Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1955 New Vienna High School Graduating Class

The NVHS Class of 1955 consisted of twenty-eight students.  Also pictured are ten faculty members.
Due to the (relative) youth of these graduates, not as much information is available due to privacy issues.  Please let me know of any corrections or additional information.

1955 NVHS Graduating Class
Top Row: Adrian Roberts-Fac, George Shaffer-Fac, Arlie Roush-Fac, 
Harriett West-Fac, R.W. Fenwick-Supt, Bess Stamm-Fac, Thomas Rudisill-Fac, Barbara Roberts-Fac, Glenn McElwee-Fac & Howard Short-Fac. 
Second Row: Larry Murphy, Mary Seaman, John Swingley & Rose Kratzer Roades. Third Row: Mildred Penn, Larry Ledford, Phillip Rogers, Carolyn Lemin Haney. Fourth Row: William Davis, Dorothy Hamilton, Charles Heller, Janice Credit, 
Robert Knisley, Jane Fenwick Allemang, Charles McKibben, Janet Davis Smalley, Gerald Knisley & Margery Johnson Henry. 
Bottom Row: William Masters, William Dodd, Dianne Parr Flint, Harold Baker, 
Janet Terrell Achor, Irene Sullivan Tolle, Richard Gilliland, 
Beverly Bernard Custis, Ronald Mitchell & Floyd Lee Carey

  • Harold D. Baker (1937-1991)
  • Beverly Bernard Custis
  • Floyd Lee Carey (1937-2010)
  • Janice Credit
  • Janet Davis Smalley
  • William R. Davis
  • William Dodd (1937-2010)
  • Jane Fenwick Allemang
  • Richard Gilliland
  • Dorothy Hamilton Hiestand
  • Charles R. Heller
  • Margery Johnson Henry
  • Robert Knisley
  • Jerry Knisley
  • Rose Kratzer Roades (1936-2014), married Terry Roades (1935-2014), parents of Connie Roades (1957-2011)
  • Larry Ledford
  • Carolyn Lemin Haney
  • William Masters
  • Charles R. McKibben (1937-2014)
  • Ronald Mitchell
  • Larry Murphy
  • Dianne Parr Flint (1937-1984) Married Asa Roger Flint (1936-2009)
  • Mildred Penn
  • Phillip Rogers
  • Mary F. Seaman
  • Irene Sullivan Tolle
  • John Swingley
  • Janet Terrell Achor

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