Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NV Coaches 1951 - Glenn McElwee and Tom "Rudy" Rudisill

Tom "Rudy" Rudisill (1916-1970) and Glen McElwee (1918-1973), New Vienna coaches, March 1951.  Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.  Captioned: New Vienna coaches - Tom Rudisill and Glen McElwee are shown here outside the school in New Vienna.  The photograph is from March, 1951.  Rudisill is a member of the Clinton County Sports Hall of Fame.  He won 171 basketball games at New Vienna in 10 seasons.  McElwee was a junior high sports coach at New Vienna and equally as successful.  The photograph was submitted by Hugh Young, who played for both McElwee and Rudisill at New Vienna.

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  1. Glenn McElwee 1918-1973, died at age 55.
    Thomas Woodrow Rudisill "Rudy" 1916-1970, died at age 53, his wife, Alice, died in an auto accident in 1971.