Saturday, March 9, 2013

1973 Brownie Troop 942

Clipping from Wilmington (Ohio) News-Journal, March 9, 1973
1973 Brownie Troop 942 - Leaders Barbara [Williams] Blackmore (left) and Mildred Penn.  Front Row: Linda Hurst, Sharon Kerrick, Tonya Oppy, Tonya Blackmore, Michelle Hutchins, Tammy Cain, Mary Beth Waddell, Wilma Perry, Teri Streber, Susan Myers, Peggy Milburn.  Second Row: LuGrace Faircloth, Angie Miller, Kathy Sholler, Jan Davidson, Becky Pinkerton, Becky Campbell, Anita Penn, Vicki Butler.  Back Row: Annjanette Faircloth, Darlene Linkhart, Shari Flint, Mary Uible, Dienna Miller and Jerri Mahanes.

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  1. Cool to see my sister! I was only 4 at the time. Thanks much!