Monday, April 1, 2013

March News from "3" Years

1883 news from the Highland Weekly News, published in Hillsboro, Ohio 1853-1886; 1893 and 1913 news from the Hillsboro News-Herald; 1943 news from Hillsboro's Press Gazette.  Not often did the Hillsboro paper devote a section to NV news as it did in March, 1893.  Entire section transcribed following the clipping.

March 7, 1883 - The Columbus & Maysville Railroad Co. plans to begin construction in 60 days for a route that will pass through Grove City, Harrisburg, Mt. Sterling, Jeffersonville, Milledgeville, Sabina, Centerville, New Vienna to Hillsboro and from there to Sardinia.
1893 New Vienna News from the (Hillsboro) News-Herald - March 9, 1893 (Transcription follows)

New Vienna.  March 6th, 1893.

  • Aaron Nordyke, formerly of this place, and a brother-in-law of the late Frank Conard, died in Whittier, California on last Wednesday of consumption.  Mr. Nordyke and only daughter, Miss Irena, left this place in search of health last November.  Mr Nordyke was one of the leading members of the Friends' Church and was respected by all who knew him.  His sister, Miss Callie Nordyke, was with him in his last illness.
  • Wilbur Dove was badly injured by his horse falling on him.
  • Prof. E.P. West [NV Supt. of Schools] attended the funeral of Prof. Sewell, an examiner of Clinton County, on last Friday.
  • Mr. Charles Powell and Miss Clara Keever were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Keevor [sic], on Thursday night.  The couple were tendered a reception by the groom's parents on Friday.
  • The Disciples are having quite a revival at this place.  Mr. McGuffey is conducting the meeting.
  • Mr. Otis Hopkins and sister, of Lynchburg, visited our school on Thursday and presented the school a couple of rattle snakes, which had been captured in the swamps near Lynchburg.

* * * * *
March 13, 1913 - D.R. [Darrel Raymond] Stratton faces court martial after running away from home at age 16 and enlisting fraudulently in the US Army.  [Portsmouth Daily Times]  [Darrel returned to New Vienna, graduating from NVHS in 1915 and enlisted in the Canadian Infantry in 1916.  He was wounded in action twice in 1917 before being killed in battle in France on Aug. 9, 1917.]

March 2, 1943 - Mr. and Mrs. (Reba) Oscar Stanfield of New Vienna, announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Arlene to Cpl. Robert E. Chestnut on Feb. 23, 1943.  Bride and groom were both 1940 graduates of NVHS.

March 2, 1943 - Marriage license reported for Ralph Edwards Carey [1898-1971], of New Vienna, R.D., and Elizabeth E. [Ellen] Hogsett [1914-2008], of Hillsboro, R.D.2. They became the parents of J.N. and Bob.  The wedding, performed on Feb. 27 at the Hogsett home, was written up in the March 5, 1943 Press Gazette. According to the March 19th Press Gazette, 106 persons attended a community shower in Careytown given for the newly married couple.

March 5, 1943 - Mack Sauer, former editor, publisher and owner of the New Vienna Reporter, has been named publisher of the Greenfield Times.  He disposed of the NV Reporter "several years ago."

March 9, 1943 - Obituary of Ethel May Sharp Irwin, 1899-1943.  Mrs Irwin was an "ordained minister of the Church of Ministerial Layman Association."  She had been active in the ministry for nine years in both Dayton and New Vienna.  Survivors included her husband Clarence R. Irwin; her father, James Bricen Sharp, and eight children.

March 16, 1943 - Marriage License issued for Marion L. Stanforth and Ruth Thompson, both of New Vienna.

March 16, 1943 - Obituary of Mrs. Ernest G. Henderson, born Grace Vandervort,  67, at her home near New Vienna.  Survivors include her son George Henderson, [father of David and Nancy], of New Vienna.

March 19, 1943 - Donald C. Trop (NVHS'40), son of Mr. and Mrs. (Pearl) Ora Trop, New Vienna, has been promoted to corporal.  He has been transferred from Atlantic City to Athens, GA.

March 26, 1943 - Obituary for Robert L. McVay [McVey?], 69, farmer near New Vienna.  He was survived by his wife Lucy; two brothers, W. B. McVay, near Wilmington, and Charles McVay of Washington, C.H.; and one sister, Mrs. Ora Clark of Pennsylvania.


  1. I see one person died of "consumption"---what is that? He ate too much, drank too much, etc.??

    Interesting to see the gift of a few rattle snakes to New Vienna school from some Lynchburg folks---snakes caught in swamps near Lynchburg.

    Thanks much!

    1. Consumption is one of the historical names for tuberculosis. The disease caused chronic cough, blood-tinged sputum, fever night sweats and weight loss – thus the patient was "consumed" by the disease. More general info can be found in wikipedia's article on the History of tuberculosis:

      Nordykes were one of the earliest families in the area and owned a lot of property in the general area of where the cemetery is, thus Nordyke Road, and across SR-73 where Strebers market now is also.

      The rattle snakes also made me curious. Would they have been donated alive and then kept in cages?? The article said they were captured, but nothing about their mortality. And why donate them to NV School instead of keeping them in Lynchburg?