Friday, April 12, 2013

1953 Art Class

During the school years of 1952 and 1953 a special art teacher came to New Vienna school.  Whether he remained longer than those two years is not known.  The students who made up this special class were ones who showed art talent and they were chosen from grades seven through twelve.  Mary Jo and Martha Williams [Knauff] and Barbara Johnson [Mee] were chosen from their class.

The projects they worked on consisted of many different mediums and ideas they had not experienced before in classes at New Vienna.  Barbara says she "enjoyed this class very much."  The picture below shows the class on an outing to the Cincinnati Art Museum.  Thanks to Barbara for the pictures, the information, and the identifications.
1953 Field Trip - New Vienna High School Art Class at the Cincinnati Art Museum
Front Row L-R: Joe Covert, Martha Williams, Barbara Johnson, Mary Jo Williams, 
Jane Fenwick, Edward Nichols, Maynard Lunsford, Irene Sullivan.  
Back Row L-R: Larry Bernard, Margery Johnson, Joy Conover, Lee Carey, 
Dick Clutters, Betty Achor, Glenna Stewart

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