Monday, November 28, 2011

New Vienna's Railroad Ave. in 1958

Two houses were demolished in New Vienna on Railroad Avenue when Wells Mfg. added a paint building.  The 1957 Chrysler was our family car.  Parallel parking in this car was a challenge.  I drove it to my summer job at the Wilmington Public Library in 1965.
1957 Chrysler.  House torn down for Wells paint building (Railroad Ave.)
1957 Chrysler in New Vienna with machine shop in background (Railroad Ave.)

The 1930 Census, the most current census available for public viewing, does not show any residences on Railroad Avenue, though two families are listed as living on "Pass" Ave.   Could this be an older name for Railroad Ave.?  Living on Pass Avenue were:
  • Jesse Leggett (45) 1885-1948, his wife Belle (29) and their children Madge (10), Elizabeth (6), Ruby (5), Jessie Jr. (2) and Robert (1). - Rental $7/month. Jesse is listed as a trucker for the grain elevator and Belle as a laundress who worked at home. Ruby died in 2001 in Lebanon, Ohio.
  • Jesse Shaffer (42) 1888-1977, wife Carrie (33) 1897-1970, children Pauline (12), Edna (10), Margaret (8), Dorothy (7), Elizabeth (6) 1923-1943, Jesse Jr. (1) - Rental $8/month. Jesse was a laborer who did odd jobs. Dorothy graduated from NVHS in 1941, Elizabeth in 1942, Jesse Jr. in 1946. A son Edgar died as an infant in 1925, and they had another son Charles Russell 1931-1979
Ten households are listed on Pearl Street which connects Railroad Ave. with SR-28 also known as West Street.  Families living on Pearl St. in 1930 were:
  • Herbert Howard (33), his wife Louise (29) and son William (7). - Rental $12/month.  Herbert was a barber.
  • Mary Elizabeth (Garner) Achor (38) and her daughter Helen Louise (12) - Rental $6/month. Elizabeth (1891-1965) was a seamstress and is buried in NV's IOOF East side cemetery. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Garner married Frank Achor (1886-1966) in 1911 and they are buried together but in 1930 census records show he was living and working as a farmer on Wright Rd. in Green Township with his mother, Tabitha (1854-1930) and his sister Bessie along with her husband Hugh Bernard and their grandson Paul, born c1925. Helen married Charles C. Perry in 1940, he died in Italy in 1944. She later remarried twice, to Robert Gall and then to Mr. Wilson.
  • Dana Bond (68), his wife Luthera (69) and his brother Thomas (73) - Owners of house valued at $1800.
  • Emma Trimble (73), her sister Francis Irons (72), and her sister-in-law Alice Trimble (81).  Their house valued at $2600
  • Harry Bower (69), wife Margaret (57), son George (25) and daughter Sarah (21).  House valued at $2000.  Harry was a bookkeeper at the bank, George an inspector at a paper mill, and Sarah was also employed as a bookkeeper ar the record office.  Sarah graduated from NVHS in 1926 and later married a Mr. Nordonbrock.
  • Clyde Curtis (50), wife Beatrice (45), children Robert (24), Marcille (16), Gayle (13), Jeanne (10), and Richard (8).  House valued $500.  Beatrice was employed doing housework in private homes, Robert as a lineman for the telegraph company.  Marcille graduated from NVHS in 1932, Jeanne in 1937 and Richard in 1939.  Richard married Arlene Preston who graduated from NVHS in 1941.  They had two children, Richard and Robert.
  • Arthur Cade (61), wife Lillie (60), children Everett (25), Margaret (17) and Jessie (16) - Rental $8/month.  
  • Margaret Ryan (60) and her daughter Mary Stultz (28) - house valued at $600.  Margaret born in Ireland, was Joseph's mother.  Mary was employed as a practical nurse in private homes.
  • Joseph Ryan (32), wife Ella (34) and Ryan's step-children Cordelia (16) and Charles (15) Shaw - Rental $8/month.  Joe was a local blacksmith known for his strength.  He once was known to "throw" a refrigerator in anger.  His wife had a small garden business, selling seedlings, etc.
  • Ed Magee (64) - Rental $2/month.  Ed was a shoestring salesman.