Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1973 Tom Salisbury Bible Translator

Tom Salisbury, NVHS 1960, second oldest of Leon & Esther Cook Salisbury's children, was working with the Wycliffe Bible Translators in Chiapas, Mexico when this letter/flyer was written in 1973.  It is signed: Tom, Emily, Paul & Steve Salisbury.

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  1. For a time, I went to school with a guy last name Salisbury in elementary school. I believe his name was Paul. I befriended him but he was not in the area long. Looking back, he and his Mom did seem to give off quite a religious vibe in a missionary kind of way---his mom dressed in a plain, conservative way. I do not recall being around the rest of them I wonder if these are the same people as referenced in this blog entry?? I remember being with Paul at the roller skating rink in Washington Court House once and asking him Mom for some money to play a video game. He had blond hair. Thanks as always!

  2. Thanks, Link! Always appreciate your comments. The Paul you are thinking of certainly sounds like it could be the same boy as mentioned, as they probably returned to New Vienna for an extended leave at that time. I tried to contact them for more recent or complete information but wasn't able to find out anything.