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September News from "3" years

1863, 1873 and 1883 news from the Highland Weekly News, published in Hillsboro, Ohio 1853-1886; 1893 and 1913 news from the Hillsboro News-Herald; 1943, 1963 news from Hillsboro's Press Gazette. Other sources as listed below.

1863 Sept. 10 - Meeting of the grand Union Basket Meeting will be held at New Vienna on Sept. 25.  Ohio Gov. Tod had promised to be present as well as many other fine speakers.  The New Vienna committee is composed of Benj. SMITH, C.C. BOWERS, Jno. MATHEWS, and J.C. GREEN.

1873 Sept. 4 - Rev. Mr. MOORE of New Vienna preached to good audiences in the Baptist church.

1873 Sept. 10 - Marriage of Emma ARTHUR to T.J. ASHDELL.  Emma is the daughter of Edward ARTHUR, a New Vienna banker. --Cincinnati Enquirer p.5

1883 Sept. 12 - Commissioners of the Mt. Olive free turnpike awarded remainder of the bonds, $6,000 in all, to the contractor of the pike Dr. A.T. JOHNSON of New Vienna.  These bonds can be purchased from the Dr. at a reasonable price.

1883 Sept. 19 - J. A. ROBBINS [of New Lexington (Highland)] has been employed to help to the brickwork of the new hotel at New Vienna.

1893 Sept. 6 - D.D. CHANEY appointed as Methodist minister for New Vienna and New Lexington [Highland].   --Cincinnati Enquirer p.5

1893 Sept. 19 - A fatal train collision near Chicago killed nine persons, including J.W. POWELL of New Vienna.  --Salem (Ohio) Daily News p.2  A Young man named Penn, a bank clerk at New Vienna, was traveling with Mr. Powell and is now missing, and no word of him can be obtained. --Hillsboro News=Herald, Sept. 21, 1893, p.5.

1893 Sept. 28 - [For those not wanting the gruesome details on the above mentioned article, skip this paragraph.]  Mr. Powell's body was horribly mangled.  His legs were cut off near the body.  His arms were severed, and one of them was never found.  His head was crushed.

1903 Sept. 8 - Rev. A. HAMILTON appointed to the Methodist pulpit in New Vienna.  --Piqua Daily Call p.2

1923 Sept. 3 - William B. BONHAM of New Vienna, is an Ordained Elder of the M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Church.  --Cincinnati Enquirer p.7

1943 Sept. 3 - Hunting licenses can be purchased at Kibler Implement Co. in New Vienna.

1943 Sept. 7 - Aviation Cadet, Robert G. THOMPSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pete THOMPSON  of New Vienna is enrolled in pre-flight school at San Antonio, Texas.

1953 Sept. 12 - Janet BERNARD of New Vienna, showed the junior fair champion, Southdown ram, winning the state Southdown award.  --Marysville Journal-Tribune p.3

1963 Sept. 6 - Mrs. Wendell TRENARY, New Vienna, was hostess for the Hudson reunion held Mon. at Leesburg Roadside Park.

1963 Sept. 10 - Death of Miss Elizabeth HODSON, 85, of New Vienna.  She was born November 12, 1877 in Highland County, daughter of Eli HODSON and Sophia McFADDEN HODSON.  She was survived by nieces and nephews.

1963 Sept. 13 - Mr. and Mrs. Leonard SHAW of New Vienna announce the engagement of their daughter, Deanna Sue, to Mr. Jerry C. DAVIS, son of Mr. Frank A. DAVIS of New Vienna and the late Mrs. Davis.  Both Miss Shaw and her fiance are graduates of New Vienna High School.

1963 Sept. 17 - Ad for Clark's Family Clothes, New Vienna.

1963 Sept. 17 - Announcement of marriage of Miss Janet Lee MILBURN, daughter of Mrs. Irma MILBURN of NV and Mr. Thomas MILBURN of Sabina, to Mr. George M. COX, son of Mr. and Mrs. William COX of New Vienna.

1963 Sept. 17 - Death of Stanley MORRIS, retired farmer who lived in New Vienna for some years.  He was survived by his wife Mara; as well as three sons and four daughters.

1963 Sept. 27 - Mr. and Mrs. Herschel HOOK of Hillsboro have purchased the Smith Restaurant in New Vienna from Clarence SMITH.  Mrs. Hook, formerly with the Ritz Restaurant in Lynchburg has had 15 years experience in the restaurant business.

1973 Sept. 7 - L. Eugene SMITH, owner of Smith Funeral Home, New Vienna, announced the purchase of Reynolds-Sulcer Funeral Home, Wilmington.

1973 Sept. 12 - Wedding reported of Joyce Ann SHANK, Sabina, and Mark D. ALLEN, New Vienna.

1973 Sept. 18 - Etta May [POST] SELPH, 84, of New Vienna, passed away on Sept. 13.  She was born in Highland County April 3, 1889.  She was survived by her daughter, Mrs. Heber FAUBER [Jane NVHS 1944] and four grandchildren: Larry, Penny, Teddy and Ricky.

1973 Sept. 28 - William (Bill) MANOR, a 1973 graduate of East Clinton, has enlisted in the Air Force. --Xenia Daily Gazette p.12

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