Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1973 Morrow named EC Supt.

September 18, 1973's Wilmington News-Journal had the following clipping about the new Superintendent at East Clinton, 10 years after the consolidation of New Vienna with Wayne Township schools.  Transcription follows.

Morrow named superintendent at East Clinton

County superintendent of schools Walter Nichols announced today that the East Clinton board of Education in regular session Monday night, employed school principal Donald Morrow to replace Superintendent George Greer who has resigned.

Greer, on approval by the EC board, has accepted the position, effective Oct. 1, as superintendent of schools of Highland County.  He replaces John Cushing who resigned because of ill health.

Morrow, who will become superintendent Oct. 1, has 18 years experience in school work.

He has been a high school principal seven years, an elementary principal one year, and was a high school teacher for 10 years.  Before coming to East Clinton, he was principal of Fairfield High School, in Highland County.

He received his masters degree from Wittenberg University in 1952.  Morrow is also a four year Navy veteran who spent 22 months in Korea.

He lives in Jeffersonville, where he has been mayor since 1960.  He plans to move his family to the EC district.  He and his wife, Glenna, have two daughters, Lenna is in the fourth grade, and Sharon attends the Cincinnati Academy of Fine Arts.

Morrow's replacement as principal is presently under consideration.


  1. I recall seeing him a few times at the school in New Vienna when I was a little kid. I was afraid of him.

    1. I heard he is now in a nursing home, but don't have any details. If we assume he began his work career in 1955 (18 years before 1973) he was probably born in mid 1930s and would now be about 80.