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1995 Streber's New Chapter

Streber's Market, in New Vienna, Ohio, has been owned and operated by the Streber Family since 1931.  In 1995, they moved from their downtown location to a new building on SR-73 on the north side of town.  Following are some clippings and history about the family.  Thanks to Barbara Johnson Mee and Courtney Streber Hoak for some of the information.

In 1930 Gleason & Jane Turner Streber lived with Jane's parents in Liberty Township, Highland County.  The 1930 Census also states that they both worked in a grocery store, Gleason as manager and Jane as a Sales Lady [1].  Gleason was born in 1903, Jane in 1905.

The Streber family moved to the New Vienna area when Gleason became manager of a Kroger's market in New Vienna.   In 1929 Kroger's decided to focus on larger markets and the store in New Vienna was no longer associated with the Kroger Company.  According to the clipping scanned below, Gleason became an independent proprietor in 1932, associated with "Super Valu" distributor. He was the owner/operator of the store in New Vienna from 1931-1967 when he retired [2] and Bob took over the management of the store.

Gleason died of a heart attack in October 1974.  Jane, a long time Sunday School teacher at the Methodist Church, died in 1976.  Bob, Jane and Gleason's oldest son, managed the store after the retirement of his father in 1967.

When Robert Edwin "Bob" Streber was born on December 8, 1930, in Hillsboro, Ohio, his father, Gleason, was 27 and his mother, Mildred "Jane", was 25. He married Joellen Rulon on September 6, 1948, in Greenup County, Kentucky. He died on April 2, 2002, in New Vienna, Ohio, at the age of 71, and was buried there.  Both Bob and Joellen were 1948 graduates of New Vienna High School.  They were the parents of Robyn, Steven, Jeffrey, Gregory & Gretchen.  Joellen died in 1981 and Bob in 2002.  They have an impressive monument/memorial at the IOOF Cemetery in New Vienna [3].
Streber Family Memorial Monument - New Vienna IOOF Cemetery - Shows the Main St. Market location and the new store on SR-73
– – – – – – – – – –
[] U.S. Census Year: 1930; Census Place: Liberty, Highland, Ohio; Roll: 1823; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 14; Image: 278.0; FHL microfilm: 2341557
[2] Wilmington News-Journal 9 Oct 1974 p.2 Gleason Streber Obituary
[3] Find-A-Grave New Vienna IOOF Cemetery, Streber Family Memorial
* * * * * * * * * *

Bob Streber, left, rings the final sale, that of Lou Donohoo, right, for the old store.
Wilmington News-Journal, 28 March 1995 
Continuing story – Bob Streber, Streber's Market in New Vienna, jots down a memento, the store's last sales ticket at its old location, as he and his family close out one chapter in the family business and begin their start on another.

From one chapter to another
by Daniel Nixon, City Editor

NEW VIENNA –– The floor needs repair but the foundation is firm as Streber's Market prepares for some major changes.

For starters, second generation store owner Robert Streber marked the last sale in the old store recently as his two sons, Greg and Steve, put the finishing touches on the family's new 6,500-square-foot store on the north edge of town off SR-73.

Soon they will be opening their newly built combination convenience and grocery store.

On Saturday, the family closed permanently its downtown village grocery, in business there for over 60 years, as Streber, 64, looks to begin –– well, not exactly retirement.  "Semi-retirement," he said.

The store, formerly a Kroger's, had been managed by Streber's father, Gleason, for Kroger who had sent him to New Vienna.  Kroger closed it in the late 1920s as being in too small a town.

A few years later Xenia-based food distributor Eavey, later becoming Super Valu, approached Gleason about reopening the store, said Streber.  His father thought Eavey meant for him to just manage the store for them, said Streber.  No, they wanted him to be an independent proprietor.

That was in 1932, as the country slipped deeper into the Great Depression.

He didn't even have enough money for the cash register on opening day." said Streber.  The Eavey representative pulled $25 from his pocket as a loan for the till.  "It was really started on a shoestring," said Streber.

Other than a brief period farming, Streber's involvement with the store has been constant since 1950.

His late wife, Joellen, once chided him, "who are you married to, me or the store," said Streber grinning.  "I guess I was married to both."

Memories go back father: Falling asleep on the bread shelves at 2 years old with his mother, Jane.  "My first job was passing out handbills door-to-door when I was 5 for 25 cents a week," he said.

Streber's may sell food, but its stock-in-trade over the years has been people.

A lot of, lot of, lot of memories," said Streber, standing at the back of the long, narrow store as the last customers mad their way to the cash register.

The thing I enjoy the most is talking to the older people.  They can tell you a lot of things that happened in the town," he said.

Though government regulations and changing times have made it more difficult to hire good, young help for the store, offering that first job has been another source of satisfaction over the years, he said.

"It allows them to earn some money when they're young, teaches them responsibility."  How many have worked there?  "Oh, I couldn't name them, "he said.

The two things the store has been blessed with, he said, have been loyal customers and good help.

"I guess the first thing you thank is the good Lord, my folks for starting it and my wife for sticking by while we developed."

Kroger Store in New Vienna Ohio c1928, Homer Williams, Mgr.  Image Courtesy of Hayward Crone via Mike Whited.  In 1931 Gleason Streber opened his own grocery in this location.  (Martha Knauff confirmed that the aproned man is Homer Williams, her father.  He became a manager of a Kroger's in Milford 1925 at the age of 21.  Whether this photo is actually of a New Vienna store is unconfirmed.)
* * * * * * * * * *
The following first appeared on Facebook, Barbara Johnson Mee provided the following three pictures and the post that follows.

Streber's Market, Main St., New Vienna, Ohio 1934.  Pictured left to right: Gleason Streber, Ed Turner, Martha Bernard, Jane Streber & Archie Rawlinson.

from Barbara Johnson Mee's Facebook post:
Streber's Market and Gas Station, located on Route 73 N. has its roots in New Vienna dating back 84 years ago. Gleason Streber, the man who started it all, was born in 1903, the son of Robert and Margaret Vanzant Streber. Gleason married Jane Turner Streber on Aug. 12, 1929. They had 4 children; Robert, Carey (Bo), John and Walter. In his early years Gleason worked for the Kroger's Co. and in 1931 opened his own grocery store in NV.

Thanks go to Courtney Streber Hoak, great granddaughter of Gleason Streber, for sharing the 1st photo and some information with me! In the photo Gleason and some of his staff are pictured outside of the original store which was located in the very center of NV. Courtney related to me that the photo was probably taken in 1934 according to the movie poster displayed in the window depicting a movie being shown in that year. Names written on the back of the photo were, L to R: Gleason Streber, Ed Turner, Martha Bernard, Jane Streber, and Archie Rawlinson.

Gleason, Jane and their family were the Strebers I knew when I lived in NV. What came as a surprise to me was that when the photo was taken, Martha Bernard, the lady who eventually opened a Beauty Shop in NV worked at the grocery back then. I had never heard that fact before seeing her in the photo and named on the back of the picture. (You learn something new everyday as is said). Martha eventually moved her Beauty Shop to her home located on Route 28 W.

In the 1960's Gleason retired to his farm located on Bernard Road and the Streber family continues to operate Streber's Market to this day.
2015 Former Streber's Market - Main St., New Vienna, Ohio

The 2nd photo, taken Oct. 2015, is of the space located in the very heart of NV where the original grocery was located. The building now sets empty, but my goodness, the memories it contains!
The 3rd photo is of the present day grocery and gas station which is located in the center of a field where the farm I once lived on was located. Back then I would never imagined the farm being gone or that Streber's Market would someday be located there.......Time changes everything!!!
Please add any additional information you may have about Streber's Market. Thank you.
2015 Streber's Market - this location on SR-73 on north edge of New Vienna opened in 1995.

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1955 New Vienna dedicates war memorial -Nov.11

Veterans Day in 1955 was the dedication of a new war memorial in the New Vienna park on the corner of Main and West Streets.  According to the accompanying news article published in the Wilmington News-Journal, Nov. 12, p. 10, a brief ceremony on Friday afternoon was attended by about 125 persons.  The high school band, directed by Mrs. Carl West, performed.  Rev. Walter Cruzan (NV Church of Christ), Rev. Marvin Schamaun (NV Methodist) and Rev. Lee Palmer (?) were among the speakers.

Both pictures also include street views in the background – West Street in the top picture and the Marathon Gas Station on Main Street in the second picture.
Rev. Thomas Archibald, Hillsboro, delivered the dedication address at the Veterans Day services at New Vienna Friday afternoon when the village's new war memorial, at left, was dedicated.  Rev. Archibald is shown speaking from a small platform to the crowd that surrounded the village park.  At right is the New Vienna high school band that played for the dedication program.  --Wilmington News-Journal, Saturday, Nov. 12, 1955 p.10.
   Speakers at the dedication of the war memorial at New Vienna are shown above as they listened to the New Vienna high school band play during the dedication program.  At left, Leonidus Hendrix is holding the American flag to keep it from being blown over in the strong wind.  The speakers are left to right Rev. Thomas Archibald of HIllsboro, Rev. Marvin Schamaun, Rev. Walter Cruzan, Capt. James Stroud and Rev. Lee Palmer. --Wilmington News-Journal, Saturday, Nov. 12, 1955 p.10.

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1925 New Vienna High School Graduating Class

Thirteen students made up the NVHS Class of 1925, three men and ten women.

Brief biographical information, in alphabetical order by last or maiden name, is available below and is accurate only to the best of information known at this time. Please let me know of any corrections or additional information.

1925 NVHS Graduating Class
Top Row: Marie McVey Lewis, Helen E. Perry Menger, Mildred Wolfe Matson 
and Elsie Mae Baker.   Middle Row:  Flossie A. Deck Babb, Robert L. Dennis, 
Fred H. Mercer, Aaron Rice and Flossie K Gilbert Walters.   
Bottom Row:  Bernice M. Severs Hodson, Opal Louise Phillips Roberson, 
Doris Alice Deck Van Steenberg and Anna Wilma Mercer Bernard.

  • Elsie Mae Baker (about 1907-?)
  • Doris Alice Deck Van Steenberg  (about 1907-?)
  • Flossie A. Deck Babb (1907-1986) married Daniel Babb (1897-1981) from Wilmington.
  • Robert L. Dennis (1907-1989), married Pauline Roth (1913-2005), parents of Jane and James (1939-2013). They lived in Dayton area.
  • Flossie K. Gilbert Walters (about 1906-?)
  • Fred H. Mercer (1904-1947) married Elsie Oates (1906-1996, NVHS'24)
  • Ida Marie McVey Lewis (about 1907-?)
  • Anna Wilma Mercer Bernard (1906-1952), married Lewis James Bernard (1905-1973, NVHS'26) in 1926, parents of Gerald (1927-2014), Glenn (1930-2010) and Larry Bernard.
  • Helen E. Perry Menger (1908-1982) married Arthur Menger on New York, parents of Robert and Dorothy, they lived in NYC.
  • Opal Louise Phillips Roberson (1907-2005), daughter of Harley and Nancy Ann Johnson Phillips, married John Julius Roberson (1900-1991), parents of Nancy and John.  They lived in Michigan and retired to Florida.
  • Aaron Rice (1907-1975) never married.
  • Bernice M. Severs Hodson (1907-1941) married Harold Charles Hodson (1906-1998, parents of Harold Charles Hodson Jr.
  • Mildred Wolfe Matson (1904-1986) married Franklin Matson (1903-1984), parents of Mary Jane and Ruth.  Died in Arizona.

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1955 New Vienna High School Graduating Class

The NVHS Class of 1955 consisted of twenty-eight students.  Also pictured are ten faculty members.
Due to the (relative) youth of these graduates, not as much information is available due to privacy issues.  Please let me know of any corrections or additional information.

1955 NVHS Graduating Class
Top Row: Adrian Roberts-Fac, George Shaffer-Fac, Arlie Roush-Fac, 
Harriett West-Fac, R.W. Fenwick-Supt, Bess Stamm-Fac, Thomas Rudisill-Fac, Barbara Roberts-Fac, Glenn McElwee-Fac & Howard Short-Fac. 
Second Row: Larry Murphy, Mary Seaman, John Swingley & Rose Kratzer Roades. Third Row: Mildred Penn, Larry Ledford, Phillip Rogers, Carolyn Lemin Haney. Fourth Row: William Davis, Dorothy Hamilton, Charles Heller, Janice Credit, 
Robert Knisley, Jane Fenwick Allemang, Charles McKibben, Janet Davis Smalley, Gerald Knisley & Margery Johnson Henry. 
Bottom Row: William Masters, William Dodd, Dianne Parr Flint, Harold Baker, 
Janet Terrell Achor, Irene Sullivan Tolle, Richard Gilliland, 
Beverly Bernard Custis, Ronald Mitchell & Floyd Lee Carey

  • Harold D. Baker (1937-1991)
  • Beverly Bernard Custis
  • Floyd Lee Carey (1937-2010)
  • Janice Credit
  • Janet Davis Smalley
  • William R. Davis
  • William Dodd (1937-2010)
  • Jane Fenwick Allemang
  • Richard Gilliland
  • Dorothy Hamilton Hiestand
  • Charles R. Heller
  • Margery Johnson Henry
  • Robert Knisley
  • Jerry Knisley
  • Rose Kratzer Roades (1936-2014), married Terry Roades (1935-2014), parents of Connie Roades (1957-2011)
  • Larry Ledford
  • Carolyn Lemin Haney
  • William Masters
  • Charles R. McKibben (1937-2014)
  • Ronald Mitchell
  • Larry Murphy
  • Dianne Parr Flint (1937-1984) Married Asa Roger Flint (1936-2009)
  • Mildred Penn
  • Phillip Rogers
  • Mary F. Seaman
  • Irene Sullivan Tolle
  • John Swingley
  • Janet Terrell Achor

1945 New Vienna High School Graduating Class

The NVHS Class of 1945 photo includes pictures of the faculty and many familiar faces.  Sixteen graduates and eight faculty are pictured.

Brief biographical information, in alphabetical order by last or maiden name, is available below and is accurate only to the best of information known at this time. Please let me know of any corrections or additional information.

1945 NVHS Graduating Class. 
Top row: R.W. Fenwick-Supt. & Emily Spradling-Fac. 
Second Row: Mary B. Vance-Fac., Herbert Carey-Fac (NVHS1924), 
A.F. Roush-Fac & Margaretha Baumann-Fac. 
Third row: Gladys Knisley-Fac, William Seltzer-Pres, Gerald Bernard-V.Pres, Shirley Chaney Swindler-Sec, Marilyn Sayre Stackhouse-Treas & Anna Humphrey-Fac. Fourth row: Donald Cluxton, Betty Hamilton, Robert Huffman, 
Duane Laymon, Oris Minzler & Gerald Pierson. 
Bottom Row: Evelyn Roush Pennington, Robert Runk, Wilma Stanfield Trainer, Kathleen Stevenson Levo, Hubert Thorman & Wanda Wayland Kende.

  • Gerald Bernard (1927-2014) - Married Helen Jean Engle (1930-2011) in 1950. Parents of Debbi, Patti and James.
  • Shirley Chaney Swindler - Was 1948 Ohio Dairy Queen, married Richard Swindler in 1948,
  • Donald Cluxton (1926-2000) - Sons, Mike and Christopher; Married Rhoda Reed (1938-2002) in 1976
  • Betty Jean Hamilton Jewell (1927-2002) - married James Jewell (1924-2005) 
  • Robert Huffman (1927-1986) 
  • Duane Laymon (1926-2006) brother of Jacque Laymon, died and is buried in New Mexico; served in the Army in WW2, with a speciality in tin, copper and sheet metal work for the Medical Dept. in Hawaii.
  • Oris Minzler (1927-2010) - married Dorothy Richmond in 1951.
  • Gerald Pierson - married Thelma Wiget (1929-2014)
  • Evelyn Roush Pennnington (1927-2015) - married Code Pennington, parents of Connie, Rita, and Richard.
  • William "Bill" Seltzer - President of the Class, joined the Navy after High School, married and lived in Charleston, West Virginia in the 1950s.  Was related to the Spargur family.
  • Robert "Bob" Runk (1927-1951) Served in the US Navy during WW2, married Sue Ann Bond in 1950, fatally injured in an auto accident on SR-73 near New Vienna.
  • Marilyn Sayre Stackhouse (1927-1971), married Charles Stackhouse (1927-2004) in 1947, parents of Mike (1949-2000) and Timothy (1953-2003).
  • Wilma Stanfield Trainer (1927-2007) 
  • Kathleen Stevenson Levo (1927-2008) - married Phillip Levo, parents of John and Linda.
  • Charles Hubert Thorman (1927-2008) - Served in the army in WW2, married Imogene Newman (1917-1976), after her death married Flora Elizabeth White Morgan ((1939-2008) in 1989.
  • Wanda Wayland Kende 

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1935 New Vienna High School Graduating Class

Possibly the oldest living graduate of New Vienna High School is a member of the class of 1935.  Betty Gordon Stegman, born 1917, now living in Texas, is the older sister of Virginia Gordon Walker (1919-2014).

Many of the 19 graduates in 1935 spent their adult lives in New Vienna and were the parents of later graduates of New Vienna or East Clinton.  Brief biographical information, in alphabetical order by last or maiden name, is available below and is accurate only to the best of information known at this time.  Please let me know of any corrections or additional information.
1935 NVHS Graduating Class. Top Row: Glenn Fisher, Edith Smith McKenzie, Marjorie Thompson, Louis Grey, Audrey Wolfe, John Wright, Third Row: Mary Laymon McDonald, Wanda Johnson Rice Mantley, Charles Hildebrant, Donald Linkhart, James Minzler, Virgil Cochran. Second Row: Virginia Preston Cashman, Charles Thompson. Bottom Row: Betty Gordon Stegman, Robert Stuckert, Virginia Eaton Hildebrant, John McCune, Edna Hamilton Collins.

  • Virgil Cochran - (1916-1993) Married Margaret Raps Hardman (1920-1995)
  • Virginia Eaton Hildebrant - (1917-2007) Favorite 4th grade teacher of many New Vienna students, married Charles Hildebrant also in the class of NVHS'35, mother of Joyce, David and Janie.
  • Glenn Fisher - (1916-1995)  Married Treva Davis (1919-1987), a 1937 graduate of NVHS.
  • Betty Gordon Stegman - STILL LIVING! - Grew up in Penn Township, sister of Virginia Gordon Walker (1919-2014, NVHS'1937) married Eugene Stegman (1908-1980) of Hamilton County, Ohio.
  • Louis J. Gray - (1917-1994) Was a life insurance salesman in 1940, served in WW2 in Italy as Tech. Sgt. AAF Service Command. Married Margie Marshall (1916-1971) of Blanchester.
  • Edna Hamilton Collins - (1917-1981) Married Harry Collins?
  • Charles Hildebrant - (1916-1949) Married Virginia Eaton, also a 1935 graduate of NVHS.  Father of Joyce, David and Janie.
  • Wanda Johnson Rice Mantley - (1917-2001) Married Robert Franklin Rice (1915-1944). a 1933 graduate of NVHS, who died in WW2.
  • Mary Laymon McDonald - (1917-2008) Married Dale McDonald (1915-1992), a 1933 graduate of NVHS, three children: Joel, Sandra Sue and Gary.
  • Donald Linkhart - (1916-1993) Married Cleo Harris (1916-1998), a 1934 graduate of NVHS, daughters Donna Jean and Marie.
  • John McCune - (1916-1986) Valedictorian of the class, married Berneta Hunter (1917-1986), parents of Mary, Judy and Faye. 
  • James W. Minzler - (1917-1998) Married Bernadine (Pence?) (Young?) (1918-2005), a 1936 graduate of NVHS, served in WW2, daughter Evelyn.
  • Virginia Preston Cashman - (1916-1986) Married Neil Cashman, (1911-1981).
  • Edith Smith McKenzie - (1917-2007) Married Howard McKenzie (1916-1963) a 1934 graduate of NVHS, daughter Peggy.
  • Robert Stuckert - (1917-2009) Born in Illinois, moved to Ohio in 1920s, married Carrie Elma Moore (1920-1991) in 1940 and Helen Lucille Gano Inwood (1915-1997) in 1991, served in the Army in WW2.
  • Charles Thompson - (1917-1981) Married Betty Rulon, a 1939 graduate of NVHS, parents of Bob and Judy.
  • Marjorie Thompson (1917-?) Became a nurse.
  • Audrey M. Wolfe (1917-?)
  • John Wright (1917-?)

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1965 Sabina to join New Kenton

In 1963 New Vienna schools consolidated with Simon Kenton.  In 1964 the school name was changed to New Kenton.  In 1965 Sabina schools consolidated with New Kenton as described in the article and transcription that follow.

Wilmington News-Journal, 4 May 1965, p.1-2

On Request, County Board Joins Sabina, New Kenton

Upon request of Sabina and New Kenton local boards, the Clinton County Board of Education merged the two school districts at a special meeting Monday night.

The requests were in the form of resolutions asking that the county board consolidate the two districts.  Sabina's resolution was signed by four of the five local board members Monday and New Kenton's resolution, made April 30, was the result of a unanimous vote of the five local members.

The resolution of consolidation by the county board was moved by Stanley Bernard, seconded by Carl West, and unanimously approved by the board.

The action followed n agreement by the two local boards in a discussion session March 12 at which it was decided that if a merger of the two districts takes place, such union should be formed by request of the two boards, asking that the county board consolidate the territories.

The consolidated district would include 1825 pupils, with 531 in high school.  This compares to a total of 1677 for Blanchester (443 in high school) and 1481 for Clinton-Massie (440 in high school).  The combined Sabina-New Kenton area has a valuation of $21.7 million for tax purposes.  The area has 133 square miles.

The study initiated at the request of the two local boards March 12 outlined transportation proposals:  Using Lees Creek village as approximate center (Reesville, kindergarten through sixth grade; New Vienna, kindergarten through ninth grade; Sabina, kindergarten through ninth grade).  Many of the village youngsters of Sabina and New Vienna can continue to walk to school.  From Sabina, approximately 145 to 150 pupils in grades 10-11-12 would be transported to the high school center over a short distance of seven miles in 15 minutes.  The study estimates that buildings would be sufficient for projected enrollment over the next three to four years.

Contracts of all currently employed teachers (78 in the two districts) would be binding on the newly created board of education.  "All teachers are assured of a position in accordance with their field of certification," the report compiled March 12 said.

It is suggested that athletics include two junior high and freshmen teams, one of each at Sabina and New Vienna.  Basketball could be played at New Vienna gymnasium and football – which would allow the consolidated district to enter an athletic league – could be played at Sabina, using existing lighting facilities.

The proposed consolidation would lose 1.1 mills of tax rate because of adjustments required by law when districts are reorganized, and the district would probably have to vote this millage to regain present income.

The Sabina board, faced with problems of financing repairs, the need to employ a new administrator, and plans to upgrade school curriculum to meet minimum standards, has spent several months of study, including meetings with the county board, New Kenton board and Miami Trace board of education, as well as a public meeting for Sabina patrons where the board outlined some of its findings.

Since these sessions, both the Fayette County Board of Education and Miami Trace Board of Education have taken a stand that heavy enrollment at Miami Trace high school would make it inadvisable to consider addition of Sabina School District.  

The consolidation of Sabina and New Kenton becomes effective June 2, unless a petition is filed with the Clinton County Board of elections carrying valid signatures that represent a number equal to 35 per cent of the qualified electors of the proposed district who voted in the last general election.  By unofficial estimate between 900 and 1,000 valid signatures would be required.

If such a petition is received and found to be valid by the county board of elections, the county board of education then certifies the question to a vote, probably at the November general election.

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November News 1964,1974

New Vienna, Ohio local news from November 1964, 1974

1964 New Vienna News in the 
Wilmington News-Journal -Nov.25
1964 Nov. 3 Harold Baker is Mayor; Mrs. Eugene Drake hosts Mothers Club; Mrs. Ben Stepp -Always Faithful Class; Leo Watson Lions Club dinner chairman; Estel Daye, Jr. - Homebuilders Class; Mrs. Glenn Southerland -WSCS; Robert Settlemeyer - Farm Bureau; Robert Rulon celebrates 77th birthday.  --Wilmington News-Journal 3Nov1964p13

1964 Nov. 4 Names & Events: Rev. Clarence Wamsley, Albert Briggs, Mrs. Oscar Stanfield, Ada Preston, Mrs. Howard Penn, William Thornburg, George Henderson family, Geneva Cline, Alvin Clement, Carl West family, Russell Caplinger.  --Wilmington News-Journal 4Nov1964p11

1964 Nov. 7 News --Wilmington News-Journal 7Nov1964p4

1964 Nov. 9 Names include: Ada Preston, Mrs. Hamer Rice, Mrs. Harry F. Allen, Mrs. Raymond Minzler, Mrs. Homer K. Williams, Mrs. Glenn Southerland, Mrs. Gleason Streber, Mrs. Walter Drake, Irene Gray.  --Wilmington News-Journal 9Nov1964p9

1964 Nov. 10 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 10Nov1964p7

1964 Nov. 11 Mabel Davis News  --Wilmington News-Journal 11Nov1964p11

1964 Nov. 13 News --Wilmington News-Journal 13Nov1964p8and New Vienna 4-H Achievement Held – advisors and award winners mentioned include Linda Eltzroth, Sybil Gano, Weegie Hughes, Linda Moore, Shirley Bernard, Mrs. A.W. Kettlewell, Mrs. Kyda Prickett, Mrs. Paul Eltzroth, Mrs. Jack Walker, Mrs. James Terrell, Mrs. Kenneth Mayo, Marilyn Bernard, Mrs. Orville Harner, Mrs. Glenn Bernard, Dale Roehm, Paul Eltzroth, Gayle Zimmerman, Orville Harner, Joe Eaton, Mrs. J.S. McKenzie, Mrs. Robert Nischwitz.  --Wilmington News-Journal 13Nov1964p14

1964 Nov. 17  Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 17Nov1964p5

1964 Nov. 19 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 19Nov1964p9

1964 Nov. 20 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 20Nov1964p4

1964 Nov. 21 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 21Nov1964p8

1964 Nov. 24 Mabel Davis News  --Wilmington News-Journal 24Nov1964p3

1964 Nov. 25 Mabel Davis News: Family Thanksgiving Dinners  --Wilmington News-Journal 25Nov1964p28

1964 Nov. 27 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 27Nov1964p3

1964 Nov. 28 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 28Nov1964p4

1964 Nov. 30 Mabel Davis News --Wilmington News-Journal 30Nov1964p7

* * * * *
1974 Nov. 27 Mrs. Robert Norman is now New Vienna Correspondent, Greg Dodd, Carrier.  New business opens: Ohio Seafood and Ice - located on the corner of the Shell station lot.  Owner is Dick Curtis. --Wilmington News-Journal 27Nov1974p15 & p16

1974 Nov. 29 Two new business open: Days of Yore Arts and Crafts, managed by Mildred Penn and Pat White; and P&R Fish, Pets and Flower Shop to be managed by Phyllis Minzler and Robin Griffith.  Both stores are located on Main Street in New Vienna.  --Wilmington News-Journal 29Nov1974p10

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October News 1884, 1894, 1904

New Vienna, Ohio local news from October, 1884 

1884 New Vienna News - Oct. 4
Highland Weekly News p.8
October 8, 1884
1884 Oct. 1  Names, events & places include: Emma Malone, Hodson farm, Walter Pugsley, W.W. West, Ed Shockley, Conard's Grocery. News dated Sept. 27, 1884.  --Highland Weekly News 1Oct1884p8

1884 Oct. 1  Additional New Vienna News includes Mrs. J.C. Santee, James Nevin, E.W. Stein. --Highland Weekly News 1Oct1884p8

1884 Oct. 8 Ellsworth Abbott, a local Blacksmith has gone West to a new location; Gregg & Ervin dry goods merchants have sold out to a party in Findley who are moving the goods there; the St. George Hotel is still "to let" but is looking like a habitation for ghosts.  --Highland Weekly News 8Oct1884

1884 Oct. 15 Methodist Church to be dedicated next Sunday.  [The building at Church & 2nd Streets, would be destroyed by lightning in 2002.]  --Highland Weekly News 15Oct1884p4

1884 Oct. 22 - There were no fights of any importance on election day; the tile kiln [near RR depot] has many orders for shipping tile; Mr. Hale, popular undertaker, has been very busy; Major Asa Higgins [veteran of Civil War], has been drilling a platoon of sixteen ladies and gentlemen who make a grand appearance in local political rallies.  Gregg & Ervin who were reported to be sold out, have divided their goods instead and Mr. Ervin will remain here.  --Highland Weekly News 22Oct1884p4

1884 Oct. 22 - Mr. Gregg of Gregg & Ervin Dry Goods Merchants, has moved his share of the stock to Bellefontaine; James Ervin has removed his family from Blanchester and is now residing in New Vienna; death of Nevin infant.  --Wilmington Journal 22Oct1884p3

1894 New Vienna (Ohio) News - Oct. 4
Hillsboro News-Herald p.4
New Vienna, Ohio local news from October, 1894, 1904 

1894 Oct. 4 Mark Clark was attacked by a vicious hog, his left hand was terribly bitten and lacerated. Hillsboro News-Herald4Oct1894p1

1904 Oct. 5 Hugh Terrell improving after being severely injured by corn binder; Right-of-way is being secured for a Wilmington-Hillsboro traction line [electric railroad, this plan must have been abandoned later]; Parents of children attending the Snow Hill school are agitated on account of an epidemic of throat trouble, evidently caused by drinking water from a well adjacent to the school building.  --Wilmington Journal 5Oct1904p1

1904 Oct. 12 New Vienna needs more people but housing is in short supply.  The Harrison Hotel has been put in first-class repair and rented to families.  Dr. G.R. Conard has been in  active practice for forty years.  C.F. Irons is retiring.  He has lived in NV for 15 years and has operated his business [hardware?] for 12 years. [Irons was builder of Irons building where Daye Hardware was later located on W. Main Street.]  --Wilmington Journal 12Oct1904p1

1904 New Vienna (Ohio) News Oct. 12 Wilmington Journal p.1

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October News 1964, 1974

New Vienna, Ohio local news from October 1964

1964 Oct. 2 Junior High School class officers and cheerleaders listed: Names include Tom Terrell, Debbi Bernard, Patti Bernard, Steve Streber, Bruce Rathkamp, Pam Thompson, Vicki Bailey, Larry Saunders, Debbie Hutchins, Robyn Streber, Marcia Woods, and Nancy Walker. --Wilmington News-Journal 2Oct1964p7

1964 Oct. 5 Methodist WSCS, Farm Bureau Advisory Council, Group takes tour to Williamstown, WV. --Wilmington News-Journal 5Oct1964p5

1964 Oct. 6 Church of Christ Homebuilders Class, A.W. Kettlewell, New Kenton administrator, speaks on the school levy. --Wilmington News-Journal 6Oct1964p8

1964 Oct. 10 Church of Christ Always Faithful Class. --Wilmington News-Journal 10Oct1964p4

1964 Oct. 10 Mrs. Leda Moyer retired after cooking at New Vienna school since 1925. --Wilmington News-Journal 10Oct1964p10

1964 Oct. 12 Church news; two sewing clubs; Farm Bureau Council; and personal news about Roy Linkhart, Clyde Wilson, and more. --Wilmington News-Journal 12Oct1964p7

1964 Oct. 14 Upcoming Halloween Carnival; Baptist Missionary Society; Lions Club Concert; Linkhart visitors. --Wilmington News-Journal 14Oct1964p15

1964 Oct. 14 Four Children Killed in Fire near New Vienna.  Killed were Timmy Turner, 2, and three of his sisters, Ronda, 6, Lisa, 3, and Quinn, 15 months.  Surviving children who were injured were Thomas Jr., 5, Paul, 4, and Cheryl, 7.  Parents, Thomas and Mary Jean Turner also survived. --Wilmington News-Journal 14Oct1964p1

1964 Oct. 16 NVHS Class of 1914 holds 50th reunion and were entertained at home of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Ockerman; whole village is shocked and saddened over the tragic fire and loss of four children at the Turner residence. --Wilmington News-Journal 16Oct1964p8

1964 Oct. 21  Names & events include: Mrs. Arthur Bernard; Wayne Smith birthday dinner; Penny Huffman goes to college; Mrs. Harold Thornburg; Senior Class Play of New Kenton High School. --Wilmington News-Journal 21Oct1964p11

1964 Oct. 22 Names & events: Eastern Star; Jesse Shaffer; Rev. Kuntzman; Mrs. Clair Ames; Harvey Hutchens; Charles Blackburn; William Thornburg.  --Wilmington News-Journal 22Oct1964p13

1964 Oct. 23 Elmer McKamey, Mrs. Harold Briggs, John Croghan, Lucien Pittser, Levina West, Lilian Parshall.  --Wilmington News-Journal 23Oct1964p3

1964 Oct. 24 Halloween Carnival, Careytown Homemakers Club, Boosters' Class, Woman's Club, Cub Scouts, Charles Thompsons' host dinner, C.R. Clark.  College students include Charles & John Salisbury and Linda Rudisill. --Wilmington News-Journal 24Oct1964p3

1964 Oct. 28 Nancy Henderson, Mrs. Stanley Fawley, Gayle Zimmerman, Thomas Mitchell.  --Wilmington News-Journal 28Oct1964p8

1964 Oct. 29 Duane Blackburn is new Grange Master, David Myers has Halloween Party, Richard McKibben hosts New Kenton Senior Class party, Clete King birthday celebrated, Salisbury family dinner.  --Wilmington News-Journal29Oct1964p15

1964 Oct. 30  Fund raising for Thomas Turner building fund, Auburn WSCS, Church of Christ has new building, Leo Watson is Lion's Club chairman, Polly's Restaurant site of several gatherings.  --Wilmington News-Journal 30Oct1964p8

1964 Oct. 31 Derivan reunion dinner at Blue Grass Restaurant in Wilmington, Mrs. Harold Briggs is secretary of Careytown Homemakers Club, Snow Hill Garden Club members including Mrs. John Cooper and Mrs. James Curtis attend regional fall meeting in Washington C.H.  --Wilmington News-Journal 31Oct1964p5

1974 New Doctor for New Vienna -Oct.18.  
Pictured left to right: Dr. Anders Otterland, his wife Lillemor, and 
Estel Daye Jr., treasurer of the Doctors Procurement Committee.  
Wilmington (Ohio) News-Journal clipping -18Oct1974
New Vienna, Ohio local news from October 1974

1974 Oct. 8 Mrs. Harley (Nancy Ann Johnson) Phillips celebrates her 96th Birthday.  Many of her nieces were present and her two surviving siblings: sisters, Mrs. Fay (Bernice) Oxley and Miss Ethel Johnson. --Wilmington News-Journal 8Oct1974p6 

1974 Oct. 9 - Obituary for Gleason Streber, 1903-1974, who opened his own store in New Vienna in 1931.  He was survived by his wife, Jane, [1905-1976], and four sons. --Wilmington News-Journal 9Oct1974p2

1974 Oct. 18 New Doctor in New Vienna: Dr. Anders Otterland (left), is New Vienna's new doctor according to Estel Daye Jr. (right), treasurer of the Doctors Procurement Committee.  Hours will include two evenings a week plus Saturday morning in addition to daytime hours three days each week.  --Wilmington News-Journal 18Oct1974p24

1974 Oct. 24 New Vienna Elementary Honor Students - 4th-8th Grades for the first six week grading period.  --Wilmington News-Journal 24Oct1974p11