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1962 Ralph Cornelius Favorite Recipe

A recipe is not attached to this clipping, though there is mention of a recipe for chocolate fudge.  My suggestion is eat a piece of fruit instead.  If you really want to make fudge, then seek a recipe elsewhere.  As mentioned in this article the Cornelius family lived in New Vienna from the mid 1940s until 1957 when they moved to Wilmington.

Ralph Cornelius' favorite recipe was featured in the "Her Favorite Recipe" feature of the Wilmington News-Journal, presumably in December 1962.  Other favorite recipes previously posted in the NV Memories Blog include: Donna Cornelius (1961), Dorothy Daye (1963)Betty Gano (1961) and Melba Fawley (1970).  Transcription of clipping follows.

1962 Ralph Cornelius Favorite Recipe
Clipping captioned: THEY SAY MEN ARE THE BEST COOKS – Deborah is sure her daddy is.  Since she is the baby of the family and her sisters are 13 and 11 years old she is smothered with attention.  The girls practically fight over who gets to play with her and take care of her.  Her expression indicates she thinks it's a pretty nice world, especially with chocolate fudge on the stove.  
--Allen Studio Photo; Clipping courtesy of Betty Kinzer Gano

Ever since he was a baker in the Navy Ralph W. Cornelius has been cooking.  He gives a recipe for chocolate fudge which makes five pounds and is fine for Christmas.  But he cooks year round.

He says when he came home – that was in Adams County south of Belfast – from the service he had to prove what he'd been doing so he tried "A" Pie.  To understand his difficulty you have to hear him say "A" pie.  Up to then he had always made 30 pies at a time.  "The dough was floating in milk" at first, he recalls but he managed it and actually made A pie. 

He likes trying out new recipes, he helps with meals, fries chicken, cooks most everything and always helps his wife with the cooking when they entertain.

He says he likes to eat as well as cook and his entire family obviously likes to eat this fudge.  He made five pounds a short time ago and it was gone in three days.

In the family are Sharon, 13, Kathy 11 and Deborah, 11 months old Dec. 13.  

Besides his business which he conducts with offices at the residence, N. Walnut St. [Wilmington]  Mr. Cornelius is active in civic affairs of the city and in the Methodist Church.  He is president of the Official Board of the church and a member of Methodist Men.  He is also a Kiwanis Club member and chaplain of the New Vienna Masonic Lodge.

He and Mrs. Cornelius were married after he was out of the service and moved to New Vienna.  They moved to Wilmington in 1957.

His hobby is his vegetable garden.  He raises all kinds of vegetables and says the garden "is almost as big as a truck patch."  That's where he gets his exercise.

In sports, fishing is his principal pastime and he likes basketball and baseball for spectator sports.
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Note: Ralph W. Cornelius passed away in March, 1989.

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