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1883 New Vienna News - May 30

The following is clipped from The Highland Weekly News (Hillsborough [Hillsboro], Highland County, Ohio) May 30, 1883.  Transcription follows.
1883 NV News - May 30 
Highland Weekly News, Hillsboro, Ohio


Harry Hinman, of Springfield, Ill., is visiting his parents here.

Miss Nettie Downey of Winchester, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.F. Fenton

T.E. Hildebrant is remodeling his dwelling, and improving his premises generally.

Mrs. Clara Shcott [Schott?], of Chattanooga, is visiting her mother and sister Hannah at this place.

Rev. J.R. Powell has removed to Washington C.H., but will continue to preach here as formerly.

Mary Hetherington and her neice Maggie, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are visiting at Sam Hetherington's in this place.

C.C. Bowers and family of this place, removed to Port William this week where Mr. Bowers is running a drug store.

Arrangements are being made for Decoration Day, Hon. Mills Gardner, of Washington C.H., will be orator of the day, and Rev. J.G. Black, chaplin.

Dr. A.H. Lindly [Lindley] is traveling in the interest of the New Vienna Medicine Company.  He reports good success and ready sales for all their medicines.

Duchemin Brothers are pushing the work very rapidly on their new business block. When finished it will be the finest row of buildings in the place.

Canvassing committees are vigorously working in the interest of the Columbus & Cincinnati Midland Railroad, and will endeavor to complete their work this week.

Zadock Miller was so unfortunate as to have the small finger of his left hand served [severed] at the hand.  The finger will probably grow fast but will only be a show finger as there will be no joint to it.

Mr. A.H. Kohr, secretary of the People's Mutual Benefit Association, at Westerville, O., spent last  Monday and Tuesday in this place.  He paid Mrs. Thomas E. Hale $1,000 in consequence of the death of her husband, who carried a policy for that amount.

The annual commencement of our public schools took place in the Baptist Church at this place on last Thursday night.  The graduating class consisted of Harry Brewer, Clayton Nordyke, Nellie Conard, Marley Rayburn, and Ella Blackburn.  Our schools have been making exhibits of their progress before the public for two weeks one room each day.  Last Friday was the closing day, and a large audience was present to witness the exercise.  Our school has never given such universal satisfaction as during the past winter, although hindered for several weeks by the mumps and measles.  The same corps of teachers is employed for the next term except Mrs. L.A. Henry and Miss Emma Wright, who retire voluntarily.

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