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February News from "4" Years

1874 Feb - Was the height of the southern Ohio Temperance Movement of which a significant amount of news came from New Vienna.  A separate post about the New Vienna Whiskey War can be found at this link:  New Vienna Whiskey War

1894 Feb 1 - An epidemic of diphtheria is prevailing at New Vienna and the schools have been closed. --(Hillsboro) News-Herald 01Feb1894p5

1894 Feb 22 - The scourge of diphtheria in New Vienna is abating with no new cases reported for the past week. --(Hillsboro) News-Herald 22Feb1894p5

1964 Feb 18 - Union Grange celebrated their 65th Anniversary since reorganization in 1899 [the original charter from 1874 was lost, and was reissued in 1899] and Ralph Carey and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Bernard received 50-year-membership pins, which made 14 members who have received such an honor, six of whom are still living. --Wilmington News-Journal 18Feb1964p10

1964 Feb 20 - Pauline Gibson, owner of Polly's Restaurant in Lynchburg, has announced the opening of another restaurant in New Vienna.  She purchased the fixtures and equipment of Hook's Restaurant at the corner of Main St. and SR-28.  --Wilmington News-Journal 20Feb1964p13

Links to February 1964 New Vienna news in the Wilmington (Ohio) News-Journal.
[Last month I included scans of all January 1964 New Vienna news.  This month it was almost impossible for me to keep up with the sheer volume of "news" that Mabel Davis produced.  Therefore, this month only included are the names mentioned with links to the clippings if you want to read further.  In future, will probably not even do that much, but only provide the highlights.  Let me know if you are looking for anything or anyone particular.]
  • 5 Feb 1964 in two parts: p.14 Names mentioned include: Durham, Bohl, Allen, Ridgeway, Kuntzman, Wright, Ames, McCoy, Matthews, Thornburg, Long, Barre, Parry, Calendine, Young, Garrison, Mongold, Carey, Roads, Blackburn, Roehm, Woods, Thompson, Cook, Saunders, McCoppin, Tolliver, Edwards, Seaman, Deininger, Jones, Mee, Sunders, Morton, Scott, Penn, Fawley, McKenzie, Canter, Mossbarger, Curtis, Rulon, Wiget, Hughes, Painter, Hutchens, Wilson, Croghan, and Swisher.
  • 5 Feb 1964 p.15 Names mentioned include: Croghan, Edwards, West, Brownlee, Faris, Cochran, Johnson, Tolliver, Compton, Ames, Hunt, Mongold, Brown, Roehm, Bennett, Saunders, Glancy, Mee, Miller, Babb, Wilson, Lytle, McDonald, Eaton, Hildebrant, Castle, and Penn.
  • 8 Feb 1964: Names mentioned include: Johnson, Uible, Bryner, Smallridge, Sheffield, Simkins, Cornelius, Davis, Long, Bernard, Carey, Clark, Cooper, Pence, Schultz, Moore, Swindler, Fleming, McKenzie, Storer, Foreman, Thornburg, Pierson, Selph, Whitmer, Akers, Stepp, Cluxton, Babb, Hutchens, Rice, Smith, Kibler, Terrell, Okey, Dunlap, Fleming, Campbell, Sullivan, Thomas, McKibben, Knauff, Puderbaugh, Edwards, Everhart, Barry, Weaver, Manuel, Miller, Boatman, Roberts and Penquite.
  • 10 Feb 1964: Names mentioned include: Uible, Bryner, Smallridge, Sheffield, Schwartz, Cornelius, Davis, Long, Bernard, Carey, Nischwitz, Irwin, Achor, Marsh, Clark, McCoy, Fisher, Fawley, Henderson, Ledford, McKenzie, Roush, Settlemyre, Preston, Hunter, Stratton, Rayburn, Bennett, Garman, Phillips, Packard, Roberson, Bohl, Pugsley, Hause, Davis, and Holmes
  • 12 Feb 1964: Names mentioned include: Cook, Ross, Carey, Michael, Anderson, Grimsley, Fels, McKenzie, Woodmansee, McKamey, Stanfield, Simkins, Davis, Whitmer, Sears, Mahanes, Walls, Roush, Stratton, Fisher, Mohr (or Mohn?), Baker, Albrechtson, Deafner, Miller, Kinzer, and Pendell.
  • 13 Feb 1964: Names mentioned include: Roberts, Ferguson, Minzler, McKamey, Smalley, Farringer, Garen, Cluxton, Regan, Linkhart, Germann, Precht, Moore, Eckler, Huffman, Evjen, Achor, Curtis, Matthews, Croghan, West, Newbrey, Parshall, Kier, Wylie, Anderson, Collier, Garman, Hutchens, Hempstead, King, Shoemaker, Blackburn.
  • 14 Feb 1964: Names mentioned include: Uible, Smallridge, Bryner, Burton, Drake, Streber, Croghan, Kuntzman, Bohl, Simkins, Chestnut, Fisher, Fawley, Woods, Powell, Penn, Waits, Thornburg, West, Rudisill, Davis, Flint, Hibberd, McKamey, Walls, and Brite.
  • 18 Feb 1964: Names mentioned include:Davis, Corzatt, Uible, Smallridge, Bryner, Burton, Drake, Streber, Croghan, Kuntzman, Bohl, Simkins, Chestnut, Fisher, Fawley, Woods, Powell, Penn, Waits, Thornburg, West, Rudisill, Flint, Hibberd, McKamey, Walls, and Brite.
  • 18 Feb 1964 - Kindergarten classes go on field trip to the Post Office. Mrs. McKamey’s Kindergartens tour Post Office - makes the newspaper as part of the Feb. 18 New Vienna news. Bill Flint, postmaster and his assistants Mrs. Glenn Fisher and Glenn Purtee explained the mail system to the students.  [Later in the month the students toured Minzler Market.]
          The morning group consisted of Judy Ames, Jerri Baker, Lora Ballinger, Jimmy Bernard, Kevin Croghan, Jana Curtis, Ricky Davis, Charles Flint, Elbert Fox, Eric Keltner, Brian Knisley, Karol Kuntzman, Brett Laymon, Kimberly Long, Betty Ann Lovell, Luitina Mahanes, Cindy Murphy, Larry Penn, Cindy Jo Stoops, Randy Thompson, Rhonda Turner. Mrs. Mckamey, Mrs. Ronald Ballinger and Mrs. Wendell Mahanes furnished transportation.
          The afternoon group consisted of: Bill Allen, Judy Caplinger, Jimmy Custis, Cathy Daye, Phillip Dean, Debbie Ferguson, Stevie Johnson, Bryan Linkhart, Connie Lucas, Tina Mongold, Kimberly Murphy, Sammy Terrell, Cindy Tolle, John Uible, Nickie Wallen, Doug Woodmansee, Debbie Young and Doug Young. Transportation was furnished by Mrs. McKamey and Mrs. Estel Daye Jr.
  • 19 Feb 1964 - Farmers Road News.  Names mentioned include: Reunion of 1926 classmates from a one room school, Mt. Vernon (Greasy Hill) NE of Blanchester on Reeder Rd., north of Second Creek Road, met together. Their teacher at that time was HOMER WILLIAMS of New Vienna. Other names mentioned include: Butts, Lister, Quigley, Reveal, Speaight, Scott, Worrell, Moon, Mooney, Dale, Custis, Carey, Behymer, Hagemeyer, King, Holt.
  • 19 Feb 1964 - New Vienna Village Annual Report for 1963 Includes line-item expenses and receipts. Total tax valuation of $1,548,682. Indicates 1960 Census of 858 residents within village limits. John P. Joy, Village Clerk.
  • 19 Feb 1964 - Names mentioned include: Kuntzman, Streber, Salisbury, Hughes, Perry, Fawley, Croghan, Allen, Bryner, Chestnut, Larrick, Holmes.
  • 20 Feb 1964 -  Names mentioned include: Michael, Drake, Terrell, Minzler, Little, Cochran, Daye, Smalley, Ferguson, Shaw, Achor, Irwin, Sheffield, Curtis, Saunders, Farringer, Allen, Osborn, Clevenger, McKibben, Roberts, Smith, Simbro, Briggs, Davis, Grabill, Gordley, Armstrong, McCune, King, Cline, Hunt, Trenary, Quigley, Woods, Barrett, Fisher, Thornburg, Walker, Gordon, Stegman, Anderson, Urtel, Hughes, Foster, Kester, Haynie, Pendel, Decelle, Dodd, Wright, Stratton, Rayburn, Waits, Thornburg, Creed, Myers, Gordley, Salisbury. On same page: Simon Kenton Junior Class play, starring Gary Curtis and Monty Rankin.
  • 22 Feb 1964 - Names mentioned include: Davis, Blackburn, Roehm, Ames, Hunt, Bohl, Manuel, Miller, Roads, McVey, Waddell, Morton, Caplinger, Anderson, Jury, Hull, Hutchens, Conklin, Larrick, Bond, Garman, Sweringen, Croghan, Bortocci, Dove, Flint, Allen, Penn, Tolle, Knauff, Ramsey, South, Hause, Huffman, Kuntzman, Hughes, Eaton, Michael, Custis, Drake, Terrell, Greene, Gammell, Gibson, Mongold, Roush, Smith, Porter, Pennington, Harris, McDonald, Linkhart, Gordon, Walker, Rollins, Gillam, Wilson, Simbro, Kelley, Clevenger, Vance, Fender, Johnson, Kendall.
  • 25 Feb 1964 - Names mentioned include:  Farringer, Kuntzman, Hause, South, Outcalt, Penn, Matthews, Thompson, Nash, Brodfield, Southerland, Johnson, Holmes, Berry, Manuel, Grimsley, West, Parshall, Newbrey, Smalley, Dunlap, O’Briant, Hetzler, Ingersoll, Miller, Shoemaker, Davies, Demas, Bryner.
  • 26 Feb 1964 - Boy Scout Hike to Fallsville. Names mentioned include: Larry Akers, Gary Akers, Donnie Achors, Ricky Orebaugh, David Myers, Vic Bernard, Mike Williams, Gene Williams, Gary Orebaugh, Vic Bernard, Doug Hutchins, Larry Priest, Mark Allen, Mickey Wilkinson, Larry West, Garry Edison, Lloyd Tolle, Harold Wallen, Billy Akers, Greg Prickett, Jery Shiffer, and Mrs. Roy Myers.
  • 27 Feb 1964 - Names mentioned include: Salisbury, Achor, Young, McKenzie, Ledford, Mongold, Garrison, Hildebrant, Behling, Curtis, Wolfe, Thompson, Simkins, Long, Davis, Huffman, Drake, Custis, Cook, Streber, Carey, Fisher, Deck, Bohl, Smalley, Robinson, Thornburg, Waits, Hause, Preston, Saunders, Nischwitz, Joy, Achor, Roush, Crothers, Edgington, Lindenmouth, Johnson, Martin, McCune, Martin, Roads, McVey, Woodmansee, Henderson, McCoy, Bernard, Wright.
  • 29 Feb 1964 - Names mentioned include: [half the phone book practically] Kuntzman, Moon, Outcalt, Cooper, Bohl, Simkins, Curtis, Robinson, Bernard, Wolfe, Hildebrant, Hughes, Eaton, Hause, Farringer, Briggs, Cochran, Brown, Saunders, McKamey, Leach, Shaw, Barker, Hieronymus, Bernard, Harner, Carey, Fels, Anderson, McKibben, Smith, Selph, Custis, Fawley, Henderson, Polk, Smallridge, Davis, Minzler, Croghan, Thomas, Hess, Williams, Wise, Caplinger, Thornburg, McDonald, Jones, Stroup, Borchers, Wilder, Drake, Saunders, Mee, Glancy, Haines, Bashore, McVey, McKenzie, Linkhart, Ross, Mason, Beair, Musser, Greene, Demas, Miller, Woods, Harris, Wilson, Smalley, Davies, Musser, Caplinger, Miller, Wright, Swingley, Williams, McCune, Fleming, Ludwick, Ray, Kibler, Hurst, Dolphin, Achor, Roush, Pohlman, Brewer, Nischwitz, Tolle, Merkle, Vance, Fisher, Curtis, Ruble, Wilson, Creig, Faris, VanPelt, Dunlap, Hamilton, Langley, Malone, Pope, Hewitt, Roush, Woodmansee, Nicely, Taylor, Hatcher, Bryan, McVey, Roads, Hixson, Seaman, Butts, Donohoo, Frump, Purtee, Ridgeway, West, Yates, Myers, Palmer, Waits, Keever, Sturgeon, Murphy & Knisley.

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  1. Oops! Just realized the information and the link for the news of 28 Feb 1964 is actually for 28 Feb 1963. That will be corrected shortly. One year seemed just like the next as far as New Vienna news went back in the 1960s evidently.