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Irons Block Built 1879

Another picture came to my attention after the posting of the previous article on the Harris Store in the 1920s.  This picture clearly shows the nameplate as Irons Block 1879, instead of Irons Bldg 1875 as was originally posted.  Apologies for the error which has been corrected.
Irons Building (Block) in New Vienna 1987 (Daye Hardware), Built 1879

This picture is a photocopy from the files at the Clinton County Historical Society.  The caption in the lower right corner reads: Irons Block in New Vienna 3/13/87.

1952, 1892 October news from Hillsboro newspaper

A selection of New Vienna news items from the October 1952 Hillsboro (Ohio) Press-Gazette.

Oct. 3, 1952 - Auction of one of New Vienna's "better homes" on North Main Street, owned by Edith S. Roush.  Large lot contains about 2/3 acre.

Oct. 7, 1952 - Work of New Vienna Man Told in Reader's Digest Article - Dr. Joseph Morton, son of Mrs. Helen Hull Morton and the late Dr. Lyle G. Morton of New Vienna, is featured in an article about the treatment of cancer with cobalt 60 (the poor man's radium).  Cobalt 60, as used by Dr. Morton and other persons "has advanced the war on cancer immeasurably," the article concludes.

Oct. 10, 1952 - Businesses featured in short articles [advertisements] include:

  • Daye Hardware Store, E.G. Daye, Prop. – "dependable merchandise and fair dealings"
  • New Vienna Lumber Co., H.L. [Harry Lee b1888] and Floyd Carey; – "quality and price are uppermost"
  • New Vienna Milling Co., E.E. Collier, Mgr. – "dependable farm supply service of highest quality."  Elroyd Collier is pictured here.  
Oct. 17, 1952 - Agin's Furniture Store, Main St., New Vienna - auction of new and used furniture

Oct. 24, 1952 - Voters living in the New Vienna School district will be asked to vote for an additional two mill tax levy to run for two years to cover current expenses at the school.  In Highland County, voters in Fairfield West, Penn and Union precincts will vote on this levy.

Oct. 24, 1952 - Marriage license:  Briggs Barrett (1920-2009) of Wilmington and Jean Rachford (NVHS '48, 1930-2010) of New Vienna.  Briggs, was the son of H.A. "Hoopy" Barrett who owned the New Vienna Milling Co. in the 1940s and early 50s.  The Class of 1948 is pictured here  [].

Oct. 31, 1952 - Basketball season to begin Nov. 7.  Lynchburg will play New Vienna on Nov. 11 in a non-league game.

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1892 news from the (Hillsboro) News-Herald:

Oct. 13, 1892 - F.P. Ingold of New Vienna is preparing to open a harness store in Lynchburg.  [Frank Ingold, born 1870, lived near Farmers Station in 1889, died in 1901.  He was the son of John P. and Sarah Ellen McKibben Ingold.  After the death of Sarah, John P. married Mary Leeka Ingold.  Three of Frank's siblings were early graduates of New Vienna High School:  Gertrude Ingold Kuhn (NVHS 1896); Charles Ingold (1875-1968, NVHS 1893) and Lizzie Nora Ingold Stamats (NVHS 1890)].

Oct. 13, 1892 - The New Vienna Racing Association's fall races will be held this week.  Half fare rates on the B&O Railroad to attend.  [Where would this have been??]

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Harris Grocery 1920s

Harris Grocery, c1920? New Vienna Ohio, Irons Building, 
location later became Boyd Hardware then Daye Hardware, now Antique Shop. 
Pictured Hamer Rice, M.R. Harris, Fred Rulon, Stanley Harris (son of M.R.).  
Image Courtesy of Hayward Crone via Mike Whited.  

Who are these people?

Hamer Rice - Thomas "Hamer" Rice also known as T.H., 1892-1965 was postmaster in New Vienna prior to Russ Powell. He later was a rural mail carrier. The 1920 census shows him living in New Vienna and clerking in a grocery story, He is listed as postmaster in the 1940 census. Hamer was married to Clara and they had a son, Robert, born 1916 NVHS 1933, who died in WW2. At some point Hamer possibly had his own grocery store in the location which later became Masters and then Sweeney’s.

M.R. Harris - Manville R. Harris (1867-?)
  • In 1910 he lived in Green Township and was employed at odd jobs.  
  • In 1920 his employment is listed as a Grocery Store Merchant.  
  • The 1930 Census shows him as a Hardware Merchant.  
  • Probably died prior to 1940.

Fred Donovan Rulon 1895-1969
  • Fred, born in 1895, was the son of William and Nancy Elizabeth Hastings Rulon.  He had two older brothers, Charles Hastings Rulon (1881-1962) and Robert Joseph Rulon (18871967).
  • Married Mary "Addie" Bobbitt 1899-1982 (NVHS'19) in 1916 
  • Was a veteran of WW1.  
  • They were the parents of Fred Jr. 1920-1974 (NVHS'38), Betty (Charles) Thompson (NVHS'38), Richard Louis 1923-1997, and Joan (Damon) Hughes 1926-2009 (NVHS'44).  
  • The 1920 Census shows Fred as a grocery store clerk, living with his wife Addie and mother Nancy "Elizabeth" Hastings Rulon on Main St. (Bernard Road?) in Green Township, next door to the R.J. Rulons.  
  • The family lived in Norwood, Ohio (Hamilton County) where Fred was the manager of a grocery according to the 1930 Census.
  • 1940 Census shows the family back in New Vienna with Fred working as a grocery clerk and Addie employed at a private home.
  • Fred died in April 1969 at the age of 73.  Addie died in 1982 at the age of 83.  They are buried in New Vienna IOOF Cemetery, west side.

Stanley Harris
  • Stanley Ellsworth Harris 1892-1952, was born in South Vienna, Clark County Ohio, the son of M.R. and Jessie Harris.  
  • He married Madeline D. Arthur in 1914.  She graduated NVHS in 1910.
  • He fought in WW1 1917-18 and his residence at that time was New Vienna.  
  • In 1920 his employment is listed as a Grocery Store Merchant.  
  • The 1930 Census shows him as a Paint Company salesman.  The 1940 census shows him living in Middlesex, Massachusetts and working as a Paint & Brush Co., Sales Manager.  
  • On his mother-in-law's (Lettice Ann Denny Arthur) death notice in the Hillsboro newspaper, shown here:, he is listed as living in Boston, MA.  
  • According to the Ohio Obituary Index, 1830s-2009, he died in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1952 at the age of 60.  His obituary was published in the Green Springs Echo, Green Springs, Seneca County, Ohio.  Stanley and Madeline both buried New Vienna IOOF Cemetery, west side.
Mike Daye provided the following info:
  • The Irons building was a two story brick building. It had a general store then hardware store in it from the time it was built. Today there is a Block building that connects the brick one to a frame two story building.  In that frame building was where the U-B (Uible-Boyd) paint company was located.  In the frame building the top floor was where the ingredients for the paint were stored and they came down through chutes to the lower floor where the paints was mixed.  I was told that the paint company closed because they could not get ingredients during the war. My Grandfather Estel Glen Daye Sr. bought the two buildings and built the block building to put in a restroom for the store.  Before there was just an outhouse.  The Irons buildings top floor had a rich history from what people told me.  It housed Doctors, Lawyers, the first telephone switch board, and many other offices over the years.

    Estel Daye Sr. bought the hardware and paint warehouse from Boyds grandson in the spring of 1944. The story I heard was that CJ Uible was bought out by Boyd and when he died his grandson sold it off.

    Beside the hardware was the Monarch bar then the feed store I believe. All of the buildings had up stairs used for apartments and many things.

    The block building that Estel built was just one story. If you look at the picture of Harris store, the door that Stanley is standing in front of went in to the general store side.  The one in the picture below.  It had sundries, food, and general things.  The door M.R, and Fred are standing in front of went up stairs to the apartments.  The door behind Hamer was the hardware and tack side.
M.R. Harris Grocery Interior c1920, New Vienna Ohio, later became Daye Hardware.  Pictured Harry Curtis, M.R. Curtis & Bill Holmes - Image courtesy of Hayward Crone via Mike Whited.

Irons Building - Daye Hardware 1977 4th of July historic tractor display.  Monarch building to right of Daye Hardward boarded up.  Image courtesy of Mike Daye.

Irons Building 2012 - Name plate above middle top window reads Irons Block 1879,  Image courtesy of Roberta Uible King

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1942, 1882 October news from Hillsboro paper

New Vienna related news as reported in the Press Gazette (Hillsboro, Ohio) from October 1942 and 1882.

Oct. 2, 1942 - Obituary for W.D. Uible (born 1869) of Leesburg, older brother of Cecil J Uible of New Vienna.  He was survived by his [third] wife, Verda Barger Uible and two sons, Frank [NVHS 1912] of Cleveland and Russell of St. Louis, as well as his brother Cecil and his sister, Serena Reynolds of Los Angeles, CA.  He was pre-deceased by brothers Frank, Ennis, Clyde and George and a sister Mary Louisa.

Oct. 2, 1942 - Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Stout [Helen Ione Hunt Stout 1906-2004, NVHS 1924] and son spent Sunday with Mrs. Stout's parents, Mr and Mrs. Clyde Hunt [Stella Swisshelm Hunt] at New Vienna.

Oct. 9, 1942 - Paul T. Slaughter, brother of Mary Etta Slaughter Penn [1915-1996 sixth grade teacher at New Vienna], died at age 17 on Oct. 7, of a lingering illness.  He was also survived by his mother, Mary Polk Slaughter, a brother, Harrison of Washington D.C., and two other sisters Mrs. Glenn Connell of Hillsboro and Mrs. Lee Fishback of Cuyahoga Falls.  [Mary Etta and Everett Penn pictured.]

Oct. 13, 1942 - Auction! Business Building (Known as the New Vienna Reporter Bldg.)  Two-story business and apartment building 20x60, of frame construction with good metal roof on New Vienna's South Main Street.  [This building was destroyed in the sewer/gas explosion.]

Oct. 23, 1942 - Obituary for Dudley A. Engle, age 71, who died from complications at his home in New Vienna on Oct. 20.  He was survived by a brother Walter M. Engle of Leesburg and a sister, Mrs. Taylor [Carrie] Martin of New Vienna.  [Walter Engle's sons were both graduates of NVHS, Arthur D. in 1915 and Rayburn Earl in 1916.  Unable to determine if he is related to Eugene "Doc" Engle.]

Oct. 27, 1942 - Carnival Planned - New Vienna PTA is sponsoring a carnival at the school building, New Vienna, Thursday night, Oct. 29.  There will be a 50-50 [?] dance, bingo, games, contests and refreshments.

Oct. 30, 1942 - Obituary for Mrs. John L. [Lettice Ann Denny] Arthur at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Grover C. Fawcett of Delaware, Ohio.  [Born in 1849 in Highland County.  Her husband, John Larkin Arthur, a New Vienna farmer, born 1844 in Highland County, died in 1913.]  Surviving are four sons and four daughters, Mrs. W.B. Rogers [Stella 1871-1955, NVHS 1888] and Stanley [1873-1949] of Wilmington; Burch D. [1874-1968] of Philadelphia PA; O.F. [Orlando Fred 1884-1972, NVHS 1903] of Albuquerque NM, R.G. [Robert Glenn 1886-1959, NVHS 1906] of Sioux City, IA; Mrs. Wilber E. Blackburn [Rebecca Nelle 1877-1970 NVHS 1895], of Cincinnati; Mrs. Stanley E. Harris [Madeline 1892-? NVHS 1910] of Boston MA; and Mrs. Fawcett [Blanche 1879-1960].  Mrs. Arthur was buried in the New Vienna cemetery.

Even older news:
Oct. 4, 1882 Highland Weekly News - Hillsboro Ohio  (published 1853-1886) and is publicly available on the Internet at this link.  The article in the far right column is about an estate sale of two pieces of property in Penn Township owned by the deceased S. Wilson Hussey; the first at the corner of the New Vienna and Careytown Pike.  [Wilson Hussey's grandfather, Joshua and Joshua's siblings were among the first settlers in the New Vienna area.]  The estate administrator was James H. Terrell [probably James Huff Terrell, father of four daughters and three sons and whose great-grandchildren, if I have it correct, would include Janet, Bill, Fran & Becky.]  
Other names of adjacent property owners listed are 
  • William Hussey [1853-1933, a cousin]
  • C. [Charles] A. Shockley [1848-?, a brother-in-law of William Hussey]
  • Josiah Polk [1844-1934, grand uncle of Mary Etta Slaughter Penn]
  • A. Drechemin  [most likely Abraham Duchemin who built the house (See picture below) next to school property which was a twin of sorts to the large brick house which still stands on the corner of College & Second Street]
  • John M. Parker
  • James H. Hussey [1844-1916, Wilson Hussey's brother]
  • Joseph Eaton [1847-1926, grandfather of Virginia Hildebrant & Joe Eaton] 
  • Elizabeth P. [Hussey] Triplett [1846-1924, another Hussey cousin]
Duchemin House c1910? New Vienna Ohio, now demolished, twin (with improvements) to house on corner of College & 2nd St.  Image Courtesy of Hayward Crone via Mike Whited.  [See further details about Duchemin House at this link.]*****

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1961 - NV High School Charter to be Revoked

Big Headlines in the May 1, 1961 Wilmington News-Journal.
1961 Headlines of Wilmington News-Journal - May 1.  Revoke Martinsville, New Vienna; Simon Kenton, Sabina Warned.  Article regarding school districts.
1961 WNJ Clipping - May 1, page 1. State Inspector Presents Reports to Schoolmen.  Revoke Martinsville, New Vienna; Simon Kenton, Sabina Warned.  Article regarding school districts.

State Inspector Presents Reports to Schoolmen

The reports of Stanley J. Fox, school inspector with the state bureau of supervision and inspection, were handed to Clinton County school administrators today.

Although Fox inspected and approved Clinton-Massie and Blanchester schools, the reports on Martinsville, New Vienna, Sabina and Simon Kenton are of prime interest. Fox’s report recommends revocation of the high school charters of Martinsville and New Vienna and warns Sabina and Simon Kenton that their small-sized operations may eventually force action. To these two districts he recommends consideration of reorganization.

Martinsville and New Vienna may continue for another year’s operation on a temporary basis, even if the state board of education approves Fox’s recommendation at the next regular meeting.

The state board will notify the districts of intent to revoke high school charters and will set a date for a hearing. Local boards of education are entitled to legal counsel at these hearings but local schoolmen report that the business at hand has usually proven to be “open and shut” at this stage.

Clinton County is not the lone victim of the state board this spring, state board news shows that at the April 10 meeting alone the board declared intention to revoke first (continued on page 8) grade high school charters of the following schools: Roscoe Local, Keene Local, Conesville, Fresno, Union Local, Warsaw High School, all in Coshocton County; Huntsville Local; Bakescreek High, Rushylvania Local, Perry-Zane Local and Zanesville-Monroe, all in Logan County.

From the Clinton County Board of Educations’s viewpoint, the picture of proposed consolidation is temporarily clouded by two factors. One is the election in Martinsville school district on the question of “Shall the entire Martinsville school district be transferred to Lynchburg?” This surprise petition was filed even before the reports of the inspector were released.

The other factor is one of speculation: what will the state board do with neighboring Highland County schools, which also might figure in local organization plans? Leesburg and Lynchburg border the four yet-to-be-organized schools in Clinton County – Martinsville, New Vienna, Sabina and Simon Kenton.

The full complete and unabridged texts of Stanley Fox’s reports on the four schools in question are given here. Tomorrow’s News-Journal will carry reports on Blanchester and Clinton-Massie Schools.

Administrators today were concerned about the questions that might be raised about Fox’s report, since failures to meet standards are noted in all four districts, although only two revocations are recommended. It has been explained the the question of “degree of violation” enters at this point and the recommendations made are based alone on Fox’s inspection and the opinions that he derived.

The texts of the four reports follow: [Only the New Vienna report has been transcribed.]
1961 WNJ Clipping - May 1, page 8. State Inspector Presents Reports to Schoolmen.  Revoke Martinsville, New Vienna; Simon Kenton, Sabina Warned.  Article regarding school districts.

[Monday, May 1, 1961 - Wilmington News-Journal, p. 8 continuation of report on local School Districts]


It was my privilege, as a representative of the State Department of Education, to visit the New Vienna High School on March 21, 1961.

Several improvements made since a previous visitation by a representative from this Department have been noted with appreciation. Increased attention has been given to providing library resources. Equipment has been added to the science department. Secretarial services have been provided for the administrative office.

The executive head [Mr. Fenwick] is commended for his efforts to provide a better educational program for your boys and girls. Limitations of the present school program, however, present difficult administrative problems.

The educational program of your school has serious shortcomings. The curriculum, which includes approximately 25 scheduled units, in addition to music and physical education, is not sufficiently comprehensive to provide adequately for the wide range of pupil needs, interests and abilities.

It is noted that minimum requirements are not met in several subject areas. No instruction is offered in the area of industrial arts. To provide staff and facilities for a complete industrial arts program is expensive and difficult to justify in schools which do not have sufficient enrollment to make full and proper use of the program. This illustrates the need for district reorganization which could provide expanded and improved educational programs in many areas.

There has been improvement in library resources. Facilities for library, leave much to be desired. The assignment of a professionally trained librarian is helpful; however the present part-time arrangement for services limits the contribution of the library to the educational program.

Curriculum offerings in business education are limited. Expansion of the program, for example, to include training on a variety of office machines is needed for girls who are preparing for clerical or general office positions.

The home economics department is “struggling” along. Present enrollments have prevented appropriate scheduling. Facilities are not well adapted to work in the clothing area.

Difficulties which have been encountered in staffing this school have been noted. It has been necessary to employ, and in some cases to re-employ, teachers who have temporary certification and insufficient preparation in subject areas. The diversified teaching lads which must be assigned in small high schools do not attract teachers to the system or encourage long tenure of those who become qualified while serving this school under sub-standard certification.

Your attention is respectfully directed to the following 1957 Ohio High School Standards which are not fully met:

II,d. (organization of secondary ed); IV,a,b,c (educational program); V,a,b (provision for ind. difference); VI,c (guidance); VII,b,e (records and reports); VIII,a,e (materials); IX,a.b.d.e.g, (library); XIII,f, (schedules); XIV,d (health, phys.ed., safety); XVI,b (evaluation of ed. program); XVII,a, (qualification of teachers); XIX,a,b, (in-service education); XXI,a, (buildings and grounds).

In view of the present shortcomings of this school and present trends in education a real concern for the education and future welfare of your boys and girls indicates that this school should become part of a larger administrative unit. It appears that this is the only way in which a modern, adaptable and comprehensive education program can be provided for the boys and girls of this district.

Due to the deficiencies listed above, I cannot recommend the continuation of this high school.

Sincerely, Stanley J. Fox