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1961 Betty Gano Favorite Recipe

Her Favorite Recipe was a regular feature of the Wilmington (Ohio) News-Journal during the 1960s and into the 70s. Previously featured on the NV History Blog was the favorite recipe of Melba Fawley, which can be found at this link:

Betty Kinzer Gano and daughters, Sybil and Jennifer are pictured below along with the recipe for ice cream pie.  Betty is currently living in Wilmington and enjoys history and visits with her daughters; her husband, George Glenn Gano, passed away in 2008.  Betty was recently inducted into the Clinton County First Family Society, in which inductees must prove ancestors were in Clinton County by 1820; and the Civil War Society which required proving a relationship to someone who resided in Clinton County and served in the Civil War.  Transcription follows.

1961 Betty Gano recipe clipping
Captioned: NOT PIE A LA MODE – It's pie and it's ice cream but it's not a la mode.  It's ice cream pie Mrs. Gano is serving her daughters at their Heritage Home farm, Martinsville Route 1.  On the left is Sybil and on the right Jennifer.

The George Ganos live in the house built by the grandfather and their daughters Sybil, 11, and Jennifer, 10 are the fourth generation of the family to reside there.

Mrs. Gano is completely devoted to the girls and their activities, Heritage Home and the Jersey cattle they raise there.  She has a full schedule and is so satisfied with it she doesn't miss any interests outside.

Cooking is part of the home affairs of course but she says she is spasmodic about cooking especially since they used to entertain a lot but have not time for it now.

This ice cream pie she likes because it offers the opportunity for so many combination.  Lemon instant pudding with pineapple ice cream, strawberry instant pudding with strawberry ice cream, vanilla with pistachio and butterscotch and chocolate are particularly good.

The family's main interest is their registered Jerseys.  "They are our work and hobby too," Mrs. Gano says.  She keeps all of the registration records and does all the bookwork.

"I'm secretary and hired hand, too," she laughs.  She milks regularly every evening and "mornings when drafted."  She helps the man in charge of the milking, weighing or doing any chore needed. The 28-herd is machine milked.

Recently they've been exhibiting at fairs so the summer was spent training the livestock and then attend the fairs.  Currently they are showing at the Ohio State Fair.

Both the girls help show.  In 4-H at the Clinton County Fair Sybil won the junior showmanship award.

Mrs. Gano does some church work and is much interested in the girls church affiliations.  They are in the Methodist Youth Fellowship.  She is as keen about their music, Sybil takes clarinet and piano and Jennifer trumpet lessons.

When Mrs. Gano was in 4-H she took – not surprisingly – dairy projects, also knitting.  She likes to sew and for leisure time that's what she does, all kinds of handwork.

For this ice cream pie Mrs. Gano uses a graham cracker crust instead of a pastry shell.  Cinnamon crackers are especially good with plain vanilla filling, she says.

The recipe for the crust is 1½ cups cinnamon graham crackers mixed with two tablespoonfuls of sugar and a quarter cup of melted butter.  Line sides and bottom of 9-inch pie plate and bake about 10 minutes at 350.

For the filling blend together lightly in bowl one pint vanilla ice cream and one cup of milk.  Add the package of vanilla instant pudding.  Beat until just mixed, one minute.  Pour at once into 9-inch pie shell and let stand in refrigerator about an hour.

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