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1942 NV Oil Supply Co. Auction - Sept. 15

What later became Mongold Oil Co. and Mongold Filling Station was sold at auction on September 15, 1942, due to illness of then owner, Mr. P.B. Mills.  A few more current, but still historic pictures included below.
1942 (what became) Mongold Oil Co. Property - Hillsboro Press Gazette Sept. 11, 1942
Pure [Mongold] Gas Station c1945 - New Vienna OH
Old Bulk Tanks behind Mongold Oil Company on Main St., New Vienna Ohio 1950s
Mongold Office building New Vienna Ohio c1965 Image courtesy of Mike Whited.

The following was originally posted to the Uible Family Blog on March 25, 2011:

Mongold Oil Company - New Vienna Ohio

CJ Uible had a financial interest in this business which was run by 
Rollo Mongold during the mid-1900s.

According to Rollo Earl Mongold (1907-1989) of Lynchburg, was the son of Frannie F. Mongold (1877-1948) and Ina Viola Sanderson (1881-1911). He was married to Louella Davis (1917-1990) and Mary Alice Whitford (1909-1963) and had four children with the latter, including Margaret Joanne Pfister of Lynchburg (1930-2006), Mary K. Workman of Milford, and Thomas Mongold of Wilmington.

Rollo also had three older brothers, Robert Willard "Shorty" (1898-1975), Roy David (1900-1986) and Harold (1905-1983).   The brothers grew up in Dayton but moved to the New Vienna area and opened businesses in the 1940s.  Harold had a General Store in Westboro and Roy had a grocery store in Martinsville.

R.W. (or Shorty), the only brother who lived in New Vienna, had three children, Jack Willard (1919-2000, NVHS '37), Dorothy Garrison (1922-2009, NVHS '42) and James Paul (1927-1990, NVHS '47).  He was a good friend of CJ Uible, and his Southern Ohio Tool & Die Co.'s manufacturing of farm gates, was instrumental in CJ's settling with his family in New Vienna in the 1920s.

HH adds that by the mid-1900s most farmers switched from livestock production to grain farming, and the need for farm gates greatly diminished. Southern Ohio Tool & Die eventually ceased operations at the location on Railroad Avenue which was demolished in an expansion at Wells, but later operated out of the building to the south of Kenny Williams gas station.

Cheryl Cluxton Mongold adds:  Rollo Mongold, Bob's great uncle bought the Oil Company and Bob's Dad, Robert W. Mongold, son of Roy, bought the Gas station which he sold to Kenny Davis in 1968.  Fibber Knauff bought Mongold Oil from Rollo, and then later sold it to someone else, possibly Lee Bartley.

More on Shorty Mongold's Southern Tool & Die Company can be found in this article: Your Town:  New Vienna Ohio: Southern Ohio Tool & Die.   


  1. From John L.: After another look at the photos this morning, I found it interesting that about a week ago an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer kind of gave credit to the United Dairy Farmers and another convenience store chain for creating the move to put canopys over their gas pumps. It looks to me that New Vienna was well ahead of their time in 1942.

  2. Ralph notes: Catherine, thank you for the pics and other memories. I remember them as you have them. I think that State senator Max Dennis was born in this apartment house. A Nichols family was the last to live in it. I believe that they were some relatives of Pam Nichols.

    This was in late 1952 and early 1953 when the Nichols family moved out. It sat empty for several years, then Mr. Mongold used the downstairs for an office and social room for coffee for farmers.

    Most buildings that had extra space were made into living quarters when the Air Base was up and running.

  3. Thanks to John and Ralph for their comments which I appreciate.

    Good and interesting memory, Ralph!

    Very observant, John!

    Special thanks to Cheryl for keeping me straight on which Mongolds did what and when and how they are all related.