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May news from "3" years

1873 and 1883 news from the Highland Weekly News, published in Hillsboro, Ohio 1853-1886; 1893 and 1913 news from the Hillsboro News-Herald; 1943 news from Hillsboro's Press Gazette. Other sources as listed below.

May 8, 1873 - Monthly Stock Sale – Major Higgins, of New Vienna, 3 head at about $150.  [Horses and mules were sold - prices ranged from $100 to $235 for a horse, $75 for a mule.  Major Asa Higgins served in the Civil War, 1861-1864.]

May 29, 1873 - Mr. Jno M. Arthur, formerly of Hillsboro, died of Consumption [tuberculosis] at the residence of his uncle, Edwin Arthur, Esq., in New Vienna.  He had struggled bravely against the insidious disease for several years past, but finally succumbed.  About 3 years ago he was admitted to the bar of this county, but his health has been too feeble to admit of his attending to business.  He was about 33 years of age, unmarried, and had many friends.  [John M Arthur 1841-1873, was a Civil War veteran.  His mother, Sarah Ann Quinn Arthur was a sister of New Vienna's Dr. T.C. Quinn, died at the age of 28 when John was three-years-old.  His father, John T. Arthur died at the age of 42 in 1860.  John's sister Courtney died at age three, and his brother Isaac died at Andersonville, GA, while serving in the Civil War at the age of 21.]

May 2, 1883 - West Point Cadet Candidates included two young men from New Vienna: Frank O. Wright [NVHS 1884] and Harry F. Brewer [NVHS 1883].  The successful candidate was W.A. Stamats of Lynchburg.

May 23, 1883 - Dr. Lindley, of the New Vienna Medicine Company, recently organized in that place, was in town last week and called at the News office to make a contract for advertising their medicines.  They are all recommended as tried and valuable remedies.  The company organized for their manufacture is a strong one, composed of some of the best citizens of New Vienna, Rev. Daniel Hill being president and J. M. Hussey business manager.

[Separate but related ad on same page.] FITS CURED - New Vienna Medicine Co., is now offering Dr. Lindley's Fit Cure.  Stops the attacks of Epilepsy immediately.  No fits, spasms, or convulsions after the first day's use.  A Tril [sic] Bottle FREE. Price, $1.50.  For sale by druggists.

May 23, 1883 - Albert M. Perrin and Miss Nancy E. Smittle were united in the holy bonds.  They will reside south of New Vienna.

May 4, 1893 - Dr. Ed Brown was thrown from a buggy and sustained a broken leg.

May 4, 1893 - Carey Woodmansee [of Highland] has secured a position as clerk in a dry goods house in New Vienna.

May 8, 1913 - Death of Charles Turner at his home in Fairfield Township, near New Vienna.  Born in New Jersey in 1833, he moved to Highland County in 1850 in a trip that took 17 days. He worked in Leesburg as a Blacksmith before retiring.  He was survived by his daughter, Harriet Teter.  His wife, Martha Henley Turner, died in Feb. 1913.

May 29, 1913 - Henry Brown (NVHS'08), who will graduate soon from the Miami Medical College in Cincinnati, has received an appointment as an intern in the Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati. [Owner of the historic house written up in the vintage NV House tour.]

May 29, 1913 - Ralph E. Carey, of New Vienna, is one of 14 boys entered in the Boy's Corn Growing Contest for a free trip to Washington D.C.  Four trips will be awarded thanks to the sponsorship of local businesses.  One of the sponsors is the New Vienna Bank and Grain Dealers.

May 6, 1933 - Alie Stingley, supt. of Adams township schools for the last 11 years, has been elected superintendent of New Vienna schools for a one-year term. [Mansfield News-Journal]

May 18, 1943 - Wedding Announcement of Cpl. James Edwards [NVHS'41, New Vienna and Maxola Murrey of Marietta.

May 8, 1953 - Pete, the hiccuping Hereford, was to be returned to the R.J. Curtis farm in New Vienna, after his rumblings - abdominal and phenomenal - stumped all the experts at the Ohio State University veterinary clinic.  The experts say Pete has an "over stimulated phrenic nerve." [Sandusky Register]

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