Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mrs. Wolfe's 4th-5th Grade Class 1962

The previous year Mrs. Wolfe had a combo 4th-6th grade class, when she was still Miss Smart. She must have married Bill Wolfe in the summer of 1961.
Mrs. Wolfe's 4th-5th Grade 1961-62.  Top Row: Paula Rollins, Marvin Fawley, Donnie Achor, Christine Berwanger, Mike Trenary, Robert Fisher, Shirley Rollins, Nancy Walker. 3rd Row: Barbara Roberts, Peter Marshall, Donald Dayton, Rose Whitmer, Billy Nischwitz, Cynthia Burton, Penny Fauber.  2nd Row: Larry Saunders, Ricky Cline, Wayne McCollum, Linda Holden, David Roehm.  Front Row: Mrs. William Wolfe, John Milburn, Johy Joy, Valerie Allen, Jill Laymon.  Not pictured: Janet Hagen, Anna Mae Wical, Danny Adams, Debbie Hutchens, Debbie Fenner, Vicki Priest

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  1. I really liked Mrs. Wolfe as a teacher and as a person. I had her for 4th grade.