Friday, March 2, 2012

1962 - 2nd & 3rd Grades New Vienna Ohio School

New Vienna second graders in 1962 would become part of the East Clinton Class of 1972 and the third graders would graduate a year sooner in 1971.  Lots would happen in their personal lives as well as the world during the next 9-10 years.  Pictures copied from the 1962 Tiger Tales
Miss Purtee's 2nd Grade 1961-62 New Vienna (Ohio) School.  Top Row:  David Hughes, Joey Davis, Jeffrey Hodson, Diana Priest, Teddy West, Tony Bowles, Donna Malloy.  3rd Row: Rosa Lawson, Lynn Pierson, Billy Wilkinson, Linda Irwin, Sandra Lane, Helen Fisher.  2nd Row: Patty Edison, Tommy Lloyd, Don Stethem, Barry Williams, Joyce Collins, Gregory Mathews. Front Row: Miss Aleda Purtee, Johnny Johnson, Kenny Irwin, Terry Bernard, Bonnie Wolfe.  Not pictured: Cheryl Puckett, John Sullivan, Virgil Campbell, Kay Mayo, Dell Lightner, Debra Walker.

Mrs. Harner's 2nd-3rd Grade 1961-62 - New Vienna (Ohio) School.  Front Row:  Connie Whited, Bill Ballard, Danny Woods, LaVerne Hudson.  2nd Row: Lois Berwanger, Debbi, Baker, Nancy Scott, Pam McCoy, Brenda Rolston. 3rd Row: Mrs. Orville Harner, Lydia Burton, Marsha Curtis, Debbi Milburn, Bonnie Burns, Jacki Walker, Shirley Puckett.  Top Row: Bill Musser, Larry Eltzroth, Bill Cluxton, Ted Behling, Jerry Collins, Steve Rupp, H.C. Cook.  Not pictured: Jeanne Blackburn, Danny Nixon, Charles Peacock, Mike Rupp, Mark Garen, Larry West.

Mrs. Woodmansee's 3rd Grade 1961-62 New Vienna (Ohio) School.  Front Row: Janet Myers, Vicki Hughes Doss, Mark Allen, Dixie Pope, Denise Brumley Maier.  Second Row: Susan McMillan, Timmy Stackhouse, Shellie Purtee, Billy Akers, Kevin Zimmerman, Victor Allen.  Third Row: Mrs. Martha Woodmansee, Tim Hughes, Connie Myers, Douglas Hutchins, Debbie Clear, Leatha Graham.  Top Row:  Jennifer Smalley, Teddy Jackson, James Joy, Mark Laymon, Gloria Rollins, Ronnie Salsbury.  Not pictured: Bobby Blackburn, Danny Custis, Teddy Fauber, Lennie Mayo, Kathy Lightner, Karen Rankin.

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