Friday, May 4, 2012

1962 - Mrs. King's 5th Grade

These students would have been part of the East Clinton High School class of 1969. In this picture they will forever be fifth graders.
Mrs. King's 5th Grade 1961-62.  First Row: Dana Storer, Sharon Hurst, Debbie Wolfe, Connie Conyers, Mike Williams, Larry Akers, Garry Akers.  Second Row: Butch Scott, Carol Smith, Mike Watson, David Custis, Jerry Curtis, Eddy Eaton.  Third Row: Linda Penn, Ricky Drake, Jennifer Gano, Mrs. William King, Carolyn Simbro, Logan Lawson, Robyn Streber.  Fourth Row: Mary Pat Clear, Douglas Prickett, Faye McVey, Larry Priest, Pamela Thompson, Clara Tolle, Roberta Uible, Donna Lightner.  Not Pictured:  Benny Achor, Michael Marshall, Barbara Deck, Larry Mongold.

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  1. Mrs. King had the same facial expression then that she did when I had her. Since my mother taught me "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.", I'll refrain from further comment. LOL!!