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1963 Dorothy Daye Favorite Recipe

Dorothy Daye's favorite recipe was featured in the "Her Favorite Recipe" feature of the Wilmington News-Journal in the 1960-70s.  Other favorite recipes previously posted in the NV History Blog include: Betty Gano (1961) and Melba Fawley (1970).  Transcription of clipping follows.
1963 Dorothy Daye Favorite Recipe
Photo Captioned: THEY ALL LIKE IT – Mike and Beverly and Cathy Daye about to have some of Mother's mayonnaise cake.  Mrs. Daye especially like the frosting.  The recipe for it she gives covers a nine-inch layer so it should be doubled for a two-layer cake.  (Allen Studio Photo)

Her Favorite Recipe – It May be Yours

Mrs. Estel G. Daye Jr. of New Vienna makes a mayonnaise cake which is crowned with what she has named "creamy white frosting" which cake bakers may enjoy trying.

Actually there are two cooks in the Daye family.  Husband "Glen" was a cook in the Army and when they were married she thought he'd come in mighty handy helping in the kitchen.  However his interest went to the hardware store.

Anyway, we think some day we'll talk him into giving us a recipe and watching him prepare it.

Family is way far and away the center of Mrs. Daye's life.  There are three children, Mike, almost eight and in the second grade, Cathy, five, and in kindergarten and mother's helper, and Beverly just three.

The family are members of the New Vienna Church of Christ and the Christian Service Circle of the church.

All of the family likes to camp and had test runs at Rocky Fork Lake before venturing on a vacation to Michigan.  They liked the sight seeing too, Greenfield Village, Ford museum and the Post and Kellogg cereal plants.

1½ c mayonnaise
2 c granulated sugar
3 c sifted flour
3 t soda
½ t salt
5 tbsp cocoa

Beat the mayonnaise and sugar until smooth.  Mix the other ingredients and add alternately with 1½ cups of water to the first mixture.  Pour into two 9-inch cake pans which have been greased.  Bake at 375 degrees 35 to 45 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

2-3 c milk
2 tbsp cornstarch
2-3 c oleo or butter
2-3 c granulated sugar

Cook milk and cornstarch over moderate heat until thick and smooth.  Remove from heat and cool completely.  When cold add shortening, beat until fluffy, and gradually the sugar.

If desired three to five tablespoons of quick food coloring or other variations may be added.

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