Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April News from "3" Years

1883 news from the Highland Weekly News, published in Hillsboro, Ohio 1853-1886; 1893 and 1913 news from the Hillsboro News-Herald; 1943 news from Hillsboro's Press Gazette. Other sources as listed below.

1883, April 4 – Mr. J. H. Wilson of New Vienna who spent a portion of last summer here in the interest of the NEWS, came among us again the past week in the interest of the GAZETTE.  Mr. W. is a strong Republican and one week cooked him out and he has departed.

1883, April 25 – S. A. DeLa of the New Vienna Record was here [Lynchburg] on Tuesday setting up the business of his paper and gathering news items.  Dr. Johnson, of New Vienna, was also on the streets of Lynchburg last week.

1883, April 25 – Mr. Geo B. Oxley [1860-1936] is authorized to act as agent for the NEWS at New Vienna and to receive money on subscriptions.  Mr Oxley is agent for a number of other newspapers and periodicals and is an active and energetic young man.

1893, April 3 – Dr. R.T. Trimble [Rodney Telfair Trimble, born in Hillsboro in 1846, graduated from Univ. of Pennsylvania in 1868, was physician in New Vienna until his death in 1908 of stomach cancer]  of New Vienna is now President of the South-western Ohio Medical Association which will hold a session in Lebanon next Thursday during which Dr. T. C. Quinn of New Vienna will present a program on Dysentery. [Cincinnati Enquirer, 3Apr1893 p.8]  [Pictured is Thomas Catlet Quinn, born in Virginia in 1829, moved to Union Twp, Highland County by the 1840s.  He practiced allopathic medicine in New Vienna until his death in 1904.  His only child, Nevada "Vada," died of consumption at the age of 15 in 1886.

1893, April 13 – The proposition to erect a town hall at New Vienna carried last Monday by a vote of 121 to 75.

1903, April 12 – Mike Riley committed suicide at the home of his mother, north of New Vienna, this morning.  It was his second attempt.  Riley has been despondent since separating from his wife several years ago. [Cincinnati Enquirer, 13Apr1903 p.2]

1913, April 17 – Obituary of Robert D. Kinzer of New Vienna, age 36, son of John M. and Sarah Jane Johnson Kinzer.  He was survived by his wife Malinda Devitt Kinzer and son, Arthur Roy Kinzer.

1913, April 23 – Ohio Horse Show has ended in Fayette County.  Among the award winners was Laddie W. in the High School Horses division shown by Prof. Whitley, New Vienna. [Cincinnati Enquirer, 23Apr1913 p.7]

1913, April 24 – Petition for new pike presented to [Highland] County commissioners ro run about 1.25 miles from the southern boundary of Clinton County, to a point on the New Vienna and Leesburg pike between the property of Carey Harris and W.A. Polk.  Petition is signed by Charles Hodson and 73 other landowners within two miles of the proposed pike.

1933, April 29 – Joseph H. Landrum, New Vienna, was among the 18 inspectors named today by the state liquor control commission.  Salaries will be about $1,800 annually.  [Sandusky Register, 29Apr1933 p.8]

1943, April 2 – Takes New Job – Richard Clark, grain elevator manager at New Vienna, has gone to Springfield to manage a terminal elevator bought by the Ohio Farm Cooperative Association.


  1. I saw another comment about someone dying from consumption---I'll have to look into this as I do not know what this means.

    I was touched by this entry:

    "1903, April 12 – Mike Riley committed suicide at the home of his mother, north of New Vienna, this morning. It was his second attempt. Riley has been despondent since separating from his wife several years ago."

    It's just a reminder that there has always been heartbreak because of a failed or broken relationship.

    Thanks much!

  2. As I recall, Nellie Thornburg told me once that Harold's middle name was in honor of Dr. Quinn--must have been well liked!

  3. Interesting about HQ. I didn't know that.