Sunday, January 6, 2013

1973 Lions Club Youth Exchange

The New Vienna Lions Club hosted an exchange student from Brazil in January 1973.  Transcription follows.  
1973 - Lions Club Youth Exchange program hosts Angela Costa from Brazil.  Pictured are Angela and Dr. A.W. Hause of New Vienna, Ohio. - Wilmington News-Journal.  January 4, 1973.

Brazil Lions Club Flag

Miss Angela Costa of Sete Lagos, Minas Gerais, Brazil presents the flag of her fathers Sete Lagos Lions Club to Dr. A. W. Hause who is the chairman of the New Vienna Lions Club Youth Exchange Committee.

Miss Costa is one of 10 Brazilian youth who are presently visiting in Ohio under the auspices of the Lions Club.  Her cousin Yara Dias is the guest of the Lloyd Caldwell family of Martinsville.  The Harold Uible family of New Vienna is the host family for Miss Costa.

The youths will be in this area for four weeks before leaving for Texas for a like period.  They will then visit Disney World en route to Brazil.

The New Vienna Club also enjoyed seeing picture of Tiawan [sic], Vietnam and Okinawa which were shown by John Cooper whose son and wife are living in Okinawa.

The Club's February meeting will be adult male guest night and the committee in charge is Stanley Fawley, John Hughes, Dr. Hause, Raymond Smith, Jerome Walker, and Carl West.


  1. Is the Lion's club still on the right as you are going out of New Vienna on 28 (toward Martinsville). I recall it as a small white building kinda across from Dorothy Lane---am I on the right track here or confused? Thanks!

  2. Link, you are correct about the building at 576 West St., New Vienna. However it is now probably better known as the Clinton Highland Joint Fire District. My understanding is that the Lions donated the building with the understanding they can still use it for meetings – so they have a meeting place and the building has a great alternate purpose also.