Thursday, February 23, 2012

1962 - First Grades New Vienna Ohio School

1962 Tiger Tales - Yearbook of New Vienna High School 1961-62.

First graders in 1962 would become part of the East Clinton class of 1973.  Here are their first grade pictures:
Mrs. Fenwick's 1st Grade New Vienna Ohio School 1961-62.  First row: Debra Roehm, Candy Davis, Sherry Fulton, Paul Bernard, Jeff Streber.  Second Row: Ronnie Smalley, Danny Knisley, Randy Ferguson, Beverly Brooks, Daniel Lawson.  Third Row: Cindy Fulcher, Carl Palmer,Debbie Davis, Mrs. Fenwick,  Charles Fisher, Linda Conyers, Peggy Curtis.  Not pictured: Timmy Penn, Matthew Zimmerman, Sheryl Blackburn, Julia Murphy, Lissa Rupp.
Mrs. Laughlin's 1st Grade - New Vienna Ohio School 1962-62.  First Row: Teresa Clear, Catherine Dean, David Marshall, Mary Lou Dean, Linda Allen.  Second Row: Paul Berwanger, Kim Michael, Aaron Burton, Barbara Bernard, Ruth Ann Johnson.  Third Row: John Custis, Ethel Rollins, Mrs. Laughlin, Serena Uible, Don Smith.  Not pictured: Randy West, Donnie Behling, Dorothy Harris, Charles Dayton, Mashell Laymon.

The 1962 Tiger Tales was dedicated to Mary Fenwick:

  • because she has started so many of us on our journey through New Vienna High School
  • Because of her many years of laying the foundation for our higher learning
  • Because of her understanding interest for each pupil's needs and aspirations

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