polly's Restaurant site of several gatherings.  --Wilmington News-Journal 30Oct1964p8

1964 Oct. 31 Derivan reunion dinner at Blue Grass Restaurant in Wilmington, Mrs. Harold Briggs is secretary of Careytown Homemakers Club, Snow Hill Garden Club members including Mrs. John Cooper and Mrs. James Curtis attend regional fall meeting in Washington C.H.  --Wilmington News-Journal 31Oct1964p5

1974 New Doctor for New Vienna -Oct.18.  
Pictured left to right: Dr. Anders Otterland, his wife Lillemor, and 
Estel Daye Jr., treasurer of the Doctors Procurement Committee.  
Wilmington (Ohio) News-Journal clipping -18Oct1974
New Vienna, Ohio local news from October 1974

1974 Oct. 8 Mrs. Harley (Nancy Ann Johnson) Phillips celebrates her 96th Birthday.  Many of her nieces were present and her two surviving siblings: sisters, Mrs. Fay (Bernice) Oxley and Miss Ethel Johnson. --Wilmington News-Journal 8Oct1974p6 

1974 Oct. 9 - Obituary for Gleason Streber, 1903-1974, who opened his own store in New Vienna in 1931.  He was survived by his wife, Jane, [1905-1976], and four sons. --Wilmington News-Journal 9Oct1974p2

1974 Oct. 18 New Doctor in New Vienna: Dr. Anders Otterland (left), is New Vienna's new doctor according to Estel Daye Jr. (right), treasurer of the Doctors Procurement Committee.  Hours will include two evenings a week plus Saturday morning in addition to daytime hours three days each week.  --Wilmington News-Journal 18Oct1974p24

1974 Oct. 24 New Vienna Elementary Honor Students - 4th-8th Grades for the first six week grading period.  --Wilmington News-Journal 24Oct1974p11

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October News 1924, 1934,1944, 1954

New Vienna (Ohio) News from October 1924, 1934, 1944 and 1954

1924 Oct. 1 New Vienna Reporter has new owners.  Gurney C. And Homer Wright have purchased the Reporter from Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Sturm who have owned and managed the paper for the past two years.  Gurney Wright is a member of the undertaking firm of Ellis & Wright in New Vienna.  His son, Homer, has previously been employed in the office of a steel company in Weirton.  --Wilmington News-Journal 1Oct1924p7

* * * * *
1934 Oct. 3 Friendship Circle Sunday School class [unidentified church] members include Mrs. H.M. Southerland, Sadie Polk, Mrs. L.A. Arthur & Mrs. Frank Shepard; other church news. --Wilmington News-Journal 3Oct1934p2

1934 Oct. 9 Names include J.F. Schuler, Lillian Swingley, Geneva Phillips, Neil Carey, Dr. L.G. [Lyle] Morton, Luther Hildebrant and Judge Hugh Wright.  --Wilmington News-Journal 9Oct1934p3

1934 Oct. 13 Mentioned are Mrs. Henry Sanders, Charles Southerland, Mrs. Carl Lukens and Homer Wright.  --Wilmington News-Journal 13Oct1934p2

1934 Oct. 16  Names include: Heber Runk and son, Bobby, Cleveland Bobbitt, Mildred Polk, Charles Rulon, Mrs. Burch Laymon.  --Wilmington News-Journal 16Oct1934p3

1934 Oct. 20  Ed. Duncan, Josephine Williams, Glen Southerland, Earl Stockwell, School Supt. F.H. Martin, Del Carter, Burch Laymon, Dr. W.T. Matthews, and George Bernard are among the names mentioned.  Also noted is that "considerable work" has been done on the high school gym floor [the pit] under the direction of Coach Rudolph Evjen.  --Wilmington News-Journal 20Oct1934p3

1934 Oct. 23  Bond family dinner; Pete Demas; I.C. Wise purchase Bobbitt property near Snow Hill; Boy Scouts work at local stores and get a per cent of the day's business.  --Wilmington News-Journal 23Oct1934p3

1934 Oct. 24  Robert Bernard (NVHS '1934) receives American Farmer Degree at National Convention of FFA.  He is son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bernard, of New Vienna.  --Wilmington News-Journal 24Oct1934p3

* * * * *
1944 Oct. 4 Virgil Bentley (1911-1993) celebrates his 33rd birthday; lots of visiting. --Wilmington News-Journal 5Oct1944p7

1944 Oct. 11 Names include Mrs. Wilbur Purtee, Gar Walker, Russell Caplinger, Martha Hilderbrandt, Sam Steele.  --Wilmington News-Journal 11Oct1944p6

1944 Oct. 27  Military men mentioned include Floyd Wiget, Wendell Donohoo, and Elvis Wiget.  --Wilmington News-Journal 27Oct1944p6

* * * * *

1954 Avon Theater Ad -Oct.6

1954 Oct. 4 Garden Club, Lions Club, Sewing Club & Mother's Club; Florida Friends. --Wilmington News-Journal 4Oct1954p8

1954 Oct. 5 Personal mentions abound. Names include Larrick, Rhonemus, McDonald, Achor, Pugsley, Oates, Irwin, Hodson, and Ames.  --Wilmington News-Journal 5Oct1954p4

1954 Oct. 7 New Vienna News tidbits with lots of names including: Mrs. William (Bill) Holmes, Wilburn Walls, Floyd Smalley, Harry Rulon. --Wilmington News-Journal 7Oct1954p14

1954 Agin Furniture Store Ad -Oct.7

1954 Oct. 8 - Teachers honored at Grange Reception. Those present included Supt. Russell Fenwick, Glenn McElwee, Thomas Rudisill, George Schaffer, James Short, Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Roberts, A.F. Roush, Mrs. Bess Stamm, Mrs. Everett Penn, Mrs. William King, Mrs. Virginia Hildebrant, Mrs. Herman Woodmansee, Miss Aleda Purtee, Mrs. Fenwick, Mrs. Carl West, who began her duties this week as vocal instructor and Clarence Caudill, band instructor. --Wilmington News-Journal 8Oct1954p6

1954 Oct. 8 - Church Services: Methodist Church, Rev. Harold Hugus, services in New Vienna & Auburn; Baptist Church, Rev. Harvey C. Black, Mrs. J.H. Stansbury, superintendent; Church of Christ: Rev. G. Hassel Justice, Raymond Saunders, superintendent. --Wilmington News-Journal 8Oct1954p5

1954 Fireman Benefit Show Avon Theater Ad 
Wilmington News-Journal Oct. 9.  
"Fuller Brush Girl" 
starring Lucille Ball and Eddie Albert.

1954 Oct. 11 Mabel Davis takes over as correspondent to the News-Journal, providing information about New Vienna.  Many events completed and planned: Sunshine Stitchers, WSCS, Baptist Missionary Society, Woman's Club, Tarry-A-While Sewing Club, Eastern Star, Fairview Monthly Meeting, Home Builders Class.  --Wilmington News-Journal 11Oct1954p14

1954 Oct. 12 Names mentioned include Donald Bernard, Ralph Ames, Ben Page, Paul Terrell, Donald Matthews, J.S. McKenzie,  Carlos Achor, Chester Ledford, Arthur McCoy, George Wiget, Walter Drake, Simkins, and Jesse Shaffer.  --Wilmington News-Journal 12Oct1954p4

1954 Oct. 13 Names mentioned include Calvin Smith, Rebecca Fenner, Delbert Walls, Frank Grosvenor, Harold Lucas and Wilby Henry.  --Wilmington News-Journal 13Oct1954p3

1954 Oct. 15 Names include Laurence Terrell, Charles Blackburn, Earl Cochran, Jimmy Smith and more officers of subordinate and juvenile Granges, Achor family reunion, J.H. Stansbury, and Mrs. Henry Penn.  --Wilmington News-Journal 15Oct1954p7

1954 Oct. 18  Names include Ralph Carey, Homer Bohl, Ada Stethem, and Lyle Sheffield.  --Wilmington News-Journal 18Oct1954p3

1954 Oct. 19 Names include Russell Caplinger, Harold Briggs, Jacob Masters, Mrs. Dana Bond (celebrates 95th birthday) Parr family reunion, Elroyd Collier family motor trip.  --Wilmington News-Journal 19Oct1954p4

1954 Oct. 22 Names include Rose Kratzer, Mrs. Charles McKibben, Mrs. Oscar Stanfield, Eugene Engle (Halloween party), and Douglas Pickens. --Wilmington News-Journal 22Oct1954p2

1954 Oct. 23 4-H Grades and Achievement Awards includes names of over 50 New Vienna members of the New Vienna Buckeyes (farm animal related), Tasty Club, and Junior and Senior Happy Clovers award winners.  --Wilmington News-Journal 23Oct1954p4
1954 New Vienna News Headline -Oct.25.  
Mabel Davis becomes correspondent on Oct. 11 
& the news expands exponentially.
1954 Oct. 25 Names include Mrs. Homer Williams, Mrs. Walter Drake, Mrs. Frank Davis, Lavina West, Harold Briggs.  --Wilmington News-Journal 25Oct1954p3

1954 Oct. 26 Names mentioned: Mrs. Glenn Southerland, Homer Bohl, Charles Rulon, Larry Johnson, Russell Fenwick gave talk on juvenile delinquency and Glenn McElwee told steps to take to keep the nation free from communists.  Many New Vienna people attended funeral service for Frank (Tom) Buntain in Hillsboro.  --Wilmington News-Journal 26Oct1954p4

1954 Oct. 28 Everett Bernard, Charles McKibben, and Mrs. Jessie McDaniel celebrate birthdays; Baptist Church sponsors Halloween party; and Hook-Compton family celebrates five birthdays.  --Wilmington News-Journal 28Oct1954p11

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September News 1964, 1974

New Vienna, Ohio local news from September 1964

1964 Sept. 2 Attendees at the Methodist Redeemers Class picnic and the Christian Service Circle picnic; Ruth Shoemaker moves to NV from Marshall to be close to her sister Mrs. Elroyd (Mabel) Collier; Linda Hughes returned home after two years teacher in Ethiopia as Peace Corps volunteer.  --Wilmington News-Journal 2Sep1964p8

1964 Sept. 4 Attendees at the St. Michael Catholic Church annual picnic; Robbins family reunion. --Wilmington News-Journal 4Sep1964p7

1964 Sept. 5 Stowe family reunion; Lions Club; Methodist Enright Circle & Flower Committee; Church of Christ Always Faithful Class. --Wilmington News-Journal 5Sep1964p9

1964 Sept. 9 - "Her Favorite Recipe" features picture of Mrs. Gary Tolle and her three daughters: Debbie, Cindy & Lisa along with recipes for Apricot-Cheese Delight and Old Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie. --Wilmington News-Journal 9Sep1964p3

1964 Sept. 10 NVHS Class of 1952 reunion picnic; Peelle reunion; Lawrence Terrell hosted family dinner. --Wilmington News-Journal 10Sep1964p13

1964 Sept. 11 Farm Bureau; Larrick family gathering. --Wilmington News-Journal 11Sep1964p8

1964 Sept. 12 Eastern Star, Fairview Women's Group, Sunshine Stitchers & Tarry-A-While Sewing Clubs, Robbins reunion. --Wilmington News-Journal 12Sep1964p4

1964 Sept. 14 Church of Christ Evangelist Meetings summarized; Union Grange. --Wilmington News-Journal 14Sep1964p3

1964 Sept. 15 Methodist Enright Circle; Family night at Methodist Church will feature Linda Hughes who will give program on her Peace Corps experiences. --Wilmington News-Journal 15Sep1964p5

1964 Sept. 16 Eloise Simkins featured in "Her Favorite Recipe" which highlights her career as a librarian before retiring in New Vienna. --Wilmington News-Journal 16Sep1964p3

1964 Sept. 17 Home & School League, 1961 NVHS reunion picnic, Eastern Star Golden Rule Circle. --Wilmington News-Journal 17Sep1964p20

1964 Sept. 18 Women's Group of Farm Bureau, New Vienna Twig Hospital Guild. --Wilmington News-Journal 8Sep1964p8 

1964 Sept. 19 Lions Club, Evergreen Homemakers, Republican Women, Grange, WSCS. --Wilmington News-Journal 19Sep1964p4

1964 Sept. 21 Woman's Club, Grange, Methodist Redeemers, Bicycle safety check and Lions Club white elephant auction. --Wilmington News-Journal 21Sep1964p3

1964 Sept. 22 Methodist Youth Fellowship; Judy Achor and Charles Salisbury return to their studies at Kentucky State College. --Wilmington News-Journal 2Sep1964p8

1964 Sept. 24 NVHS 1961 Class reunion picnic with nine out of 26 graduates; Grange party; Aaron Burton's birthday party. --Wilmington News-Journal 24Sep1964p17

1964 Sept. 25 Promotion Day at Fairview Sunday School; Farm Bureau; Church of Christ Boosters; Family Dinners. --Wilmington News-Journal 25Sep1964p8

1964 Sept. 29 Methodist Redeemers meet; Chartered bus takes 40 from Church of Christ to Williamstown, WV to visit Fenton Glass Works; Snow Hill Garden Club. --Wilmington News-Journal 29Sep1964p5

1964 Sept. 30 Cub Scouts Space Derby; Eastern Star; Eugene Drake has party for employees. --Wilmington News-Journal 30Sep1964p5

1964 Sept. 30 NV School Open House.  Mr Fenwick, Principal of New Vienna and Reesville, introduced teachers: Mrs. McKamey, Mrs. Fenwick, Mrs. Laughlin, Miss Purtee, Mrs. James (Norma) Allen, Mrs. Woodmansee, Mrs. Harner, Mrs. Hildebrant, Miss Linda Hughes, Mrs. King, Mrs. Penn, Mrs. Wolfe, Mrs. Dayton, Mrs. Mires, Mrs. Walker, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Rudisill, Mr. Wolfe, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. West and Mrs. Haskins.  Kitchen Staff is Mrs. Herbert McKenzie, Mrs. Croghan, Mrs. Harris, & Mrs. Mary Pinkerton. Sexton is Wendell Trenary. --Wilmington News-Journal 30Sep1964p14

1974 – though there are multiple mentions of New Vienna in the September 1974 newspapers, nothing significant is available to be shared.

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2003 St. Michael Church Closes -Sept.14

New Vienna's St. Michael Catholic Church celebrated a final closing Mass on Sunday, September 14, 2003.  The parishioners voted to have the building demolished in order to preserve the memory of the building in a sacred and good condition.  The Archdiocese, owner of the property, then sold the lot at the corner of Nordyke Road and Second Ave.  The Catholic Telegraph, in which this article appeared, is the monthly newspaper of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  Transcription follows.
2003 St. Michael's Catholic Church closes -Sep.14
Clipping from The Catholic Telegraph - September 26, 2003 p.13
Captioned on left: Parishioners file into St. Michael Church in New Vienna for the Sept. 14 liturgy.  Captioned on right: Above, the final parish Mass in St. Michael Church in New Vienna. At left, parishioners hold hands during the singing of the  "Our Father."  CT photos by Tony Tribble.

St. Michael, New Vienna, closes Sept. 14

ST. MARTIN DEANERY –– On Sept. 14, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk celebrated the closing Mass at St. Michael Church, New Vienna.  During his homily he said:

"As we worship together to mark the closing of this parish that has been so dear to so many, God invites us to remember that sorrow and suffering are never the last words.  God always has something better in store for us.

When the church invites us to celebrate the triumph of the cross of Christ she also invites us to look forward to the triumph of all the crosses of those who follow him."

St. Michael Catholic Church - History

Photocopy courtesy of Margaret Rachford Dean from an unknown source, c1994, thought to have been written by the priest at that time, Father Ron Cooper.  Transcription follows.


The Village of New Vienna was laid out in 1827 by Mr. Thomas Hussey.  It is located in Clinton County beginning at the western boundary of Highland County.

The first Catholic pioneer in Clinton County settled near Cuba in 1807.  The first Mass was not said in the county until 1852.  This event took place in Wilmington, 10 miles north of New Vienna.  Father Thomas Blake said the first Mass in the home of Jerry Coakley on Sugartree Street.

Patrick Toohey was probably the first Catholic, who with his family settled in New Vienna in the winter of 1854.  The first Mass in the village was celebrated in Mr. Toohey's house in the spring of 1855 by visiting priests from Fayetteville, no doubt Father Thomas Daily and Father John B. O'Donoghue.  They continued to say Mass in his house until better accommodations were secured.

During this era there was a bitter prejudice against Catholics; however, those early Catholic settlers remained steadfast in their faith.  Today there is marked improvement in the feeling toward Catholics.

After Hillsboro, 12 miles to the south, had a resident pastor in 1854, New Vienna was attended by the pastor of St. Mary's Church there.  In 1874 the Catholics began taking steps to build a church and for that purpose purchased the property where the old school house used to stand (present site of St. Michael) for $500.00.  It was in 1874 that St. Michael Church was established.  During the two following years Mass was celebrated in this house.

In the summer of 1876, Father John B. O'Donoghue, pastor of St. Mary's Church, Hillsboro, began construction of the present church building which is where the old school house stood.  In the same year the cornerstone was laid and the church dedicated by Archbishop John B. Purcell of Cincinnati.  The cost of the building was about $1,000.00  At this time there were about ten Catholic families in New Vienna.

In 1899 Father Bernard Feeney was appointed the first resident pastor of St. Benignus Parish in Greenfield, Ohio, and St. Michael Church was assigned to him as a Mission.  The pastors of St. Mary's in Hillsboro had taken care of the Catholics in New Vienna for 45 years.  However, Father Feeney remained for only a few months, and Father A.F. Sourd was appointed pastor of St. Benignus.  In addition to St. Michael, New Vienna, he also took care of St. Joseph Church, Frankfort [Ross County]; and St. Mary Church, Waverly.

In 1905 Mrs. Ada Pemberton established Sunday School classes and instructed the children from New Vienna.  During the pastorate of Father John M. Sailer, a statue of St. Michael was purchased, and electric lights were installed.  Catechism was taught at 7:30 a.m. on the fourth Sunday of each month, and a High Mass and Sermon followed at 8:30.  There was also a Mass offered on the second Tuesday of each moth at 8:00 a.m.  the Higgins family donated  beautiful ciborium in memory of the parents James and Mary Higgins, in 1906.  Mr. Higgins carved the beautiful frames still being used in our Stations of the Cross.

The Christmas Mass was dropped in 1831, and the Tuesday Mass followed in 1935.  From this time on, Mass was offered on the last Sunday of the month only, except during the pastorate of Father John Anthony and Father Leo Herlihy.  Father Edward Lawler resumed the monthly Sunday Masses and began the offering of an evening Mass on holy days, except Christmas.

The Church was papered in 1929, and a new carpet placed in the sanctuary; in the same year a new roof was put on the church.  In 1946 the church was completely renovated, inside and outside, during the pastorate of Father Edwin Dittman.  Brother Bertrand Bailey, O.P., who lived with Archbishop McNicholas and was brought to Cincinnati in 1925, built a vestibule onto the church and erected a celtic cross over the church.  He also painted the church and installed new electrical fixtures which are still being used.  The floors were refinished, a canopy erected over the altar, and red drapes placed behind the altar.  Archbishop McNicholas donated the crucifix that hung over the altar (it is now in the priests's sacristy).  Father Dittman replaced the old pot-belly stove which stood in the middle of the church with an oil heater located in the rear of the church near where the confessional now stands.  He also had the grounds landscaped and placed shrubbery around in front of the church.  Miss Margaret Higgins was most generous in her help to Father Dittman.  In 1947 the statues of the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph were purchased, as well as the new tabernacle which now rests on the altar.

During the pastorate of Father Edward Lawler a sign was erected toward the front of the church grounds giving the time of the Mass (he changed the time to 11:30 on the last Sunday of the month and 8:00 p.m. on holy days).  In 1957 he had the outside of the Church painted and the roof was also repaired.  The following year rubber cushions were installed on the kneelers and at the Communion rail.  The Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus from Hamilton donated the chalice we now use in honor of Msgr. McNary, former pastor of Holy Trinity Church, Middletown.

Except for the catechism classes conducted by Mrs. Ada Pemberton from 1905 to 1907, parents instructed their children.  In 1941 the children in New Vienna went to Hillsboro where they were instructed by the Ursuline Nuns from Brown County.  In 1943 they went to St. Columbkille, Wilmington, where they were taken care of until the fall of 1962.  For the first time in the 107 years of Catholicity in New Vienna, and the 86 years since the Church of St. Michael was erected, weekly catechism classes were conducted by two Sisters from Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters living at St. Colman Convent, Washington Court House.  During the month of June the Sisters conducted a daily summer school of religion five days a week.

Beginning with the first Sunday in June, 1962, Mass was offered each Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and continues on this schedule.  The holy day evening Mass remains at 8:00 p.m. and on the First Friday of each month.  Mass is offered on Christmas, and thanks to Mr. Anthony Peters we have a beautiful Crib.  Services are held during Lent consisting of the Rosary and Way of the Cross.  During Holy Week the Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday ceremonies are carried out; on Good Friday the Way of the Cross and sermon take place.  First Communion and May Crowning take place on Mother's Day.

During the fall of 1962 and through the spring of 1963, the whole interior of the church was remodeled.  The ceiling was lowered about 14 inches with acoustic tile blocks, wood panels (light above and dark below) covered the walls, and rubber tile was put on the floor.  Father Joseph V. Urbain, Pastor of St. Columban Church, Loveland, offered us the pews, Communion rail, sanctuary carpeting, credence table, large crucifix, confessional, sacristy cabinet, pamphlet rack, and bulletin board from his old church.  A generous benefactor in Greenfield donated a gas furnace and had it installed in the boys' sacristy.  The oil stove was taken away and Joe Derivan no longer had to haul the oil and light up each time Mass was offered!

A very charitable man from Dayton, 78-year-old Anthony J. Peters, came to live with Father Lay in Greenfield so that he could engineer the remodeling work simply 'for the love of God."  Tony had retired from his occupation as a stripe painter of horse-drawn wagons, and later on the older model automobiles, and he was quite handy as a carpenter.  He began his work of remodeling in the old church in Loveland - dismantling the pews and communion rail, the confessional and carpeting - then cutting the rail and pews to the correct size.  Our men transported these to New Vienna and were most helpful in the initial installation; Tony put the finishing touches to the job!  Lawrence Germann, Bob Dean, and Bill Baker painted the wood tim in Church and along the windows.  Two of our women, and a Quaker acquaintance, fixed the drapes.  Lou and Ed Chandler donated and poured the spacious concrete walk from the road to the Church after it had been prepared by Lawrence Germann, Harold Wallen, and Bill Baker.  The shrubbery in front of the church was donated and planted by Tom Brumley.  Everyone, child and adult alike, cooperated beautifully throughout we would be remiss if we didn't mention the numerous generous contributions by Mrs. Marjorie Sullivan.  The only part of the renovation done by a paid contractor was performed by Mr. Robert Birkhimer, Greenfield, at a very nominal cost.  Bob, his son Tom, and our own Harold Wallen put in the ceiling, the wood paneling, and the tile on the floor.  They did a beautiful job!  Indeed, St. Michael has obtained the blessing of God for us in New Vienna.  We look forward now to adding a room for catechists and two lavatories!

The Priest[s] listed between 1850 and 1874 ministered to Catholics in New Vienna from the neighboring parishes in Fayetteville and Hillsboro.

1850-1854 Father Thomas Daily
1854-1858 Father John B. O'Donoghue
1858 Father F.H. Marian (9 months)
1859-1860 Father Peter Perry

In 1874 St. Michael Parish was established.

1860-1880 Father Michael O'Donoghue
1880-1885 Father Michael Hays
1885-1887 Father William Miggeel
1887-1892 Father Lawrence M. Sullivan
1892-1893 Father Matthew P. O'Brien
1893 Father Joseph Shea (2 months)
1893-1899 Father Thomas Walsh
1899 Father Bernard Feeney (8 months)
1899-1904 Father Adolf F. Sourd
1904-1907 Father John F. Cogan
1907-1908 Father John M. Sailer
1908-1918 Father Joseph Michalowski
1918-1921 Father Francis Sieve
1921-1928 Father Henry Gramann
1928 Father Eugene Gerlach (8 months)
1928-1932 Father Urban J. Koehl
1932-1937 Father Alphonse Schumacher
1937-1945 Father Aloysius F. Leon
1945-1948 Father Edwin W. Dittman
1945-1948 Father Leo T. Hirlihy
1954-1956 Father John H. Antony
1956-1962 Father Edward F. Lawler
1962-1965 Father Francis B. Lay
1965-1969 Father Edwin Francis
1969-1982 Father Harold Bernard
1982-1985 Father Thomas Gavin
1985-1987 Father John Minic
1987-1993 Father James Brichetto
1993- ? Father Ron Cooper
 [? - 2003 Father Frank Klamput, M.D.]

[St. Michael's celebrated a final closing Mass on Sunday, September 14, 2003.  The parishioners voted to have the building demolished in order to preserve the memory of the building in a sacred and good condition.  The Archdiocese, owner of the property, then sold the lot at the corner of Nordyke Road and Second Ave.]

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Catholic Church - New Vienna, Ohio postcard

St. Michael Catholic Church, New Vienna, Ohio - Postcard c1920.
Church was established between 1860-1870
Closed 2003, now demolished 

Monday, September 8, 2014

1974 New Vienna Rocked by Explosions - Wilmington News-Journal -Jan.28

New Vienna Rocked by Explosions 
Wilmington News-Journal - Jan.28, 1974
Gasoline in Sewer Blamed

NEW VIENNA –– This village was rocked by several explosions early today that ripped the inside of three buildings causing extensive damage.

An official at the scene said the explosions were apparently the result of gasoline spilled from a tank truck at the back of the Marathon Station, entering sewage lines.

New Vienna school, located five blocks from the explosions, was evacuated and a two block area around the explosion was sealed off.

The first explosion, which occurred at 8:45 a.m. at the Monarch Bar & Grill, owned by Dwayne Blackburn, totally destroyed the inside of the building.  The Monarch is two buildings down from the Marathon station.

A building owned by Lloyd Duff, on Main St. opposite the Monarch, received major damage from an explosion.  The back side of the house appeared to be shaken loose.

A home owned by Richard Curtis and rented by Mrs. Sadie Garen on West St., about a block away from the Marathon Station, also received heavy damage from an explosion.

Mrs. Garen said, "I was sitting on the couch and my son came to me and said he smelled gas.  I said I did too and checked the kitchen stove, then looked out the front window, and saw fire coming out of the sewer hole."  The sewer is right in front of Mrs. Garen's front door.

Mrs. Garen said she grabbed her four-year-old son and 18-month-old baby and ran out the back door.  As she was leaving she said she heard her "furnace blow."

Also she said that fire was coming out of a sewer, in back of the Curtis property, "as high as this ceiling."  Mrs. Garen went to a friend's house on Main St., where she and her children spent the morning.

The State Fire Marshal's office, the New Vienna and Wilmington Fire Departments, the Sheriff's Department and the New Vienna Police Department were on the scene.

1974 Sewer Explosions Rock New Vienna -Jan

Five Explosions Rock New Vienna
Bar Destroyed When Gasoline Explodes in Sewer
...fireman examines debris; no injuries were reported bud damage heavy.
--Cincinnati Enquirer, Tuesday, January 29, 1974
by JIM ROHRER, Lebanon Bureau Chief

NEW VIENNA, OHIO – A series of five blasts, apparently caused by explosing [sic] gasoline in a storm sewer, rocked this village at about 8:45 a.m. Monday, destroying a bar and grill and knocking two homes from their foundations.

No one was injured in the blast, which occurred as village firemen were flushing gasoline from an overfilled tanker truck at the Mongold's Oil Co. bulk plant.

State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials, firemen, life squad members, and the state fire marshal's office remained at the scene late Monday trying to determine if the area was safe and what sparked the thunderous explosion.

Four families were known to have been evacuated from the area and told not to return Monday, and natural gas all over the area had been temporarily shut off to guard against further explosions. [latter part of sentence not true according to note on the clipping.]

About 75% of the natural gas service was restored to this community of 900 some 60 miles northeast of Cincinnati late Monday night, firemen reported.

The elementary-junior high school building in town as also evacuated.

Hardest hit was the Monarch Bar and Grill on Main Street near the bulk oil plant.

An explosion in the storm sewer under the building blew out the plate glass windows and destroyed the interior of the building, although the brick structure stayed erect.  No one was in the building at the time.  There was no fire damage to the building, and firemen said the explosions did not appear to have caused any fire damage anywhere.

A frame dwelling belonging to Della Duff across Main Street from the Monarch was knocked off its foundations, but two men who live in the house were not at home.  A third home nearby on a side street was also knocked off its foundation but no one was home.

Several walls in the Duff home were reported unsteady.

Assistant Fire Chief William Mahanes estimated there were five explosions, almost in a continuous series, as firemen hosed down spilled gasoline from the oil plant into the storm sewer.

He theorized that gas fumes might have built up in the storm sewer, and that a furnace spark might have ignited them.  There was no estimate of damage.

An EPA response team was testing the area for more gas fumes, and it was hoped a determination could be made before midnight as to whether the area was safe.

The Mongold plant was not damaged.  One observer noted that the oil plant sits atop a hill [a hill?!?], and all the buildings being rocks by explosions were downhill and in "valleys."

Firemen indicated that flushing gasoline into the storm sewer was a standard procedure.  Charles Knauff, owner of the oil company, said he had three trucks parked at the plant at the time, and that all were stationary.  He had no other comment.

Wilmington fire department also responded to the scene, which was roped off and evacuated.