Monday, March 12, 2012

Mrs. Hildebrant's 4th Grade 1961-62

Continuing with the 1962 New Vienna Tiger Tales Yearbook, here are part of the Fourth Graders.  There was also a combo 4th-5th Grade with Mrs. Wolfe.  These Fourth Graders would become part of the East Clinton Class of 1970.
Mrs. Hildebrant's 4th Grade 1961-62.  Top Row: Debbie Prickett, Rochelle Breeze, Steve Streber, Randy Minzler, Lloyd Tolle, Angel Graham.  3rd Row: Mrs. Hildebrant, Mickey Collins, Sandra Mathews,  Mickey West, Freddie Frump, David Hodson, Sam Whited, Rennie Kuntzman. 2nd Row: Patty Bernard, Ronnie Lloyd, Patty Baker, David Penn, Debbie Bernard, Tommy Rudisill.  Front Row: Jerry Garrison, Crystal LInkhart, Wanda Murphy, Lynn Vanzant, Bobby Curtis.  Not Pictured:  Sharon Sullivan, Jerry Harrison, Louise Moon, Gary Edison, Charles Miller, Jimmy Prickett.  One unidentified person in picture:  Girl in top row.

The caption above the picture indicates that Sandra Mathews is not pictured, however, sources have identified her as the girl between Mickey Collins and Mickey West in the row with Mrs. Hildebrant.  There is also an unidentified girl in the top row, as only two girls are listed and there appear to be three.

Rennie Kuntzman is deceased.  He was a Tech. Sgt. with the US Air Force Expeditionary Center.  You can read more about him at this website.  He died in 1995.


  1. could the mystery girl be Joann Berwanger?
    Dave R

  2. I believe you're right, Dave.
    Looks like Joann to me.