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October News from "3" Years

October news from the "3" years from a large political rally in 1863 to a Daye Hardware Ad in 1973 includes new owner for New Vienna Mill (1893), a liquor referendum (1913), death of Mayor West (1943) and nomination of Billy Flint for Postmaster (1953).

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1863 Oct 1 - A write-up taken from the Cincinnati Gazette describes the Union Meeting held in New Vienna on Sept. 25.  This political rally brought "six or eight thousand ... from every portion of the country, to demonstrate in favor of [John] Brough" [Union Candidate for Ohio Governor who ran against anti-Civil War candidate Clement Vallandigham.]  One of the largest delegations,  was about 700 people from Clark township.  The rally was held in a farm grove.  [Hillsboro Highland Weekly News, Oct. 1, 1863 p.3]

1873 Oct 4 - For Sale - A bakery and confectionery, cheap.  Address: Bakery, New Vienna. [Cincinnati Enquirer Oct. 4, 1873 p.3]

12 Oct 1893 - John Boden purchased the New Vienna flour mill after it had failed with several owners.  [Clinton Republican Oct. 12, 1893]

1893 Oct 13 - The Ohio Board of Pardons is considering the case of 20 year-old Austin Moore of Highland County, who pleaded guilty to murdering his father near New Vienna in 1891. [Marion Star Oct. 13, 1893 p.1]

1913 Oct 28 - Under the Beal Law an election was held yesterday in New Vienna.  The "drys" won by 128 to 92.  [Cincinnati Enquirer Oct. 28, 1903 p.2]

1923 Oct 18 - Margaret Elton [1870-1964] of New Vienna, is appointed matron of the girls' industrial school in Delaware, after standing highest in the recent civil service examination for the position.  She has taught school in Highland County for 13 years and was five years matron of the Highland county jail as well as nine years chief matron of the Soldiers' and Sailors' orphans' home near Xenia, where her husband, J.P. Elton was superintendent. [Mansfield News Oct. 18, 1923 p.11]

1943 Oct 8 - Mayor of New Vienna Stricken - James R. West, 69, mayor of New Vienna for 12 years, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage at his home Tuesday about 6 P.M. and died Wednesday at 1:30 A.M. A native of near Lees Creek, Mayor West had spent most of his life in New Vienna. [Hillsboro Press-Gazette Oct. 8, 1943 p.2]
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1953 Oct 8 - Horse Racing:  Lovely H. owned and driven by John McDonald of New Vienna won both heats of the featured Class B pace at the Lebanon Raceway's harness race meeting last night. [John, 1910-1992, father of Jeannette Laymon] [Newark Advocate Oct. 8, 1953 p.20]

1953 Oct 21 - Charles G. Blackburn, farmer of 270 acres near New Vienna said farmers "shouldn't cry 'gimme' to everything within our reach," in an article titled Farmers Differ on Government Aid. [Coshocton Tribune Oct. 21, 1953 p.6]

1963 Oct 23 - Billy L. Flint, New Vienna, nomination for postmaster submitted by President Kennedy to the Senate. [Lancaster Eagle-Gazette Oct. 23, 1963 p.32]

1973 Oct 2 - Ad for Daye Hardware, New Vienna, offering Console Stereo for $169.95. [Hillsboro Press-Gazette Oct. 2, 1973 p.2]

1973 Oct 11 - Glenn L. McElwee, 55, died in Knoxville, TN, following a heart attack.  He was born at Fort Hill in Highland County in 1918, and had taught school for 33 years in Wilmington and NewVienna where he was also a track and basketball coach.

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