Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1945 New Vienna High School Graduating Class

The NVHS Class of 1945 photo includes pictures of the faculty and many familiar faces.  Sixteen graduates and eight faculty are pictured.

Brief biographical information, in alphabetical order by last or maiden name, is available below and is accurate only to the best of information known at this time. Please let me know of any corrections or additional information.

1945 NVHS Graduating Class. 
Top row: R.W. Fenwick-Supt. & Emily Spradling-Fac. 
Second Row: Mary B. Vance-Fac., Herbert Carey-Fac (NVHS1924), 
A.F. Roush-Fac & Margaretha Baumann-Fac. 
Third row: Gladys Knisley-Fac, William Seltzer-Pres, Gerald Bernard-V.Pres, Shirley Chaney Swindler-Sec, Marilyn Sayre Stackhouse-Treas & Anna Humphrey-Fac. Fourth row: Donald Cluxton, Betty Hamilton, Robert Huffman, 
Duane Laymon, Oris Minzler & Gerald Pierson. 
Bottom Row: Evelyn Roush Pennington, Robert Runk, Wilma Stanfield Trainer, Kathleen Stevenson Levo, Hubert Thorman & Wanda Wayland Kende.

  • Gerald Bernard (1927-2014) - Married Helen Jean Engle (1930-2011) in 1950. Parents of Debbi, Patti and James.
  • Shirley Chaney Swindler - Was 1948 Ohio Dairy Queen, married Richard Swindler in 1948,
  • Donald Cluxton (1926-2000) - Sons, Mike and Christopher; Married Rhoda Reed (1938-2002) in 1976
  • Betty Jean Hamilton Jewell (1927-2002) - married James Jewell (1924-2005) 
  • Robert Huffman (1927-1986) 
  • Duane Laymon (1926-2006) brother of Jacque Laymon, died and is buried in New Mexico; served in the Army in WW2, with a speciality in tin, copper and sheet metal work for the Medical Dept. in Hawaii.
  • Oris Minzler (1927-2010) - married Dorothy Richmond in 1951.
  • Gerald Pierson - married Thelma Wiget (1929-2014)
  • Evelyn Roush Pennnington (1927-2015) - married Code Pennington, parents of Connie, Rita, and Richard.
  • William "Bill" Seltzer - President of the Class, joined the Navy after High School, married and lived in Charleston, West Virginia in the 1950s.  Was related to the Spargur family.
  • Robert "Bob" Runk (1927-1951) Served in the US Navy during WW2, married Sue Ann Bond in 1950, fatally injured in an auto accident on SR-73 near New Vienna.
  • Marilyn Sayre Stackhouse (1927-1971), married Charles Stackhouse (1927-2004) in 1947, parents of Mike (1949-2000) and Timothy (1953-2003).
  • Wilma Stanfield Trainer (1927-2007) 
  • Kathleen Stevenson Levo (1927-2008) - married Phillip Levo, parents of John and Linda.
  • Charles Hubert Thorman (1927-2008) - Served in the army in WW2, married Imogene Newman (1917-1976), after her death married Flora Elizabeth White Morgan ((1939-2008) in 1989.
  • Wanda Wayland Kende 

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