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1935 New Vienna High School Graduating Class

Possibly the oldest living graduate of New Vienna High School is a member of the class of 1935.  Betty Gordon Stegman, born 1917, now living in Texas, is the older sister of Virginia Gordon Walker (1919-2014).

Many of the 19 graduates in 1935 spent their adult lives in New Vienna and were the parents of later graduates of New Vienna or East Clinton.  Brief biographical information, in alphabetical order by last or maiden name, is available below and is accurate only to the best of information known at this time.  Please let me know of any corrections or additional information.
1935 NVHS Graduating Class. Top Row: Glenn Fisher, Edith Smith McKenzie, Marjorie Thompson, Louis Grey, Audrey Wolfe, John Wright, Third Row: Mary Laymon McDonald, Wanda Johnson Rice Mantley, Charles Hildebrant, Donald Linkhart, James Minzler, Virgil Cochran. Second Row: Virginia Preston Cashman, Charles Thompson. Bottom Row: Betty Gordon Stegman, Robert Stuckert, Virginia Eaton Hildebrant, John McCune, Edna Hamilton Collins.

  • Virgil Cochran - (1916-1993) Married Margaret Raps Hardman (1920-1995)
  • Virginia Eaton Hildebrant - (1917-2007) Favorite 4th grade teacher of many New Vienna students, married Charles Hildebrant also in the class of NVHS'35, mother of Joyce, David and Janie.
  • Glenn Fisher - (1916-1995)  Married Treva Davis (1919-1987), a 1937 graduate of NVHS.
  • Betty Gordon Stegman - STILL LIVING! - Grew up in Penn Township, sister of Virginia Gordon Walker (1919-2014, NVHS'1937) married Eugene Stegman (1908-1980) of Hamilton County, Ohio.
  • Louis J. Gray - (1917-1994) Was a life insurance salesman in 1940, served in WW2 in Italy as Tech. Sgt. AAF Service Command. Married Margie Marshall (1916-1971) of Blanchester.
  • Edna Hamilton Collins - (1917-1981) Married Harry Collins?
  • Charles Hildebrant - (1916-1949) Married Virginia Eaton, also a 1935 graduate of NVHS.  Father of Joyce, David and Janie.
  • Wanda Johnson Rice Mantley - (1917-2001) Married Robert Franklin Rice (1915-1944). a 1933 graduate of NVHS, who died in WW2.
  • Mary Laymon McDonald - (1917-2008) Married Dale McDonald (1915-1992), a 1933 graduate of NVHS, three children: Joel, Sandra Sue and Gary.
  • Donald Linkhart - (1916-1993) Married Cleo Harris (1916-1998), a 1934 graduate of NVHS, daughters Donna Jean and Marie.
  • John McCune - (1916-1986) Valedictorian of the class, married Berneta Hunter (1917-1986), parents of Mary, Judy and Faye. 
  • James W. Minzler - (1917-1998) Married Bernadine (Pence?) (Young?) (1918-2005), a 1936 graduate of NVHS, served in WW2, daughter Evelyn.
  • Virginia Preston Cashman - (1916-1986) Married Neil Cashman, (1911-1981).
  • Edith Smith McKenzie - (1917-2007) Married Howard McKenzie (1916-1963) a 1934 graduate of NVHS, daughter Peggy.
  • Robert Stuckert - (1917-2009) Born in Illinois, moved to Ohio in 1920s, married Carrie Elma Moore (1920-1991) in 1940 and Helen Lucille Gano Inwood (1915-1997) in 1991, served in the Army in WW2.
  • Charles Thompson - (1917-1981) Married Betty Rulon, a 1939 graduate of NVHS, parents of Bob and Judy.
  • Marjorie Thompson (1917-?) Became a nurse.
  • Audrey M. Wolfe (1917-?)
  • John Wright (1917-?)

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