Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mrs. Penn's 6th Grade 1961-62

These students would have become part of the East Clinton Class of 1968. Mary Etta Penn, born in 1915, passed away in 1996.
Front Row: Tommy Suttles, Harold Wallen, Mickey Wilkinson, Craig Wiget, Greg Prickett, Roddy Strupper, Dickey Curtis, Junior Milburn. Second Row: Rick Orebaugh, Donna Jean Williams, Lorraine Hull, Cleo Hazelbaker, Jacky Dean, Marsha Purtee, Barbara Rudisill Gildea, Cecil Lightner. Third Row: Arnold Collins, Carol Salisbury Webster, Gloria Miller, Karen Thompson, Susan Penn, Teresa Davidson, Libbie Rupp, Beth Harper, Mrs. Everett (Mary Etta Slaughter) Penn.  Top Row: Debbie Gibson, David Myers, Debra Brumley Carey, Billy Dayton, Peggy Fawley, Roy Rogers, Elaine Harner, Danny Ferguson, Mike Wharton, Robyn Minzler. Not Pictured: Sandra Behling, Bobby Cluxton, Georgia Campbell, Cynthia Irwin.

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