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1914 Graduation Announcement

Class of 1914 New Vienna Ohio High School Graduation Announcement.  
Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Class of 1914:  Hazel Evelyn Johnson [Penn], Glenn H. Smithson, Edith Powell [Smith], Theodore D. Ockerman, Flora Hussey [Hinkle], [Eva] Ruth Carey [Haines], Mary Alice Wright, Ruby Carey [Ball], Marian Virginia Cadwallader [Jarman], Harry E. Pemberton, Eva Rollins [Graham], Mary Edna Cook [MacKenzie], Annie Johnson [Levo], Mary Lucille Derivan, Reba Carey [Fries], Orley Hussey, Senorita [B.] Haynie [Tener].

Information about the Class of 1914 that I was able to obtain:

Annie Johnson Levo is the grandmother of John Levo and lived long enough to attend the 1989 New Vienna Alumni Event, 75 years after graduation.

Senorita Haynie graduated from Wilmington College in 1922 and married Frank A. Tener.

Eva Ruth Carey Haines married Everett E. Haines, moved to Warren County had five children and died in 1981.

Reba and Ruby Carey were twins, born January 9, 1896.  Their sister Bernice, born November 19, 1891 was the mother of Eleanor McKibben.  Their brother Ralph, born June 1, 1898 married Elizabeth Ellen Hogsett.  Bernice and Ralph were the only two of the nine children of Charles Newton Carey and Cornelia Edwards Carey who stayed in the New Vienna area.  In 1936 Ruby, who married Robert Ball, lived in Columbus and Reba, married to Park Fries lived in Detroit.  Here's a picture of the parents, siblings and spouses taken in 1932:

Carey Family with Husbands/Wives.  Top Row left to right: Gladys Pemberton Carey, Donald Carey, Ruby Carey Ball, Robert Ball, Charles Newton Carey, Cornelia Edwards Carey, Park Fries, Reba Carey Fries, Ralph Carey, Eythel Carey Okey
Bottom Row: Halbert (Herb) Rapp, Grace Carey Rapp, Gerald Yates Trimble, Helen Carey Trimble, Bernice Carey Dunlap, Ernest (Ike) Dunlap.  Taken in Careytown [Highland County, New Vienna, Ohio] 1932.  Image courtesy of Jerry Trimble.

Click here for a few more details about the Careys pictured.
More about Gladys Pemberton and Donald Carey, both members of the Class of 1913, in a future post.

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