Saturday, March 9, 2013

West Street Views

West Street New Vienna Ohio looking east toward Main Street from a point to the east of the junction of SR-73 and SR-28, c1906 postcard.  Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.

West St. at northern corner of Main St. – west of small building shown at left below, uptown New Vienna, Ohio c1910?  Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.
Corner of West St. and Main, north side, New Vienna Ohio c1910 Thornhill & Neffner store on corner, Stephanie's Restaurant in 2013.  Under a magnifying glass the window of the small building next to the restaurant behind the tree is Dr. Morton's dental office.  Image Courtesy of Mike Whited.


  1. In the third picture I see the pole for either telephone or electricity--that's cool.

    The first picture---can you give a modern day example---like looking from the street next to the dollar store to where the old streber's market use to be.

    Nice pics and fun to look at--thanks much!

  2. Link, thanks for your comment. I added a few more words of description to the top two pictures, but I'm not sure exactly where the first picture starts – somewhere to the east of the current dollar store. Hate to refer too much to current or former businesses as that is very frustrating to read when one knows neither of them. For instance when I read something written in the 1970s that refers to a location by who owned it then, and 40 years later I have no idea where that location would be. The Dollar Store corner in my younger days was an apartment building which was torn down to become a Marathon Gas Station which was then demolished for the Dollar Store building.

    Another reader tells me he thinks the more exact date for the top picture (postcard) is 1906. If we could find one of those postcards that had a postmark from an early 1900 year that would help to verify the time period.