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1957 Third Grade & 1959 Fifth Grade (Class of 1967)

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Mrs. Woodmansee's 1957-58 Third Grade class must have been her biggest class ever -- 45 students, 31 girls and 14 boys – good thing we were all so well behaved.  Every other of my elementary school years, except fourth grade, the class was split.  In the 1962 yearbook (seventh grade) there were 42 students in what became part of the East Clinton Class of 1967.  With the help of classmates I might be able to recreate the names of the teachers but here's what I remember:

First Grade - Miss Carey [Shirley McKamey] and Mrs. Fenwick*
Second Grade - Miss Aleda Purtee and Mrs. Johnson (she was daughter of Doyle Wright, married to Bub Johnson)
Third Grade - Mrs. Martha Woodmansee
Fourth Grade - Mrs. Virginia Hildebrant and Miss Smart [Jeanne Wolfe] (4th,6th)
Fifth Grade - Mrs. Ethel King and Miss Smart (5th-6th)
Sixth Grade - Miss Smart (4th-6th) and Mrs. Penn

From the New Vienna days I have class pictures from the third grade and fifth grade and a 1962 yearbook when I was in seventh grade.  Not sure if there were class pictures from other years or yearbooks.  I have seen a 1957 yearbook but cannot find it in my collection.  Anyone have it on their shelves?
New Vienna Ohio School 3rd Grade 1957 - Mrs. Woodmansee
1st Row, left to right: Larry Mitchell, David Schwering, Donald Storer, Larry Strevel, Gary Orebaugh, Keith Collins.  2nd Row: Weegie Hughes, Nancy Henderson, Catherine Uible, Linda Eltzroth, Marilyn Vanzant, Lynn Williams, Sybil Gano, Sandra Nichswitz, Jeannie Bowles, Dianne Burton, Karen Haynie, Clara Tolle. 3rd Row: Ann Harper, Carolyn Collier, Jimmie Dayton, James Storer, Gregory Schuman, Gregory Linkhart, Chester Shepherd, Mike Stackhouse, Pete Walls, Mike Whited, Julia McCollum, Patty Walker, Cheryl Cluxton, Catholyn Smith.  4th Row: Mrs. Woodmansee, Francis Freeland, Sharon Cornelius, Linda Sweeney, Susan Deck, Pamela Purtee, Faye McCune, Carolyn Vanzant, Marlena Burns, Alice Fisher, Sue Smith and Shirley Bernard.  [Not pictured: Linda Brooks, Cheryl Williams, and Sherry McKenzie (who moved away during the school year)] - Image Courtesy of Carolyn Collier Taubenheim

New Vienna Ohio School Mrs. King's 5th Grade - 1959-60
Top row, left to right: Carol Hoffer, Weegie Hughes, Marlena Burns, Mr. Fenwick, Mrs. King, Donald Storer, Ronnie Myers, Mike Stackhouse.  2nd Row: Linda McVey, Sandra Nischwitz, Dianne Burton, Catholyn Smith, Carolyn Vanzant, David Schwering.  3rd Row: Pete Walls, Jim Dayton, Gary Orebaugh, Debbie Penn, Julia McCollum, Shirley Bernard, Catherine Uible, Alice Fisher.  Bottom Row: Francis Freeland, Cheryl Cluxton, Faye McCune, Ann Harper.

* Mrs Fenwick's First Grade class included: Shirley Bernard, Karen Bauer, Connie Bauer, Carolyn Collier, Cheryl Cluxton, Linda Eltzroth, Sybil Gano, Laura Hughes, Nancy Henderson, Sherry McKenzie, Faye McCune, Sandra Nischwitz, Catholyn Smith, Patty Sue Walker, Lane Lee Zurface, (Lorriane Hull?) .  Boys: James Dayton, Gregory Linkhart, Larry Mitchell, Douglas Prickett, Donald Storer, Lonnie Stewart, Mike Trenary, Mike Whited and Arnold Webb.

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