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Mary Hoskins & 1973 50th Class Reunion of the Clinton-Highland Normal School

Mary B. Hoskins was the first grade teacher in New Vienna pictured here with the first graders in 1918-1919.  She also was a teacher in the Clinton-Highland Normal (teachers) School in New Vienna which was renowned in the early 1900s.  In 1925 the Normal School was moved to Wilmington College and Mary also moved to Wilmington.

Mary was born in New Vienna in 1885.  Her grandfather, John Hoskins, was born in the New Vienna area in 1813 after the family migrated from North Carolina in the early 1800s.  According to the Wilmington College Alumni News of May 1950, page 2, she retired from Wilmington College in 1950 after serving as associate professor of education for 25 years, having taught more than 2000 prospective teachers.  She had a "total of 46 years of teaching experience, teaching in the intermediate grades at Martinsville for three years, the primary grades at New Vienna for 11 years, and in the old Clinton County normal school for five years before joining the Wilmington College faculty."

In an article in the Hillsboro (Ohio) Press Gazette, is an account of the 50th Class Reunion of the Clinton-Highland County Normal Class of 1923.  Found on page 5 in the Social Events section, the original can be found here.  Transcription follows with my notes [in italicized brackets].

50th Class Reunion Held on July 8
The Clinton-Highland County Normal Class of 1923 held its 50th Anniversary reunion on July 8 at Lions Club on Rt. 28, west, New Vienna.

Harold Gleadell [Leesburg, 1896-1997] gave the invocation before the bounteous 1PM picnic dinner. Many pictures were taken to add to the group's collection of the past. Each member told of their varied activities during the 50 years. all have retired from teaching with many years of service.

There were 21 members of the class with eight in attendance at the reunion. Letters were read from Mr. and Mrs. Everett Roush [Sardinia, 1902-1992], Nellie Deck [Roush, 1904-1994], Sardinia, Mrs. Hattie Ralston Walls [1904-1983], Wilmington and Mrs. Mabel Grove Ritchie [1904-1985], Hillsboro. Two classmates are deceased, Harold Roberds (1905-1945) and Wiley Manker (1972), and the instructor, Miss Mary B. Hoskins (1969).

Those attending the reunion were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Winkle [1902-1981] (Bessie Kuhn [1904-1991]), Fairborn; Mr. and Mrs. William Granger (Helen Brown), Springfield; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gleadell, Leesburg; Mr. and Mrs. Myron Johnson, Lynchburg; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Waits [1898-1984] (Gertrude Moon [1905-2003]), New Vienna; Mrs. Martha Jones Woodmansee [1903-1984], Highland; Mrs. Leora Rhodes Spindler [1905-1999], Mrs. Madge Chaney Griffith [1902-1982] and Earl A Rhodes, Hillsboro.

The class will meet again in 1975.

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