Friday, June 28, 2013

June news from "3" years

1873 and 1883 news from the Highland Weekly News, published in Hillsboro, Ohio 1853-1886; 1893 and 1913 news from the Hillsboro News-Herald; 1943 news from Hillsboro's Press Gazette. Other sources as listed below.

1913 June 5 – Death of prominent Penn Township farmer, Ellis Good, is reported.  He was an old soldier and had been for many years president of the New Vienna Bank.  His will [which can be seen at this link] was published in the June 12 issue of the Hillsboro News Herald and his beneficiaries included:  Bertha H. Blackburn; his sister, Lydia C. Good; Edgar Hallowell, Joseph Charles G Jr., and Mary Blackburn. His brother, Evan Good including $4000 in trust for his son, Charles. Elva W. Good. The remained of his estate is to be divided equally between nineteen nephews and nieces whose names follow: Annie B. Anderson, Charles G. Blackburn, Ella Blackburn, Howard L. Blackburn, Irene Blackburn, Frank Blackburn, Wilbur E. Blackburn, Mary J. Wilde, Charles W. Johnson, Mabel J. Burke, Harvey E. Conard, Helen Conard, Robert Conard, Gertrude L. Hull, Edna M. Good, H. Doyle Wright, Edith L. Zehring, Lawrence G. Wright and Alice Wright.

1913 June 19 – James Wright, 60, a farmer from New Vienna, was fatally injured in a carriage accident caused by a squirrel spooking the horses.  [He was a brother-in-law of Ellis Good, father of Doyle Wright, mentioned above.  See also article at right.]

1913 June 26 – Senator Pomerene has recommended Charles Stroup for appointment as postmaster at Lynchburg and Roy Hale for the New Vienna postmastership.  There was a warm contest for both places.  The jobs each pay about $1200.

1913 June 28 – Roy C. Hale, recommended by Senator Pomerene to be Postmaster at New Vienna, to succeed DeWitt C. Pemberton. [The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio, Saturday, June 28, 1913]

1933 June 23 – George F. Neffner, of New Vienna, was installed as Grand Warden of the Ohio Grand Lodge of I.O.O.F. [The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio, Saturday, June 23, 1923]

1943 June 25 – To Present Pupils - Tuesday evening, June 29, Helen Isobel Pope will present her New Vienna piano class in a recital at the Church of Christ, New Vienna.  Those appearing are Dickie Carey, Jacquelyn Carey [McKenzie, NVHS'47], Tom Carey [NVHS'49], Carey ["Bo,"] Streber [NVHS'49], Gary Simmons, Miriam Snell and Calvin Smith [NVHS'44].

1953 June 30 – The sixth annual Ohio Sheep Day will be held in Wooster on July 17.  One of the programs, "A Farmer's Sheep Philosphy" will be presented by Clayton Terrell, of New Vienna. [Marysville Journal-Tribune, Marysville, Ohio, Tuesday, June 30, 1953]

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