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1886 Commencement Program

Sixth Annual Commencement of the New Vienna High School.  M.E. Church, May 21, 1886.  7:30 P.M.
Annual Sermon by Rev. J. Irwin West, Christian Church, May 16, 7:30 o'clock.
Class of 1886 New Vienna Ohio High School Commencement Program. May 21, 1886.  
Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

Eva Mory, Lizzie Duchemin, Stella Cox Duchemin, Nannie Edingfield Sanders, Maude Hines Woodmansee, Leslie D. Arthur, Laura Driscoll Nordyke, William B. Rogers, Ida Wooddell Ockerma, Walter C. Polk, and Harry J. Woodmansee.  [Married names courtesy of NVHS Memory Book, p.10]

S.M. Taggart, Superintendent

School Board:  A.B. Beard, President; E. Shockley, Treasurer; C.C. Lazenby, Clerk.

The piano used on this occasion is furnished by Allen Hockett, Wilmington, O.

"Pugnis et Calcibus" [With fists and heels; with might and main.]


MUSIC -- Friendship, Love and Song ..... Double Quartette
Love of Glory ..... H. J. Woodmansee
The Temple ..... Ida Wooddell
We've Crossed the Bay; the Ocean is Beyond ..... Laura Driscoll
MUSIC -- Whippoorwill's Call ..... Double Quartette
Romance of America ..... L. D. Arthur
The World's Work and Workers ..... W. B. Rogers
Indelibility of Mental Impressions ..... Maude Hines
Mental Improvements Should Not Cease ..... Lizzie Duchemin
Tongue, Temper and Heart ..... Stella Cox
Driftwood ..... W.C. Polk
MUSIC -- Leo March ..... Instrumental Duet
Darkness Brings Out the Stars ..... Eva Mory
As the Foundation, So the Structure ..... Nannie Edingfield

Presentation of Diplomas and Adrian Scholarship
MUSIC -- Softly the Night Breeze is Sighing ..... Double Quartette

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