Thursday, February 2, 2012

2nd Grade class 1971-72

These students would have been members of the East Clinton Class of 1982.  They not only survived the NV playground, but a year with Miss Purtee.  [I had my own experience with Miss Purtee, and I understand she did not mellow too much with age.]   Can you help name those who are not yet identified?
2nd grade class 1971-72
New Vienna School, New Vienna, Ohio

Top Row: Jimmy Morris, Melanie McCune Lamke, Linda Lacy, Kirk Michael.  
2nd Row: Jim Wolfe, Chuck Larrick, Chris Dodd, Mr. Jim Luck, Miss Aleda Purtee, Terry Smith, Kelly Walker Ely, Mary Uible Crowson.  
3rd Row: Van Pratt, NYI, NYI, NYI, Steve Cluxton, Dale Robinson, Joe Throckmorton, NYI.  
Bottom Row: Allen Pinkerton, NYI, NYI, Shari Flint Hufford, Mike Lowman


  1. Yes, Jimmy Morris Top Left and Chuck Larrick between Jim Wolfe and Chris Dodd. Yes on Joe Throckmorton to the right of Dale Robinson. I had to change my facebook notifications because my cell phone started going crazy---every time someone commented on the picture (some have more organized thoughts?), I got an email. Definitely a popular post, Catherine!

  2. Thanks to my sister, Mary, and many of her fellow classmates on Facebook for helping me identify most of these characters. Six of them remain to be identified.