Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1958-59 Fourth Grade (Class of 1967)

4th grade 1958-59 New Vienna Ohio Class of '67. Front Row: Laura "Weegie" Hughes Page, Sybil Gano Allen, Shirley Bernard Haeuptle, Nancy Henderson Hamilton, Marilyn Vanzant Cooper, Sandra Nischwitz, Carolyn Vanzant Brown, Patty Walker Ryan, David Schwering, James Storer, Greg Linkhart, Larry Mitchell, Larry Strevel, Keith Collins, Lonnie Stewart Back Row left to right: Greg Schamaun, Unknown, Carolyn Collier Taubenheim, Catherine Uible Morgan, Cheryl Cluxton Mongold, Gary Orebaugh, Alice Fisher Symons, Linda Eltzroth Compton, Pete Walls, Pamela Purtee, Mike Whited, Susan Deck, Linda Sweeney, Karen Haynie, Mrs. Hildebrant
Not pictured: Linda Brooks. 
Image courtesy of Mike Whited.

News reports from Mrs. Hildebrant's 4th Grade:
Thanks to Carolyn Collier Taubenheim (and her mother who saved such items) for the two class reports.

Mrs. Hildebrant [November 1958]

We have been making pictures of the southern English colonies.  We hope to make some of the Pilgrims before Thanksgiving.  We are really enjoying our Social Studies Books.

In arithmetic we're busy with our multiplication and division facts.

Patty Walker, Catherine Uible, Larry Mitchell, Carolyn Collier and Linda Brooks are the only ones that have all 100's in spelling for the past five weeks.

Catherine Uible and Linda Ann Eltzroth have handed in the most book reports.

We wish to thank all who helped make the Halloween Carnival a success and especially our home room mothers, Mrs. Paul Linkhart, and Mrs. Donald Bernard who helped in place of Mrs. George Henderson.


Grade 4
Mrs. Hildebrant [January 1959]

The fourth grade would like to thank the Board of Education for making our rooms more desirable places for school work.  We really do appreciate it.

We are beginning the new semester with resolutions to work harder.

Most of us know all of our multiplication and division facts, and we are enjoying our new game Quizmo in which we use these facts.

Larry Mitchell was the only one to receive all 100's in spelling the past six weeks.

Laura Louise Hughes, Catherine Uible, Carolyn Collier, Linda Eltzroth, and Larry Mitchell made the highest grades in our class this six weeks.

Linda Eltzroth has handed in the most book reports for the girls and David Schwering for the boys.

We are all enjoying our flutophones.  Most of us can play Jingle Bells.

We hope to see you at the tournament.


  1. I had Mrs. Hildebrant 20 years later---such a great teacher and wonderful person! Paul Linkhart was my Dad's Brother I believe.

    1. Link, thanks for your comment. You are correct about Paul Linkhart. His son, Greg, was in this class.