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Boden's Flour 1899-1930s Mill Story #3

The beginning . . . .

In 1807 Stephen Hussey purchased land that included what would become New Vienna.  When he died in 1812, he left the property to his sons.  Thomas took his share in the NW corner of the survey, built a log cabin and laid out the village now known as New Vienna in 1827.

By the early 1830s Thomas and Joshua Hussey built a "treadmill" now more commonly in the historical sense referred to as treadwheel, a type of mill operated by a person (or animals) treading steps of a wheel to grind grain, cut lumber, etc.  From Historic Buzzard's Glory (1976 Bill & Georgia Dodd):  "This was afterward changed to a steam mill and a sawing department added."

By 1876 New Vienna had 2 mills which grind and saw, 2 coalries and 1 grain & lumber business.  According to the 1870s History of Clinton County, "Israel Nordyke built a horse-mill below Snow Hill" but there is no mention of an "early" mill in New Vienna village.

For further information about early mills in Clinton County here is a link to a section of Pliny's History of Clinton County about early mills.

What later became Boden's Flour Mill and later yet New Vienna Milling Co. was also operated for many years as a steam mill using a stationary steam engine.  The Bodens took over (or built?) the mill in the early 1890s.  The family also had a grain/feed/coal operation in Greenfield, Ohio.  With their location next to the railroad tracks they were perfectly situated to take advantage of easy shipping.
Elroyd Collier at New Vienna Ohio Mill c1950 - Image Courtesy of Carolyn Collier Taubenheim.  Note the "flour" being advertised, though it was no longer being produced.
According to the The County of Highland: a History of Highland County, Ohio by J. W. Klise published in 1902, John Boden was the eldest son of Hugh Boden, a prominent businessman in Greenfield Ohio.  The Boden Milling Co., formed in 1899 by John and his brother, dealt largely “in grain, feed and coal." 

The News-Herald. (Hillsboro, Highland Co., Ohio) 1886-1973, November 04, 1897, Page 8
In a promotion, advertised in the Hillsboro paper of November 4, 1897  Boden Bros. advertised that in each sack of flour would be found at ticket bearing a letter of the firm name.  Consumers could save these tickets until they had enough letters to spell out “Boden Brothers” in full, and then could bring or send them to the office and receive a “free, handsome set of silver knives and forks.”

The New Vienna operation was later called Boden & Son, and their chief product was “Boden’s Best flour” according to an article in the Hillsboro News-Herald, November 17, 1910.

Boden family timeline related to New Vienna:
1837 John Boden born, becomes flour manufacturer in New Vienna c1890
1858 John marries Malvina Ruth “Vine” Gabriel on Sept. 28, 1858, she was born June 19, 1836
1860 Orland G. Boden born, son of John and Melvina Boden, mill proprietor c1890
1864 Mary “Ella” Boden born, daughter of John and Melvina
1866 George E. Boden born, son of John and Melvina, flour manufacturer c1890
1873 Otha Boden born, child of John and Melvina
1885 Orland marries Cora B. Woodruff. Her sister marries Lemont Triplett of New Vienna.
1886 Austin Woodruff. “A.W.” Boden born on Dec. 11, son of Orland G. and Cora B. Boden
1884 John serves as sheriff in Athens County for two years, then moves to NV
1899 John and his brother Austin S. “A.S.” Boden form Boden Milling Co., located in NV and Greenfield.
1904 Austin graduates from NVHS
1905~ Austin marries Ruby J., Austin works at advertising agency in 1910, Ruby is a millinery saleslady in New Vienna 1910
1910 Ella (Austin's sister) is one of charter members and treasurer of New Vienna Eastern Star
1912 Austin marries Miss Bessie Walker of Norwood. His best man was Larry McLean, a catcher with the Cincinnati baseball club. Bessie is the daughter of S.O. Walker, a Norwood architect. [What happened to Ruby J.?]
1915 Austin becomes editor of New Vienna Reporter, also in charge of advertising
1916 Austin writes history of New Vienna for the History of Clinton County, published by W.H. Beers and Co. 1916
1917 Austin enlists in military during WW1
1920 Austin is living in Henrico County, Virginia, no spouse listed, 3 boarders and a baby, James H. Price Jr., in same house
1921 Malvina Boden dies. She was a Methodist and was known for her fine singing voice
1930 Austin and wife Bess C. [Walker] living in New Vienna again, Austin is a salesman for flour mill
1930s mill closes (possibly late 1920s)
1949 Ella Boden dies at the Masonic House in Springfield Ohio
1962 Austin “A.W.” Boden dies on June 18, 1962 at age of 75, in Cincinnati

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