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1935 New Vienna Telephone Directory

The 1935 Clinton Telephone Directory lists the New Vienna Exchange as well as Wilmington, Sabina, Blanchester, Martinsville, Clarksville and Port William.  New Vienna numbers take up two pages and indicate businesses, offices, and RFD numbers.  A separate page lists new subscribers.  The previous phone book is dated 1932 and the one following is 1940.

Two ads are included in the New Vienna pages – The Merlin Davis funeral home later became Smith Funeral Home.  Merlin (1892-1948) was the husband of Mabel Davis who for years was the New Vienna correspondent to the Wilmington News-Journal, reporting all the New Vienna news fit to print, plus more.  The second ad for D.R. Smith Service Station was on the location that later became the Shell Station.

Names (birth and death dates noted if known) listed include:

F.M. Achor - new subscriber (Francis Marion Achor 1861-1937)
Frank Arnold (1865-1943)
Mrs. L.A. Arthur

W.I. Barr - lumber yard (William Israel Barr 1861-1936)
Albert Bernard (1885-1940)
C.O. Bernard - new subscriber (Charles Onley Bernard 1865-1940)
Frank Bernard (several)
James Bernard (1881-1956)
James K Bernard (1885-1973)
Ralph Bernard (1903-1959)
Walter Betterton (1865-1951)
Charles G Blackburn (1863-1938 or 1900-1975)
J.H. Blackburn (1897-1977)
Charles E Bond (1896-1972)
B & O Railroad Station (depot demolished 1971)
Charley Bowers (Charles J. Bowers 1871-1955)
Sara Bowers
Miss Louie Brewer (Luella "Louie" Brewer 1862-1939)
Mrs. Anna C Britton

Frank Caplinger (1870-1942)
Frank Clark (1857-1940)
Jeff Clark (1859-1942)
Clarks Radio Shop
Alvin Clement (1875-1940)
Gerald Cline (1902-1947)
Clinton Telephone Co.
M.B. Coffin (Monte Bernard Coffin 1867-1944)
Clarence E. Collingham (1891-1944)
Helen Conrad (Helen Conard? 1867-1936)
Mrs. J.H. Conway
J.M Crozier
A.A. Curtis (Allen Albert Curtis 1855-1942)
H.W. Curtis (Harry W Curtis 1884-1968)
Elzie Curtis
Lonnie Curtis
James Custis (1867-1944)

C. Merlin Davis - funeral director (1892-1948)
F.L. Davisson
Glen Deck (1893-1951)
Raymond Deck (1891-1972)
Thomas J. Deck (1868-1943)
P.B. Dennis (Paul Burdette Dennis 1904-1985)
H.J. Derivan (Herbert? Hubert? or Harry?)
Harry Dodson - restaurant (1900-1959)
Mrs. S.E. Dove (Sarah Elizabeth Pierson Dove 1848-1937)
Wilbur Dove (1874-1932, though perhaps this is widow, Mary Ellen Britton Dove 1877-1949)
Harry Downing - new subscriber (Hartsel? Downing 1912-1977)

Fred Eaton (1887-1960)
Mrs. E.F. Ellis (Lillie Woosley Ross Ellis)

Farm Bureau Service Co.
W.E. Fisher (William Estel Fisher 1879-1963)
Lewis Foreman
Carey Fox -garage
Dr. L.H. Fullerton - physician (1905-1979)

Dr. Burl Gray -vet. surgeon (1878-1944)
Mary Guillermin - meat market (1885-1977)
Mrs. Winnie L. Hadley (1870-1964)
M.R. Harris & Sons - hardware (later Daye's) (Manville R Harris 1866-1935)
C.C. Hartman
William Hendee (1874-1954)
Martha B. Hildebrant (Martha Bernard Hildebrant 1867-1963)
Mrs. J.W. Hodson (Lillian Jones Hodson 1858-1941)
F.B. Huffman
Mrs. James Hussey (Sarah Adeline "Addie" Newby Hussey 1846-1940)

Indian Refining Co.
Mrs. C.F. Irons (Frances Smith Irons 1857-1943)

Bernard Johnson - mill (1900-1953)
Charley Johnson
Frank Johnson
Fred S & Martha Johnson
Fred Johnson
Matilda Johnson - new subscriber
W.M. Johnson
Martha Jones (1903-1984, later became Mrs. Woodmansee, 3rd grade teacher)
Thomas Jordan

Henry Oliver Kibler (1895-1978)

H.F. Lamar - lumber yard (1870-1935)
J.H. Landrum (1894-1972)
Burch Layman
Leroy Larrick (1895-1990)
W.P. Levo (William Perry Levo 1890-1971)
Irene Lewis

Ralph Martin
Mrs. J.W. Matthews
Dr. W.T. Matthews - physician (William Thomas Matthews 1871-1953)
James Morarity (1869-1945)
Dr. L.G. Morton -dentist (Lyle George Morton 1884-1947)

Arthur McCoy (1889-1980)
Perry McDonald (1885-1953)
Raymond McDonald (1882-1958)
Stanley McKenzie (1886-1969)
H.W. McVey (Harry William McVey 1886-1976)

William A Newby (1855-1940_
New Vienna Bank
New Vienna Grain & Produce Co.
New Vienna Oil Supply Co.
New Vienna Reporter - newspaper
Nobles Drug Store
H.H. Nordyke (Herbert Harlow Nordyke 1873-1943)

Ohio Asphaltic Limestone Co. - new subscriber

Paramount Products Co.
J.L Parrett -tenant
Howard Penn (1892-1963)
Phillips Bros. - clothing store
Mrs. Geneva C Phillips (1870-1958)
Harley Phillips (1880-1960)
Elizabeth & Belle Powell (Elizabeth 1868-1935)
E.J. Preston - store
Public School

C.R. Rhoades (Clinton Ralph Rhoades 1876-1960)
Rices Grocery Store
Albert Roberts
Milton Ross
R.W. Roush
Mrs. Jennie Routh (1855-1949)
Irvin Rude
Joseph Rude (1865-1956)
Heber Runk (1897-1948)
Joe Ryan (1897-1967)

Sayre Grocery
R.W. Schoonover
J.F. Schuler (John Francis Schuler 1871-1949)
Charles Severs (1885-1972)
Walter Simkins (1899-1972)
Floyd Smalley (1897-1981)
Mrs. Anna Smith
Dailey R. Smith (1892-1979)
Rev. F.H. Smith - Church of Christ (Floyd Haverd Smith 1902-1970)
Smith's Tin Shop
Weldon Smith
Snowhill Country Club - new subscriber
Southern Ohio Tool & Die - new subscriber
H.M. Southerland (Hiram Southerland 1848-1935)
Mrs. Elizabeth Spargur - new subscriber
Addison Spencer
Wilbur Stackhouse (1897-1936)
H.D. Steele (1883-1945)
Streber's IGA Market
Harold D. Swisshelm

Albert Terrell (1878-1948)
C. Clayton Terrell (1885-1972)
Frank Terrell (1881-1974)
Gurney Terrell (1880-1958)
Paul Tasso Terrell (1873-1936)
Dr. C.H. Thompson - vet. (1887-1966)
Elbert Thompson (1901-1944)
Mrs. J.H. Thompson (Mary Elizabeth Faulendorf Thompson 1863-1951)
H.H. Thorne Co.
Lewis Thornburg
Eugene Tilton (1889-1968)

Cecil J Uible (1883-1969)

Benson West (1873-1954)
James R. West (1874-1943)
Mrs. Henry G Williams (Allie Dove Williams 1866-1935)
Homer Williams (1904-1993)
Bertha Woods (1882-1945)
Rev. B.E. Wright - Methodist (1878-1957)
Gurney C Wright - funeral director
H.D. Wright (Harry Dana Wright 1900-1990)

A.L. Zimmerman (Aldo Layton Zimmerman 1876-1949)

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