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January News from "4" Years

The addition of the 1964 Wilmington News-Journal on adds a major amount of bulk to the 1964 news.  The 1964 clippings of New Vienna News written by Mabel O. Davis are reproduced below and can also be found at this link.

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1874 Jan 21 - Wanted-To Purchase - Second-hand Circulating Library.  Send terms and catalogue of books to Alvin SMITH, New Vienna, O. --Cincinnati Enquirer 21Jan1874

1874 Jan 22 - The Women's Temperance Movement, first started in our town [Hillsboro] has spread all over the state . . . including similar movment in New Vienna, Greenfield, Gallipolis and Lebanon.  [More on the temperance movement in New Vienna will be included in another post.]  --Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro) 22Jan1874p3

1884 Jan 30 - Charles ABBOTT has bought Hunt Bros. blacksmiths, at New Vienna and will move there from Leesburg before long.  --Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro) 30Jan1884p1

1894 Jan 27 - Prominent Merchant Dead - A.W. MOEHLENPAGE, aged 40, died of meningitis.  He had been for 16 years a leading dry good merchant of New Vienna.  --Piqua Daily Call (Piqua, Ohio) 27Jan1894

1904 Jan 25 - Flour Mill For Sale - A roller flour mill, 50 barrel capacity, reel system; a good location in New Vienna, Ohio.  Contact: Charles HOLADAY. --Cincinnati Enquirer 25Jan1904

1904 Jan 28 - Accidental Killing - A sad accident occurred on the Tasso TERRELL farm in New Vienna when 12-year-old Grafton MONTGOMERY was shot and killed by his 17-year-old brother.  The boys' grandfather is the Rev. W.D. MOORE.

1904 Jan 29 - Baseball news: Ball clubs are thinking of the season's April start.  Former star of the Toledo team, catcher Stanley ARTHUR [1873-1949] from New Vienna, may get away from the Fort Wayne team to join the Columbia (SC) team in the South Atlantic League.  [In 1900 at age 27, the census records show his career as Baseball Catcher, at age 37, in 1910 he still lives in New Vienna but lists his occupation as House Painter.] --Cincinnati Enquirer 29Jan1904

1924 Jan 26 - Several passengers hurt in B&O train wreck at 9:15 p.m. tonight when passenger train No. 47 enroute from Cincinnati to Parkersburg, WV, struck a defective switch at New Vienna.  No one was killed. --Reading (PA) Times 26Jan1924 This news was also reported in several other Pennsylvania and Missouri Newspapers.

1954 Jan 5 - Fire damages barn/warehouse, property of Harry CURTIS, being used by the New Vienna Lumber Company located on a New Vienna alley.  Because of a low water supply in New Vienna, aid was summoned from the Hillsboro Fire Dept., which sent a pumper truck and a water tanker to the scene.  New Vienna officials reported their pumper could only draw 40 gallons a minute.  They also reported that drilling would start on a new well to amplify the water supply. --The Press-Gazette (Hillsboro) 5Jan1954

1954 Jan 15 - A 15 or 16-year-old Highland boy is a suspect in the recent New Vienna warehouse fire.  The boy is currently being held in connection with a series of fires in the Leesburg-Highland area.  His age has yet to be determined as the board of health lists his birthday as 1937 but other papers list his birth as 1938.  --The Press-Gazette (Hillsboro) 15Jan1954

1954 Jan 15 - In a review of 1953 news, is listed the September 1953 closure of a vice hangout near New Vienna, and the arrest of two prostitutes. --The Press-Gazette (Hillsboro) 15Jan1954

1954 Jan 19 - Harold H. UIBLE, attorney and secretary and vice president of the Wells Mfg. Co. has been elected a director of the New Vienna Bank to fill the vacancy created by the death of Dr. W.T. MATTHEWS.  [Dr. Matthews born in 1871, died November 1953]  --The Press-Gazette (Hillsboro) 19Jan1954

1954 Jan 22 - A new White Shrine Drum and Bugle Corps held its second meting and announced the members which includes Henry PENN of New Vienna who plays the cymbals. --The Press-Gazette (Hillsboro) 22Jan1954

1964 Jan 2 - Fire gutted the house of Roy FRUMP in New Vienna's Fairview Addition; the family lost everything.  --Wilmington News-Journal 2Jan1964

1964 Jan 3 - Ask Road Improvement - Spearheaded by the New Vienna Lions Club, local residents have asked the Ohio Dept. of Highways to rebuild State Rt. 28 between New Vienna and Martinsville, pointing out that it is unsafe because of its 16-foot width, limited road visibility, narrow berms and bridge abutments. --The Press-Gazette (Hillsboro) 22Jan1954

1964 New Vienna News from the Wilmington (Ohio) News-Journal 2Jan1964.  Correspondent, Mabel O. Davis, Carrier Ricky Corzatt.  Names mentioned include: Linkhart, McKenzie, Holmes, Woodmansee, McKibben, Swingley, Streber, Puderbaugh,  Pegan, Terrell, Chandler, Willer, Pidgeon, Cooper, Tolliver, West, Baker, Woods, Daye, Ferguson and Irwin.

1964 Jan 3 - Ask Road Improvement - Spearheaded by the New Vienna Lions Club, local residents have asked the Ohio Dept. of Highways to rebuild State Rt. 28 between New Vienna and Martinsville, pointing out that it is unsafe because of its 16-foot width, limited road visibility, narrow berms and bridge abutments. --The Press-Gazette (Hillsboro) 22Jan1954
1964 New Vienna News from the Wilmington (Ohio) News-Journal 8Jan1964.  Names include: Carter, Fels, Perry, Cook, Carey, Ross, McKamey, McKenzie, Woodmansee, Ferguson, Farringer, Roberts, Daye, Smalley, Davidson, West, Hughes, Fawley, Achor, Donohoo, Johnson, Harris, Blair, Drake, Pierson, Harris, Trenary, Simkins, Thomas, Powell, Flint, Wiget, Kelley, Osborn, Garman, Hutchens, Stratton, Pulse, Briggs, Weaver, Webb, Runk, Kerr, Purtee, Wical, Brewer, Crouse, Davis, Smith, Miller, Baker, Mohr, Atley, Custis, Willison and Cochran.
1964 Jan 9 - Candidates File Expense Reports - Expense figures for the election last November were released today by the Clinton County board of elections.  New Vienna candidates, none of whom had expenses to report were:  Mayor, Harold Baker; Clerk, John P. Joy; Council, Charles Knauff, and Cecil Puckett; Board of public affairs, Homer Williams and Damon L. Hughes. --Wilmington News-Journal 9Jan1964
1964 New Vienna January News from the Wilmington News-Journal 9Jan1964 Names include: Uible, Horton, Walker, Georges, Steele, Allen, Brooks, Sheffield, Kuntzman, Lytle, Waits, Thornburg, Matthews, Johnson, Hunt, Streber, Snow, Briggs, Davies, Demas, White, Wilson, Robinson, Elliott and Pittser.
1964 New Vienna News from the Wilmington News-Journal 11Jan1964  Names include: Achor, Davis, Simkins, Davis, Carter, Farringer, Fenwick, Hildebrant, Smallridge, Salisbury, Burton, Carey, Walker, Ames, Fisher, Cooper, Kettlewell, Bernard, Hause, Osborn, Rice, Lamar, Bashore, Foster, Roush, Selph, Rice, Sears, Deck, Stricker, Ames, Sullivan, Lewis, McConnaughey, Eaton, Trisler, Mitchell, Vance, Dauer, Woods, Kelley, Anderson, Rogers, Larkin, Smith, Kester, Drake, and Wilder.
1964 New Vienna News from the Wilmington News-Journal -Jan 14  Names include: Fenwick, Hildebrant, Smallridge, Achor, Davis, Simkins, Carter, Salisbury, Ames, Chandler, Uible, Hughes, Farringer, Cluxton, Selph, Pierson, Gammell, Mongold, Chandler, Donohoo, Seaman, McKibben, Frump, Manuel, Pausch, Wilkinson, Cochran, McKenzie, and Arnold.
1964 New Vienna News from Wilmington News-Journal 18Jan1964.  Part of 3rd column, about Baptist Missionary Society not clipped.  Names include: Drake, Kuntzman, Salisbury, Hughes, Bohl, Woods, Wiget, Young, Gibson, Shaw, Rice, Michael, Irwin, Faris, McKamey,  Garrison, Walker, Fisher, Williams, Carey, Burton, Hause, Rudisill, Fawley, Roberts, Simkins, Woodmansee, Sears, Walls, Roush, Stratton, Deck, Carter, Ledford, Allen, Clark, Greene, Baker, Swartz, Penn, Fulkerson, Duncan, McDonald, & Dennis.

1964 New Vienna News from Wilmington News-Journal 23Jan1964p9.  Names include: Fenwick, Hildebrant, Lloyd, Smallridge, Croghan, Curtis, Hughes, Kuntzman, Martin, Rudisill, Uible, Penn, McGinnis, McKibben, Puderbaugh, Williams, Fields, Peelle, Davis, Armstrong, Wiget, Kidd, Woods, Gammell,  Clark, Johnson, Brake, Ames, Anderson, Harner, Holmes, Dunlap, West, Nibert, Dollinger, Allen, Woodmansee, Davis, Achor, Simkins, Deck, Eaton, Inwood, Roads, and Greene.

1964 New Vienna News from Wilmington News-Journal -Jan25.  Names mentioned: Chandler, Uible, Hughes, Wilkinson, Kersey, Rericho, Kuntzman, Bickel, Steele, Hale, Allen, Young, Germann, Mathews, Bohl, Davis, Blackburn, Ames, McVey, Davis, Waddell, Roehm, Manuel, Miller, McVey, Roads, Linkhart, West, Carey, Frump, Smallridge, Thornburg, Matthews, Woods, Hunt, Jordan, Bashore, Drake, Peele, Streber, Joy, Grim, Runk, McCune, Weaver, Curtis, & Webb.

1964 New Vienna News -Jan29p12. Names include: Durian, Koerner, Mason, King, Cheadle, Hughes, Walker, Kuntzman, Salisbury, Mayo, Custis, Johnson, Knott, West, South, Terrell, Custis, Boyd, Smith, McKibben, Matson, McDaniel, Curtis, Reynolds, Roberts, Summers, Davis, Eaton, Hildebrant, Jenkins, McElwee, Grove, Roush, Pennington, Garman, Hutchens, Hutchins, Bond, Carey, Young, Fawley, Misick, McKamey, Blair,  Holmes.

1964 New Vienna News from the Wilmington News-Journal -Jan31 p3.  Names include: Johnson, Thornburg, Powell, Hildebrant, King, Woodmansee, Whitmer, Burton, Robinson, Allen, Williams, Gibson, Henderson, Davis, Wilkinson, Blackburn, Irwin, Young, Little, Waits, Minzler, Fenner, Nischwitz, Smith, Achor, Cooper, Carey, Perry, Marsh, Barr, Waddell, Jones, Curtis, Ledford, Troth, Dollinger, Williams, Bohl, Roberts, Deckard, Weiss, Dyke, Webb, West, Parshall, Watts, Grimsley, Kier, Puderbaugh, Greene, Moon, Shipley, Matthews, & Croghan.