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Historic Hause House, built 1874

One of a series of articles about historic houses published in the Wilmington News-Journal, this undated photocopy mentions the celebration of Ohio's sesquicentennial and also mentions the house being built 79 years prior, indicating this was published in 1953.

The Hauses lived in this for a few years in the 1950s.  Though the article says it is located "on Main Street," the house is actually on the south side of Bernard Rd between Huffman Ave. and Penn Lane.
Historic house on Bernard Road, built 1874, New Vienna, Ohio.  
Once occupied by the Elmer Pages, and in the 1950s by the Hause family.
Pictured in 2013 courtesy of Barbara Johnson Mee.

Transcription of article follows.
Historic Hause Residence in New Vienna, Built 1874, Charlotte Pugsley Hause picture.  
Photocopy from the files of the Clinton County Historical Society.

New Vienna Pilgrimage of Old Houses –
Hause Residence Stands as Originally Built

(Editor's Note:  The New Vienna Pilgrimage of old houses will open the county's observance of Ohio's sesquicentennial and will be held June 6 and 7.  The owners of the houses have written the histories of their properties and told some of the interesting architectural points and the furnishings and other pieces which they contain.  Proceeds of the ticket sale for the pilgrimage will go to the Clinton County Historical Society.  The following is the story of the Dr. A.W. Hause residence.)

The Dr. A.W. Hause home on Main street, New Vienna, is of colonial architecture and was built by John Hines in 1874.  Stephen Pemberton made the brick at his kiln located about one-fourth mile east of the building site and also laid the brick.  The iron fence along the front and side of the house was made by the Forest City Wire and Iron Company of Cleveland.

The home has had four families owning and residing it it during these 79 years.  The Hines estate was settled in 1917 when Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Page purchased it.  The Page heirs sold to Mrs. Wilbur Huffman in 1942 and Dr. and Mrs. Hause bought from the Huffmans in 1952.

The house now stands as it was originally built.  There are four rooms downstairs and tree bedrooms upstairs with a fireplace in every room except the kitchen.  The ceilings both upstairs and down are 10 feet and 10 inches.  [Indecipherable] front two rooms on the first floor have inside shutters.  IN the front door of the home is a frosted and etched window which was made in Cincinnati at a cost of $50 in 1874.  The combined hat rack and umbrella holder in the hall is a solid walnut piece of furniture which came from the Ben Pugsley home in Hillsboro.  Pugsley was a great great uncle of Mrs. Hause.

The room to the left of the hall is the downstairs bedroom completely furnished in antique furniture.  The bed walnut clothes cupboard and cherry chest along the east wall came from the Ben Pugsley home.  The large solid cherry chest on the west wall has been in the Hause family for 100 years and was given to Dr. Hause by his father, L. G. Hause.  The school master's desk placed in the bay window belonged to George Carter (1782-1869) who came with his family to Clinton County from Orange County, NC in 1811.  A school teacher, he was great-great-great-grandfather of Mrs. Hause.  The blanket chest at the foot of the ed is solid cherry and was made by Zimri Haines (1798-1868) who came to New Burlington from Burlington NJ ... [indecipherable]

"... Fox's Works" printed in 1706 and reprinted in 1831, belonged to Gayer Starbuck (1777-1866) who with his wife, Susanna Dillon Starbuck, were the first clerks of the Dover Monthly meeting.  Gayer Starbuck came with his family from Guilford County NC in 1810.  The Starbucks were great-great-great-grandparents of Mrs. Hause.

The ladder back chair belonged to Louisa Smith Custis (1819-1889), a great-great-grandmother of Mrs. Hause.  The chair was loaned by the Starbuck sisters.  The marriage certificate hanging above the chair was issued to Robinson Custis and Mary Savage of Virginia, August 7, 1793.  The certificate is hand written.  It is loaned by Mary Custis Ellis.  Robinson Custis was Mrs. Hauses' great-great-great-grandfather.

The Dining room has a solid cherry three cornered cupboard which was made by hand in Highland county about 90 years ago.  The table and chairs are solid cherry and copies of antiques.  The low cherry chest is from the Ben Pugsley home.  The silver tea and coffee service was handed down from the estate of John L. Per...ger, the paternal great-grand- [indecipherable]
woven linens displayed are loaned by Mrs. Persi Pugsley, Mrs. [not available]

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  1. This article about the house on Bernard Road near Huffman Ave. possibly should have been titled differently. The house was owned by the Hines family from 1874-1917, the Elmer Pages 1917-1942, Wilbur Huffmans 1942-1952, and then the Hauses in the 1950s.