Sunday, June 12, 2011

Municipal Building New Vienna Ohio 1939

Dedication for the new Municipal Building was held June 13, 1939.  Cost $32,000 with C.J. Uible as general contractor, with $13,000 received from the Public Works Administration of the Federal Government.
Municipal Building Completed June 1939

Municipal Building Theatre/Auditorium 1939


  1. Amazing to think New Vienna use to have a movie theater. I do think I have some vague memories of my Dad talking about it? I was born in 68 and I don't ever recall seeing it.

  2. Yes, hard to imagine the fire station as a movie theatre or vice versa. I remember seeing a couple of western movies and occasionally there were cartoon shows for the kids. I think the last movie was shown in the late 1950s, so the theatre lasted about 20 years. The Opera House (where the Senior Citizens is now) had a longer run, but burned down in the 1920s.